Lucky Day?

I never can decide if my day has been good or bad.

Today was bad because I had to work. that makes it bad no matter what.

I also had to get up earlier than normal because I was nearly out of gas & had to stop to get some at the store. That’s also bad.

When I went into the store to write a check for the gas & an extra Sobe drink- A Halloween themed scratch card caught my eye. When I got to work- sat down- set up my computer & scratched the card I found I’d won $10. The card cost $2. so I was ahead of the game.  Pretty darn good.

A few of my co-workers were out today- on paid days off & things of that nature. I missed the entertainment & the distraction of talking to them. That was rather bad.


We didn’t get right on the phone today at work. We got some training first. The only thing better is the rare occasions in which they give us the opportunity to go to a round-table where you can complain & get paid for it. (almost never happens any more)

Yesterday they handed us these little incentive cards- you can use them for all kinds of things- including- if you save enough of them- a paid day off or if you save just 4 you can leave an hour early- without pay- but also without penalty- I had 3 saved & a co-worker gave me another because he’s nice like that. I turned them in today so was able to leave at 10 instead of 11 tonight.

After Training we had our daily 5 minute meeting- in which we got quality assessments – not good at all- rather terribly bad in my case. I knew last night that I’d had a bad one. My Boss wouldn’t let me see it until today so at least I was prepared.

The day flew by considering I didn’t have the usual suspects to distract me. (that one might be good or bad- am I in a rut? Do my friends distract me too much?) Of course- part of the reason the day flew is because I was using every available minute when I wasn’t interacting with customers on the phone to try to figure out how I’m going to pay all I need to pay this week with less money than normal.

The other part of the pay thing is that I was approved for my twice yearly raise back in August & every other year it’s gone through on the September paycheck- this year it’s delayed- my boss told me today that many people who’s raises were effective this month didn’t take either & that I will get the money retroactively but they don’t know when yet- so far I’ve been 2 checks in which I didn’t get it so that’s about $50 they owe me now.

Lunch was here before I would have believed it. However lunch brought with it the call home & miss 17 was not in a pretty mood- exacerbated by the fact that I got a package with some mail order clothes & didn’t want her to open it.  (getting the clothes was good- especially since they were mostly on clearance from where I purchased them from)

At Lunch I had the option of either 2 free corn dogs or 2 free hot pockets – for something our team did right at one time or another- a good thing- I guess- since I don’t like hot dogs in any form & I don’t care for hot pockets either so I didn’t eat either one- just my usual frozen Lean Cuisine.

On the way home (early I might add again) I cashed in my scratch card & decided to get a $5. scratcher & $5 cash. I lost on the $5 scratcher so came out of the whole thing $3. ahead for the day – of course if you count the part where I had 2 Sobes- 3 diet cokes & a candy bar I don’t think I’m ahead of the game!


Better yet when I got home it turned out my mail also contained the special usb connection I’ve been needing to be able to use my cell phone as an mp3 player. So I’m alternately typing here- checking email & transferring music to my phone- I am excited about this! I bought the phone specifically for this back in March & finally here it is nearly October & I’ve got the stuff I need to use it for what it was intended. (good- but bad too because I really think they should have mentioned when they were selling it to me that it needed a memory card & a special usb connection & disc to go with it & that the only way to get the right ones would be to order from Kyocera online.) That’s been good.

But now I have to go write out checks to pay bills with tomorrow morning- not good at all.


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