Just Another Saturday

We’re having a nice quiet day here today. 17 & a friend are watching my DVDs upstairs. Miss 11 is watching Ghost Whisperer which is her favorite TV show & Mr 8 is messing around outside- says he’s going to rake a big pile of leaves to jump into.  It’s not the best day for that though- it’s predicted to be almost 90 today around here & the next day they say is going to be below 80 is Wednesday.

Miss 17 came home with good news yesterday- she had been rather upset the other day after school when I called from work. She had found out that the college application process costs $50. to apply. I had heard this before but had forgotten to tell her. She was also upset because the college she wants to apply to has a rule about freshmen being required to live in dorms on campus. (the plan was for her & her boyfriend to live together. They’re now saying they’re going to get married over this summer to circumvent the freshman/dorm requirement – You can imagine my pleasure)

So the good news is that because we’re still eligible for the kids to receive reduced lunches (especially since I’m not getting any child support again) She doesn’t have to pay the $50. for her application fee & she can take her SAT’s for free too! (a $65. cost) Both of these she was saving for (so was I but with my finances – I have about $10. put away)

We watched 1408 last night – I enjoyed it- though I had been warned I was still a little surprised at all the back story they added to John Cusack’s character. I would have liked more back story on the room & hotel! Of course – I’ve read the story (or actually- listened to it as a book on CD- though it was more than 2 years ago) & so have plenty of backstory that didn’t make it into the movie.

8 Year olds running in the house yelling ‘mom! I don’t think you’ve seen anything like this before’ are never a good sign. Turns out it was a ‘slug with a shell’ also known as a snail & I had indeed seen one before!


We rented Premonition too but haven’t watched it- it’s always a feast or a famine around here- my co-worker who I went to Mt Airy with- bought a movie called An American Haunting while we were at Blockbuster & after watching it he brought it in for me to watch too so we’re on a scary movie tear. It’s the right time of year for it at least!

I stayed up way too late watching events I’m embarrassed to still have on my dvr such as the last 4 Saturday Night Live episodes from last spring! I can’t bear to delete them- though one friend exhorted me to do so because SNL has ‘sucked since 1978’ but that’s their opinion not mine & being a blue person living in a red state I’ll take my liberal political commentary where I can find it! – the same person pointed out I could watch ‘The Daily Show’ but I haven’t found it to be to my liking.

Movies & 11 year olds are calling my name so it’s off to watch scary movies – with popcorn! & get freaked out!


5 thoughts on “Just Another Saturday

  1. Land shark! Joe and I were just talking about that last night. I’m on my way out to dance a set at Winter Sun but wanted to check in at Michele’s first. It’s been a slow blog day. I can’t believe I don’t have carpal tunnel yet!

  2. I love scary books but don’t often watch scary movies. But every October as Halloween gets closer, I find myself drawn to every scary movie marathon on TV!

  3. Stay away from the movie “hostel”…it was pretty terrible. I have pics of the latest halloween room that I have to send you. We made it in the garage this year I must say, I have raised one sick child in the form of Shawn. We set him to work on some of the props and not only are the very realistic, they are kinda gross!! I think he should go to school for it, but he has his heart set on graphic design. I can’t wait for the comments this year. We had over 300 people last year and spent $80 on candy, which we ran out of. I know this year is gonna be bigger, I’ve had a lot of inquiries already, people wanting to find out what day we start on.

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