Pre Halloween Haunting

It has been a long day- this is going to be long on pictures & short on text because I’m so ready for bed!

The day started with miss 11 waking me up at 7 to tell me she wasn’t feeling well- had had some illness- vomiting & the other end too in the night & that she wanted to stay home. I agreed & went back to sleep.

vals-witchy-pumpkin07.jpg (Miss 11’s pumpkin)

I awoke again because my phone beeped to tell me I had a text message, when I checked the phone I found I had not one but two of them. The first was miss 17 trying to convince me she needed to leave school at lunch time. The second- because I had not responded to the first simply said ‘mother- awaken’ that actually worked of course, because I heard the second chime- I of course, said no on the leaving school after lunch.

After I was so rudely awakened I tried to fall back to sleep but it wasn’t happening- I knew I had too much to do today to be sleeping in – any later than it already was anyway.  Laundry had to be the first priority- due to the rain last week we were pretty far behind & it’s been something like 6 weeks since I actually sorted & folded everyone’s laundry- we’ve been living out of the laundry boxes due to my overtime.

beckpumpk07.jpg(My Pumpkin)

I woke Miss 11 up pretty soon after I was up because there was so much to do- we had to make jello brain & heart molds- & more jello for intestines, she folded up all the funny fortunes I wrote out at work yesterday, I cleared off a mini bookshelf we’re using for the mad scientists shelves out on the porch tomorrow, we sorted & folded laundry, cleaned up the house a little, made veins out of spaghetti dyed blue & red. (miss 11 improved rapidly through the day though she did make a few trips to the bathroom)

campumk07.jpg (mr8’s pumpkin)

Sooner than I was happy about 8 got off the bus, I put a roast beef in the crock pot & then we had to hurry to go get 17 so we could take 11 to the eye doctors- she’s getting new glasses finally! Then home for dinner.

johnpumpkin07.jpg(17’s Bf’s pumpkin)

After dinner 17 & her BF cleaned the yard & drew chalk outlines of bodies on my driveway & walkway- using 11 & 8 as bodies for some & each other for others, we chained a ghost made out of an old sheet & a ball to a tree, 11 & 8 made an impromptu dummy who we’re still trying to attatch to the swing in the tree.  I also made meringue bones which are really tasty but we left them on the trays too long & they stuck so I have a bunch of broken meringue bones.

lolopumpkin07.jpg(Miss 17’s pumpkin)

Then on to the really fun stuff- we rolled marshmallows into small balls & painted eyes on them with food coloring, we painted all kinds of cool bottles – including some of those with the cool labels & shapes that they sell at Michaels craft shops- with laundry detergent to make them glow in the blacklight- my co-worker Chris has loaned us some body parts & a mask, we put the mask in a pickle jar & filled it with water- streaked it with detergent too- the phosphates make things glow better under blacklight.


17’s BF is going to be a mad scientist behind my table of ghastly delights & 17 had asked her former chemistry teacher about getting a lab coat. He obliged with a thick paper coat- like that stuff the dentist bibs are made out of- we spattered that with the detergent too so he’ll glow in the dark too.


The final thing on the agenda was the pumpkins- lots of cutting, scraping & sawing brought us to the lovely gourds you see in this post. I am really looking forward to tomorrow & our porch of horror- more pictures to follow!


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