Weekend Wonderings

I’m always amazed at how the weekend takes on a different tone when I have an extra day off. No rushing around trying to get everything done ‘because I have to get back to work tomorrow’ I stay up later (not necessarily a good thing) read more & spend more time with each kid.

Yesterday while I was home alone reading blogs etc. Miss 17 called me to ask that I bring her birth certificate with me when we went to pick her up at the high school. (She was going to try for her learners permit again after many many months & a couple of disappointments.) I laughed when she requested this because I haven’t seen it since the last time she tried for her learners permit!


She declared me unfit for parenting after I had to look for over a half an hour to find it & so she kept it. She insists this isn’t true but I know it is. I remember the conversation because my response was ‘fine- you’re old enough to be responsible for your own damn birth certificate! You keep it & when you can’t find it it won’t be my problem’.

Well – here we are now! She can’t find it- insisted I check everywhere – I didn’t tackle the filing cabinet because that’s where it was last time & I’m sure it’s not there. I knew where 11 & 8’s were having just faxed copies to the ex last month – which is why the whole where’s 17’s birth certificate? question is fresh in my mind- because I was wondering on September 5 when I was getting them ready to take the other 2 to work & have them faxed & I recalled the whole conversation. I checked everyone’s baby books including my own & was pleased to see I still have my own birth certificate & stunned to find the ex’s certificate folded up with mine! But not 17’s- she has to have it because it is nowhere in my stuff. Not with the child custody paperwork- or the child support stuff.

I got the usual ‘Fine’ when she called back to check & I told her it was nowhere to be found. Then she asked me to have 11 go upstairs & look in her ‘middle’ drawer for it. I told 11 this when they arrived home & 11 gave me a blank look- ‘Middle drawer?’ she asked- ‘which middle drawer?’ She went & checked all the drawers & came back saying no birth certificate! (of course this afternoon I was hanging laundry & a clothespin flipped out of my hands & sprung about 10 feet away down the hill- 11 was near by & I asked her to go get it {we have many more clothes than clothespins- they’re always at a premium at our house} she wandered around for 5 minutes looking for the clothespin which I could see plain as day from 10 feet away!- she’s not really the best person to be looking for something for you.)


We checked the mail- Mr 8 has just recently been awarded the task of getting the mail from the P.O. box. He was astounded that the mail contained another of those ‘big envelopes with the red background- mom why do you get the same mail every time?’ He was referring to my Bank Statement for the month! I explained that it’s going to show up every single month as long as I have a checking account- he was surprised by this.

We picked up 17 & a friend of hers & then met 17’s BF in the next town over. He took the teenagers away in his car & the little ones & I continued our shopping trip. We had a bunch of errands to run – the first of which was to go to my work & pick up a check. I have direct deposit but for some reason they messed up my most recent raise- I saw the paperwork in August- it was supposed to kick in as of the beginning of September but it didn’t. They were a week or two late in even confirming how much it would be- then when I did see that- it still wasn’t on my check. Finally this week they got it on the check & on Thursday my boss told me that a check for the retroactive amount would be available for me to pick up on Friday.

I was able to check it on Friday morning on-line & it was not for as much as I had expected- it was for $21. I had expected about $45. We arrived & had a lecture in the car about behaving ourselves at security so mom doesn’t have to hear about it for the next 3 weeks. We went in & the checks weren’t at security- which meant that I got to walk across the entire building with 11 & 8. While I was signing them in I gave them another lecture about being very quiet- because everyone is on the phone & the customers on the phone shouldn’t hear anyone but the person they’re speaking to. Then we went in & proceeded across the building. Luckily one of the people in payroll was standing up at the coffee maker & saw us coming & she lives not far from where we do & so knows me. She went to her desk & pulled the check & met us partway there. So the only occurrences were when 11 tried to walk into one of the General Managers offices & on the way out when 8 tripped over & knocked down a 4 foot tall cardboard display of the movie ‘Happy Feet’ which I think he was trying to dance with. Both kids were trying to get me to take them by my desk so they could see it but I could see some of my co-workers doing overtime over there & didn’t want to stray from my course & risk getting in trouble because we were in the seating areas.


Off to the bank & then off to dinner. We had pizza which was really good- white pizza & the place we had it is one of my favorites- they use plenty of garlic in their white cheese spread! I used to work there back about 8 & 1/2 years ago- When I was barely pregnant with Mr 8. Both kids played a video game- I had given them each a quarter & then they came back & told me it was .50 cents for one play- I didn’t have any more quarters so they played a car racing game with their combined money & traded the seat halfway through. I balanced my checkbook- that went pretty well considering.

Then off to Walmart to get the groceries. That was boring & annoying as we were pretty tight financially & it was a constant back & forth – if I get this – we can’t get that etc. It’s not easy feeding 4 people for 2 weeks on $125. (usually I spend about $180. but things have been bad financially just lately) We’ll be eating a lot of pasta- starting tonight- we’re going to have a pasta bake- 11’s favorite.


While in Walmart we perused the Halloween decor- didn’t get anything though 11 was sorely tempted by a witch’s hat she saw- (each of my younger kids gets $5 every 2 weeks) But put it back at the end of the trip. We drove home watching for Halloween decor outside- one house which usually has a nice bunch of Halloween bodies etc. is noticeably dark this year- just a few weeks ago a couple of teenage girls died in a car accident across the road from this house- that would probably take the edge off my love of the holiday too I admit- but the kids- who are unaware of the deaths or where they occurred – are sorely disappointed.


5 thoughts on “Weekend Wonderings

  1. I’m not entirely sure, but I think I need a nap after reading this post. You had a busy day!!! As far as the misplaced item, I can so relate to that. Of course, I misplace things all the time so she gets it honest. 🙂

  2. You are always so busy! So much going on.

    The Halloween thing is quite sad. I can totally understand why those people might not be decorating their house. We don’t celebrate halloween over here nearly as much as you do in the US.

    Michele sent me by to say hi!

  3. I’d probably be hiding the birth cert. Being able to drive puts them in a whole ‘nother realm of independence. They grow up to darn fast.

    I’m a Target girl, but I had to go to WalMart today. The selection of halloween stuff was pitiful. The Christmas gear, however, was plentiful–which I find really irritating.

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