Many Pictures little time.

When I was a kid my mother made all my Halloween costumes- I was a Ghost- Witch- Pumpkin- Gypsy- Witch again- many many things- however- I only have pictures from 3 years of myself in Halloween costumes- I’m more than a little surprised at that- Part of the reason may be because my father took so many pictures with black & white film & developed them himself it was often years between the time pictures were taken & when we actually got a look at them printed & many of them are on negative still- having never been printed  at all.


Part of the problem with Halloween for me growing up was that when we (by we I mean my best friend growing up-J- the one I don’t speak to any longer- her sister & I & our little brothers- who were about the same age & another family who lived very close by & had kids the same ages as us but the opposite sexes) Were all around 6 or 7 they banned trick or treating in our town- it was 1974 or 75 & the whole razor blades in apples- pcp in pixie sticks rumors were all really getting crazy- The town had a school sponsored party but I went to a private school a good distance from home & my friends all were involved in the parochial school in our town- which didn’t have much to do with Halloween at all.


Our parents decided the first year to do trick or treat between our 3 houses (& J’s older sister’s best friend’s house – so we trick or treated at 4 houses total) & ended at J’s house – her mother gave a party with donut eating contests- bobbing for apples etc. The next year I think my mother did the same- then the year I was a gypsy we didn’t exactly trick or treat- we went to a haunted house tour & then to someone’s house for candy & snacks.


When I was 10 my best friend & I decided we wanted to give the halloween parties & our costumes were much less important than the decorating- the haunted tour & the cake & other goodies we made for the party. We did that for about 3 years & then when we grew apart stopped doing that & I really don’t know what I did for halloween for a few years in there- I have pictures of the two years I worked at Building #19 where they encourage you to dress up for halloween. Then I have to jump ahead to 17’s first year before I have halloween pictures again.


I’m annoyed that I don’t have pictures of her as ‘something back from the dead’ the year she was 5 she kept telling us that was what she wanted to be- we didn’t know what she meant & got her a reaper costume- finally on halloween day while I was getting her read to go trick or treating she explained that back in August when we had rented The Crow (this was 1995 of course) that she had snuck downstairs & watched it from the hallway & what she wanted to be was Eric Draven. I did my best with her makeup at least though she still wore the reaper robe- she did have black stretchy pants & a black turtleneck beneath it – all the time thinking in amazement of her sitting up watching that movie from around the corner (risking a serious spanking if the ex had caught her out there in the hall when she was supposed to be in bed) & then being that fascinated by it to want to be The Crow for halloween.  At that time I was pregnant with miss 11 & also going to cosmetology school & so not working- we were living only on the ex’s income & so were pretty broke & have almost no pictures whatsoever from that time in our lives.

lohal90285.jpg This was 1990 17’s first Halloween.

We have more pictures- one for every year since 1997 when we moved back down here- though there are more after the ex took off than before & at least 2 of those pictures- I have because someone else took them & gave them to me (you can see a continuing theme here- we were always broke when the ex was around!)

beckhal91282.jpg lohal91284.jpg this was 1991

we don’t have any pictures for 1992 except pumpkins so I’ll put this lovely picture of her in the leaves!looct92287.jpg & this totally cool wizard pumpkinwizzardpumpkin281.jpg

looct93288.jpg this is 17 in a wizard costume which was my brothers before her.looct94289.jpg This was the next year- back in MA at my Grandmother’s house.    valzacat272.jpg lowitchy273.jpg Here we’ve skipped 3 years & 11 is 2 in this picture. 17 is 8. it never ceases to amaze me how quickly time flies. I will continue this another day because this is just too many pictures!


2 thoughts on “Many Pictures little time.

  1. You know, no one ever believes me when I say that I have never been trick or treating in my life. That whole stupid ban in town just turned a whole bunch of us into halloween fanatics if you ask me. What was taken away from our childhood has grown into a monster…no pun intended.

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