More Halloween Memories & Pictures

As far as I’m concerned the pictures are the important things so here are 17 & 11 in 1999 17 got a little carried away with the blood in her vampire costume! 11 was 3 & a pumpkin-


This was 2000 Mr 8 was still too little to be dressed up (we didn’t have money for one of those little costumes they sell for tiny kids- 17 was a victim of the Titanic- she carried a life preserver) 11 was a little ghoul.


2001 our finances were getting better- our lives were a little more focused on fun. 17 was cleopatra- 11 was a fairy princess- hey- her idea not mine! & 8 was a little devil & an adorable one at that!

halloween2001276.jpg lil-devilc142.jpg

2002 we had a lot of fun with the costumes 17 was the devil this year- 11 was a ‘bathing beauty’ (& that or the grapes variation is so easy- you just get safety pins & put them on the inside of the shirt- put the sharp part through & hook the valve piece on the balloon to the pin & go back through to fasten them!) 8 was Bob the builder & is unhappy in this picture because he wanted to use the camera!


2003 17 was just herself – & a frightening thing that is too at times- 13 year old girls can be truly terrifying! 11 was Dorothy & 8 was Batman- busy year for mom- purchased costumes were easier this year.

halloween-2004081.jpg halloween2004_2278.jpg

2004 17 had friends in & they painted their faces – but without permission from these girls or their parents I don’t want to post pictures of them. (also most of the pictures are at the very least rather risque’)  miss 11 was a green & black witch & mr 8 was a really cool skeleton!


2005 was our first year in the  new house. & I don’t have a picture of mr 8 (because he took it out of the album & lost it) & 17 didn’t dress up. so here’s miss 11 in her ‘lady vampire’ outfit. of course you can click here & here to see 2006 pictures.


7 thoughts on “More Halloween Memories & Pictures

  1. I love Halloween pictures. And I am so happy that mine are now old enough that we all get to work on the years theme.

    This year it is Harry Potter Villains. We plan to have a great time.

    Hope your 31st is wonderful and thaks for stopping by.

  2. Oh! That pic of 8 when he was Bob the builder is just priceless!!! Love the skeleton costume, too…I never wanted to be a princess or anything girly…always a skeleton or vampire!

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