Back to Work- Where I Can Rest

We decided to go to Roanoke today to try the Goodwills down there as I believe I said yesterday in my previous entry here. Originally 17 was going to come along because her BF was going to be caught up in dungeons & dragons (yes- I was surprised too that people are still doing that!) then she went with him last night to play & got caught up in it & decided to go with the BF today too.

I had good intentions about getting up this morning – making us a nice hearty breakfast of homemade pancakes & then getting underway around 10 or so. Ha. Ha.

Instead I stayed up until 2 am messing with pictures in albums – I filled 2 albums covering from July 1990 to December 1992 & sorted the pictures by month for 1993 & 1994. These are not years I look back on often. They’re the ‘good years’ of my ex’s & my relationship. Looking at those pictures makes me mourn my years spent with him thinking nothing I did was ever good enough when I know now he didn’t deserve me!


I know people who cut their ex’s face out of pictures when they divorce or destroy all the pictures with the ex in them. I can’t do that- it’s not exactly sentimentality it’s more seeing things in a historical perspective- especially since I have two kids whose father that is in the pictures. Someday they’ll have kids & considering how little their dad is around now- the pictures I have may be all my kids have of their dad to show future generations. (besides poor eyes & teeth!) Also- cutting up pictures or destroying them doesn’t change the past – it all happened- even the things I cringe when I think about!

So I was up too late & got up late. 8 & 11 were up & around only a little while before I got up too & so we stumbled out the door around 11:15 Breakfast-less & groggy. We did take the trash with us & when we arrived at the dumpsters we were amused to see someone had been feeling whimsical today & made some freeform art.


Of course 8 being a boy had to throw bags of trash into the dumpster & knock it down. I was mad because I thought it was amusingly weird.

We drove to Roanoke on the highway – after a stop for a pseudo breakfast of rock hard donuts which were really truly of the do not variety. This is what happens when I try to save money- if 11 & I had picked up a muffin each & Mr 7 had gotten his danish it would have cost me about $1.50 more than it did & we would have all been much happier about our breakfast.


The highway was a little crowded & the trucks were doing that annoying thing they do where they speed down hill & then slow way down to chug up the hills & slow everyone behind them down. The foliage was great though- 8 took a picture for me & though it shows the color it doesn’t do the hill justice- that’s the problem with cell phone cameras- not enough depth perception- oh well- at least it’s digital.


We arrived in Roanoke & drove all the way across town to where we would have arrived if we’d just gone down the mountain (like I wanted to do- I don’t know why 11 & 8 were so adamant we take the highway but they asked & I did it) Goodwill provided 8 a white dress shirt for his Vampire outfit- 11 with a black dress (spaghetti straps) – a black velour shirt to wear under it- & 2 pairs of pants for everyday. I found a shirt with a zipper front – like a fall jacket type thing & a short sleeve shirt in white which I bought because I liked the sleeves in it. (I avoid white- both because of it’s enlarging properties & because of my tendency to drop everything I eat down the front of whatever I’m wearing.)


We drove around a little & went to Michaels- detoured by a sign on the highway advertising a Halloween shop in a mini mall nearby which we weren’t able to locate- & then to dinner at a Fridays & a quick stop at target for a witches hat- striped socks- vampire teeth- Halloween makeup & some really cool slippers for mom!


Oh & I just thought I’d let Y’all know….


Let me know how you do!


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