October !

So today is the first day of one of my favorite months of the year! I have warm spots in my heart for April & May as the weather warms- the flowers & leaves come out & I don’t have to worry about ice & snow storms. Of course I also love all the summer months – though maybe they’re a little warmer than I like as a general rule- I can’t stand my birth month- November- not cold enough for a full fledged snowstorm in which I could at least stay home from work & not warm enough to enjoy outside. December is just all about Christmas & though I like Christmas well enough my kids are all of an age where I worry the whole month about how I’m going to rob enough from Peter to pay the Paul of their Christmas lists.

No October is cool- not hot but not so cold I have to haul out the heater & carry kerosene & fill the heater & worry about how I’m going to buy more kerosene. It’s got a lead in to Halloween- my favorite holiday- I get to dress up strange – watch & read scary stories. (not that I don’t read or watch scary stories the rest of the year- I most certainly do- but they seem  scarier somehow in October.


We’re all obsessed with Halloween in my family- probably due to my own obsession with it & all things Ghostly & Witchy. We’re all interested in the unknown- We all think there’s something under the bed or in the closet – other than the cat- Other than just being interested myself I’ve not done anything to make my kids interested in that stuff- of course- my exposing them to the sort of thing my grandmother would turn the tv off during when I was a kid – ‘too much excitement for you kids’ may simply get the scary stuff out in the open for them – where for me it was a deep dark secret that I couldn’t ask about- until I found out my mother was every bit as interested as I was- it took years though!

This year we’re already nearly completely decorated for Halloween before the month even began- thanks to 8 & 11’s efforts. We’ve planned & backed off from a 3 room horror house & scaled it down to a horror porch – which should be more than enough to keep us busy. I have borrowed some really great books from a co-worker & each day that I post I’m going to put up a really awesome Halloween graphic- they’re mostly fairly old & I don’t know where the book is from but there is little to no copyright info in it so hopefully no one will be too upset if I share these images here.


4 thoughts on “October !

  1. I like October alright too. One reason is it is my birthday and no matter how old I get………I still like having them.
    When is your birthday in November?

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