Tuesdays Gone

I spent a nice day today in Mt Airy North Carolina. A co-worker suggested we go antiquing down there & we had a lovely day- ate at a drive in restaurant & walked around downtown. If you’re not aware- Mt Airy is Andy Griffith’s hometown. It was beautiful. A little touristy but really nice & beautifully kept up- with ice cream parlors- barber shops & a 1950’s era sheriff’s car parked at the crossroads.

We checked out his museum & a crafty gift shop type place & then went to a few antique shops. We sat in some rocking chairs off the side of one place & I snapped an industrial shot because I just liked all the brick. (I love the country but I did grow up & live in large towns & cities most of my life- I miss brickwork on buildings sometimes)


When we went to leave I snapped a picture of a wall painted with remembrances of the original Andy Griffith’s show & which I liked very well because the background was a nice glossy dark green.

Our next stop was Blockbuster to look for good DVDs for sale cheap. I didn’t find any I wanted but I did realize they finally released Room 1408 which I’ve been waiting to see for months now (I was actually going to take my self to a movie & see it in the theater- something I never do- but it was done in the theaters around here too soon)


Of course- the Blockbuster being in NC I couldn’t borrow it from there so when I arrived home I got the kids & we went to town to rent it from the local video store- they didn’t have it. & I don’t mean it was sold out. I mean they only got it in late today & hadn’t set it up to be rented out yet so they couldn’t loan it to me.

I didn’t see anything else I wanted to rent so we came home had dinner & went on with our lives. All but 17 who is mad because I didn’t just rent something else!


3 thoughts on “Tuesdays Gone

  1. Your experience reinforces why the video store as we know it today is doomed. I’ve always hated these places: you go with expectations, and you come home either with nothing, or with something you didn’t want in the first place. Good riddance to them!

    Hi from Michele’s. Sounds like a neat trip to smalltown, NC!

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