Random Laundry (& other)Musings

Wash day at my house- with the schedule change I had been doing a load of laundry every morning before I left for work (always assuming I got out of bed early enough for it to complete- I’m ocd enough to not be willing to leave washer or dryer running when no ones home) But then the new schedule change happened & we’re doing an hour of overtime before work every day- meaning instead of leaving the house at 10:50 I leave at 9:50. Since I arrive home between 11:40 & midnight & need to watch the news before I go to sleep (yes I need to watch the news)


Apparently 17 can’t figure out that the laundry piling up around the kitchen is a direct result of the fact that I’m not here to do the laundry. (A & B student here- there is a design to her ignorance) Last night I came in to find the washer full of clothes but not running! So I washed clothes at midnight.

The back-load of clothes is multiplied by the fact that our dryer is not running well. I’m resigned to line drying all but the heaviest & smallest stuff (I won’t line dry jeans- towels- socks & underwear) At least until it’s cold enough that they’re freezing on the line. Then I’ll have to make the choice between having the appliance repair guy come see what’s wrong with the dryer (at a $30 trip fee + parts & labor if it goes over an hour) or lugging wet clothes  to the laundromat.

Given the weather forecast for my area for the next 7 days I have a little time to think about it! We’re supposed to get near 90 over the weekend again! This is October right? Of course last year was similar. It was warm for the most part & beautiful right up to pretty much the end of December. (I know this because when we came back to VA from my Grandmother’s funeral it was still warm but the next week it got very cold very quickly)


Last night I thought the laundry baskets looked odd as instead of being piled randomly with clothes they were aligned & the piles were smallish. This morning my 8 year old son woke me up to tell me that he had sorted the laundry out by person yesterday & that was why they looked different! I was amused when I got up & started working on getting through the dirt clothes that he- the smallest person in the house with the tiniest clothes had given himself the biggest basket! I changed that around I’m afraid because miss 17 has tons of clothes & routinely changes when she arrives home from school so there are even more clothes of hers in play than anyone else.

I actually like hanging laundry on the line when the conditions are right- when there’s a breeze & there aren’t too many sticks underfoot- when there are plenty of clothespins (there aren’t) & lots of sunshine- but it’s not 90+ in the shade. The hardest part for me is stopping what I’m doing to move laundry around- wet laundry out- dry laundry in- sort the laundry- check the dryer- sort the wet clean laundry between what goes on the line & what will have to go in the dryer- start another load of laundry.

I am hoping to at least get to a point -before I go back to work on Sunday- where only what we’re wearing is dirty & the rest of the stuff is clean & at least folded if not put away (I only put my own laundry away now though I do have to stand over Mr 8 to get him to put his away rather than living out of the laundry basket.


Miss 11 went to Mt Airy NC today too! She went roller skating at a rink out there though- came back with attitude- hearing loss & an ugly mouthpiece which flashes random bright colored lights – Why would anyone want to have their mouth flash colors? ‘It looks good when they turn the lights out & you’re skating mom’ is what I got when I asked that question. Ok- Lights out when you’re skating sounds like a bad idea (yes- I know they use black light when the incandescents are off- I’m just feeling curmudgeonly.


Our Halloween plans are getting a little scaled back. Originally it was going to be the living room – dining room & garage- when I took a good look at the garage I cut it out because I don’t have the energy – time or strength to get that garage looking ok for company. Then I thought about the difficulties in routing people in & out of our living room & dining room so we’re down to a haunted porch this year. It will have to suffice.

We will still have a gross out table & fortunes in a cauldron though & I still intend to make paper invitations for both 11 & 8’s school classes to ensure plenty of visitors.  I really don’t want to be driving around on the holiday is what a lot of this is all about- as I’ve said before- we are so rural that a large proportion of the people crowd into the town to trick or treat & it impacts unfairly on the town dwellers.


6 thoughts on “Random Laundry (& other)Musings

  1. Ahhh, I feel your pain. Our dryer broke also, so we are hanging laundry too. We have turned the sun-room into laundry central. Did I tell you that we have a house-guest? Thankfully, she wears a size 00 so her laundry doesn’t take up a lot of room on the line. Trying to hang 6+ peoples clothes is a drag!!!

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