Working on Nothing

We’re all on tenterhooks at work, there’s an alleged merger going through, I’m not saying much here because the names are large enough that I don’t like to bring them up. Some people are freaking out because they think under that big a company they would certainly outsource our jobs.

Others are thinking we’re going to keep our jobs because they won’t have people trained as highly as we all are in our equipment. Training doesn’t take all that long though, I’m hoping those of us like myself, who are level 3 trained, (something only time on the phone can give you- taking calls, not listening to someone talk) won’t get let go too soon.

Of course no one is talking about it in management, the supervisors all had a big conference call yesterday but all we could get out of our boss afterwards is that they’re going to be harsher on attendance issues (I don’t think that’s really possible) & increase the hiring starting rate, meaning all of us will get a raise too.


Of course, I’ve got better things to do- like this– found it on somebodies blog & knew no more but words for about an hour! I whipped through the lower levels, but when I got up to about level 45 or so I kept loosing ground. Serious fun & helping a good cause too! I love it.

Finding things to do on-line is never a problem for me. I have been distracted by a fairy tale generator, a blog readability test on which I scored High School level. (I would’ve liked to post the little picture- but I have a lot of trouble getting things like that to come through correctly on my blog- ignorance in my case I guess.

I Checked out my carbon footprint– that daily drive to work is a killer I drive on average 57 miles a day on a work day, times 4 days a week is 228 miles. & then to get anywhere else around here it’s at least 12 or 15 miles each way. (well except for the Village Mart & who wants to go there?) that’s not even taking into account the weekends when we go to C’Burg or Roanoke to grocery shop & when we go to MA for 2 weeks each summer! I found we’re using more electricity than the National average too. Scary stuff. Of course, according to the life expectancy calculators I’m only going to live to 77 or 78 so I guess I don’t have to worry about it too much! (but I will- I always do)

I have also actually called the auto body place It was suggested I take my car to today. (it’s been better than 2 weeks now after all- it’s about time!) He was out & I left a message, he hasn’t called back. I guess business is good. Or, with my luck, he’ll call just as I’m walking into the eye doctors to have 11’s glasses fitted to her face. That’s always the way it is, no one returns phone calls when I can take them, I am always in a bad position, driving, or at work,  or in the grocery store.

Of course, I could treat my cell phone like a house phone & leave it at home when I go out, which would avoid awkward call backs, but really, what’s the point. Before I had a cell phone & had only a land-line phone, I remember coming home every day full of trepidation, what might be waiting for me on the answering machine? Would my ex have called, would there be messages from bill collectors? Now the phone is with me all the time, so except at work, I deal with everything as it comes in.


The kids are doing well, Miss 17 got forgotten yesterday, a friend has been giving her a ride to school for weeks & yesterday forgot to come get her, she leaves with the friend, after the bus has come by so lucky me, I got to go to town & take her to school, she took an unexcused tardy because I wasn’t about to get up any earlier than usual. Hey, they don’t give me excused late to works when I’m late, if I am late or don’t come in it is my fault I get written up & end up on the edge of being fired (always am- just not this moment, though since I didn’t work Halloween I probably have a writeup in my near future yet again) I don’t function well on less sleep than getting up at 8:15 gives me & so I made her wait. To her disservice 17 tried to convince me that since she’d be 30 minutes late she just shouldn’t go to school for the day. I did not buy that argument.

Miss 11 gets her glasses today- last week I was rather worried about her sanity (or maybe mine) when it was explained to her that we would be going grocery shopping sans children & she would hang around with 17’s friend V for Friday evening she weept & wailed for an hour. Later the same day when I called the eye doctor to be sure the glasses were ready to be picked up & he explained one lens hadn’t been cut right & had to be sent back she cried for yet another hour. It’s probably early onset teenager. which is why I worry for my own sanity rather than hers.


Mr 8 is  as normal, his happy go lucky self, always cheerful & reasonably willing to help out if I don’t ask too much of him. He is not going to be so cheerful tonight because I’m going to insist his room be picked up- since I can’t get in there to put my clothes away in the closet (I’m still transitioning summer to winter & need to hang short sleeved shirts & dresses up for the duration- hopefully short- of the winter months) Why is it so hard for kids to aim for a laundry basket? Or grasp the concept that if you try an item of clothing on & don’t like how it looks or it otherwise doesn’t fit your current needs, you can put it back in the drawer rather than throwing it on the floor?
I try to explain this sort of thing to all of them & they look at me like I’m an idiot- Imagine- I don’t like how this shirt fits or feels or looks so I’ll fold it up & put it back for another day when I’m either thinner or the weather is warmer or cooler or I’m in a better mood.  Odd concept to them apparently- though I’m the one who keeps  my clothes that fit & are the right season in a laundry basket in my room (that’s so I don’t have to enter 8’s room more than once a week or so)


3 thoughts on “Working on Nothing

  1. That happened with Expanets when I worked for them. I know the outcome, thankfully it happened after I left, and there were lots of people left on UE. Mergers seldom mean goodness for the workforce.

  2. I’ll have to check out some of that online fun…. If you need work ~ we could use you here ~ of that I’m quite sure but it wouldn’t be the money your used to now ~ but better than some places around here….
    Keep me posted if there are any changes in the near future.

    We are due for an outing (or game night) soon. How bout it?

  3. I’ve been on the receiving end of large mergers/acquisitions on a number of occasions in my career. No sense worrying about things you cannot control. If/when it does become apparent what is happening, you can solidify your position by becoming an active agent of change during the integration that happens after the deal goes through. Make yourself indispensable and visible. Get to know key folks from the “other” company. Identify alternative paths and don’t focus on simply holding onto your job.

    It’s worked for me. It’s really not rocket science, and it helps you get sleep at night during the long months of uncertainty. Keep that sense of strategic focus and you’ll be fine.

    Popped by from Michele’s tonight.

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