Last ‘real’ weekend until next year!

It’s true- I do have 2 more paid days off left for the year- one I’ve already earmarked & requested for my birthday- I shouldn’t have to subject myself to the emotional abuse that my job is on my birthday! (especially not one as ugly as my 39th) The other I’m saving in the hopes of having the day before Christmas off- I already have Christmas off because it’s a Tuesday this year. Both days off will be Mondays- one of which- December 24 the kids will be home. My birthday I will probably be alone all day (until 3pm when the kids come home from school) But this is my last Saturday-Sunday option between now & January when my paid days off will renew.

There are worse ways to spend days off- Saturday we got up too late to make it to the Post Office to get stamps & mail my bills out. (our local P.O. closes at some obscure time like 10:45 on Saturday morning.) We did get it together enough to be out the door in time to make it to the larger town before the noon closing time at the big P.O. in town. My creditors will all be pleased to know: The checks are in the mail. We were running on fumes & so had to put the last of my money in the gas tank- then a quick stop at a friend’s – she’s moving away to NC in a few weeks & was having a yard sale to get rid of some stuff she didn’t need & make money for the move. I’d loaned her some books recently & stopped by to get them before she left.


By the time we arrived home 17 & her BF had gone off somewhere (He plays Dungeons & Dragons & she was going to keep him company) after some computer time for me & some outdoor time for Miss 11 & Mr 8 we played a game of Frisbee & settled down to watch & record Practical Magic. We popped corn & enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. After the movie we made dinner together & 11 decided she wanted to make us something for desert & so decided to make Chocolate Chip Brownies. I supervised but she pretty much put it all together & they came out excellent if I do say so myself!


After dinner I took my shower as if I was going to go to work on Sunday- I just felt like I should. We stayed up way too late (even Mr 8 didn’t go to bed until 11! – not for lack of my trying to get him there though) 11 & I were watching the weeks tv shows on the dvr (I’m so far fond of Moonlight- Reaper- Journeyman & Pushing Daisies) I was mending clothes & 11 was doing some freestyle embroidery that she started after finding following the instructions too boring on a craft kit I purchased for her last year for Christmas. Around 12 17 & the BF showed up & 17 sat with me to tell me about her day- she was unimpressed with the D&D but enjoyed the company- mostly friends of the BF’s from work.

They were at a guy’s house who is old enough to have a family- & 17 told me she’d seen our whole family dynamic play out in their family. They had a 16 year old girl & a 15 year old girl & a younger boy- she said the boy-(who’s age she didn’t mention) Was totally into TV & video games just like Mr 8- The older girl didn’t like her- didn’t seem to like anyone & spent most of the day bitching- The middle child 17 liked best & just like our Miss 11 if anyone needed anything she’d jump up & offer to get it & when there was disagreement she’d get into the middle of it trying to soothe everyone etc. Just like 11!


I am aware of the generalized family dynamics & psychology of birth order- but apparently Miss 17 was unaware of this & was fascinated the whole day- watching another family – so close to ours in ages & birth order – interact. (she also saw herself a little too closely in the oldest daughter’s negativism & attitude all day & so vowed to 11 & I to turn over a new leaf & be more generally pleasant) It would be nice if it happened but I am so not holding my breath!

Today- Sunday I slept too late (I was up until 2 !) I felt guilty & especially since I had planned to clean up something or other. I had my eye on the shelves over the washer where I keep all our arts & crafts supplies- they’ve been getting messier & messier- I’m supposed to start making some clay forms of the characters that my very talented friend at work draws (see the pictures below the Friday Fill – Ins- for some of them) I had made a few but now his mother wants a set & so I am going to make a bunch as soon as he can afford the clay!

It was so late though I was hard put just to get laundry going & get some more of it out on the clothesline. I had also had thoughts of rearranging my sewing table & reorganizing the books on a bookshelf which fell over a few weeks ago- we were just sitting there watching tv & all of a sudden the whole bookshelf fell into my sewing table- we just stood it back up & threw all the books back up on the shelf at the time & they’re still all out of order- that makes me crazy!


I had sent Mr 8 to do something about his room & was contending with the weeping & wailing while reading blogs online. Originally I got off the computer planning to watch a movie but I went into Mr 8’s room & 11 came in & said she’d clean out the closet if I’d help & the three of us spent about 4 hours cleaning 8’s room up 100%. 11’s in there vacuuming now. I stopped in order to make us dinner & rest. It looks much improved & 8 is vowing to keep it clean this time- which is exactly what I heard last spring- the last time we cleaned it up!


3 thoughts on “Last ‘real’ weekend until next year!

  1. I really like the way miss 17 realized the dynamics of her family by watching another and she is willing to change or at least try.
    I myself feel like miss 11………because I am a middle child and have been there, done that and actually I don’t miss it.

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