Friday Fill In

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1. Once upon a time there was a woman who hated her job so much that even just 1 extra day off felt like a reprieve from the gallows. (especially on a wrestling pay per view weekend).
2. moaning & screaming and gnashing their teeth- is usually the way my kids think – they’ll get what they want- not the case though
3. I’m not really into white tea and ginger.
4. Way down at my creek there’s a dead tree which is going to fall over & crush the fence- I hope it stays standing until I can get it knocked down in the other direction!
5. Keys are something I try to have only a few of ; locks are necessary evils
6. Have you seen one of those fake pumpkins carved well? They’re so odd looking but it’s nice to be able to save what you’ve carved on a pumpkin!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to very little- not enough money- too many bills this week, tomorrow my plans include relaxing & reading- maybe watching some scary movies and Sunday, I want to do the same as Saturday & I actually get to because I have the day off!halloween-yummy.jpg

More original art by my co-worker- Chris


6 thoughts on “Friday Fill In

  1. Relaxing and reading sounds like a good (and cheap) way to spend the weekend. I might do some of that too, but first I have to clear weeds from the garden so I can do the spring vegetable planting. Michele says hi!

  2. Hello Becky68 from Michele and from me!

    Oww your weekend sounds very inviting indeed!! I won’t be doing much, except for swimming in the pool and cleaning up the mess my 3yo leaves about the place…

  3. Thanks for the Michele-sponsored visit, Becky – I loved your Friday Fill-in (haven’t done one in a while) –

    If you’re into memes and writing prompts, check out my new writing community at All are welcome.

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