Halloween Stuff

So we’re gearing up for the haunted porch. I’m getting it straight in my mind how I want to set it up next Wednesday. There is not much I haven’t got planned out. Though I still need to make up the fortunes & write them all neatly (Ha!) That is a job which is best done while at work rather than at home though- now if I can just find the notebook where I put all the fortunes I gathered.

With work going abysmally on many levels I am looking forward to not being there on Halloween. Last year we had a group which really pulled together & made a great Halloween setup. We won the company’s prize for most creative & got a pizza party & 2 hours – paid- off the phone to watch a movie of our choice.  I was looking at pictures on the shared drive at work of the desks – everyone took a movie & decorated their desk in the movie’s theme. We didn’t do anything this year.


Part of it was our disillusionment in how the management tried to weasel out of the time off the phone to see a movie- & tried to get us to come in during our off hours to see the movie. The other factor is the competitive driven people on the team have all left to go to other teams! Those of us who are left are a little too absorbed in our own lives to put much into getting something like a theme together- though I did like one guy’s idea where we would make movie theater type posters for horror shows based on the worst types of calls we take- I doubt the company would appreciate that though.


There was another idea based on my boss’ fishing obsession- though no one could come up with a rubber raft or a small boat & I wouldn’t part with my ‘life size’ skeleton (really only about 4 & 1/2 feet tall) for the decorating because I need it for our Halloween thing at home. Last year certain people would have been all mad & annoyed at me for not ‘being a team player’ this year it was shrugged off.

We’ve had a gray windy day today- not cold but rainy which has meant no laundry drying on the line today- I barely got anything dried in the dryer either due to working some overtime this morning. I hate doing the overtime but I’ve got to pad my paycheck because I’m going to be missing Halloween. I’m also in a bit of a bind financially. I may have thought of a way to fix it but I won’t know until I’m back at work tomorrow- I hope it works out. You see I vaguely remember the tax preparer saying last year while she was doing my taxes that you can get a loan from your earned income credit. I’ll have to go to payroll & find out first thing tomorrow.


That could help a whole lot right now! Of course it rankles me that I wouldn’t be in this situation if the ex were pulling his weight. I checked on the messaging system that the VA DCSE has & not only have no payments been recieved since July he’s nearly 2k in arrears. That’s money I could have used the last few months to keep me out of trouble & the kids clothed & fed. Oh well if wishes were horses & all that.


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