Here Again.

I sometimes think I’ve run out of things to write about- of course it’s more like there’s just a lot I can’t write about because I don’t necessarily want them out in public. There are always things that either involve others who might not want their stuff out in the www or that I’m not ready to have out in the world where anyone could see them. That can sometimes make for rather dry reading. Or lists of what we’re doing rather than actual dialoge & stuff like that.

I haven’t found a solution to this yet so it constrains me sometimes from writing about what I want to write about. We are having a pretty good day here though- only discolored by the fact that I have to go back to work tomorrow.

I woke up this morning to an odd sound emanating from my ceiling- I used to hear these sounds but they’ve stopped since we’ve had 3 cats running around the house- I thought it was mice or squirrels. Today though the dragging- scratching sound was back. Then just as I was rolling over to go back to sleep there was a crash & a ceiling tile fell out of my ceiling!


I sat up in bed & was just in time to catch a gray hindquarter of something larger than a squirrel exiting the area back up into my ceiling! I immediately got up & went into the living room finding our fat cat Scarlett sitting on the end table between the couch & the front door I snatched her up & took her back to my room & held her up as high as I could somehow expecting her to jump from my arms into the hole in the ceiling & do battle with whatever that was in my ceiling!


Scarlett was uninspired to leap to the ceiling from my probable 5 foot 10 arm’s reach to the ceiling & gave me a lovely scratch on my right forearm. I got a yardstick & poked at the aluminum venting in the ceiling – ready to shy away from any rabid raccoons launching themselves at me from the ceiling- Scarlett left the premises & went to stand at the door miaowing loudly for me to let her out of this loony bin.

Almost immediately after my tentative poke of the venting Spider the cat’s head poked out & looked down at me shamefacedly! “you” I shrieked “it was you scratching at the ceiling tile- you stupid- ” I shook the yardstick at her trying to reach her & swat her upside the head for destroying my ceiling. She immediately slipped out of sight & didn’t come back to the scene of her crime.


I briefly considered climbing up on my vanity bench & trying to put the ceiling tile back into place myself but decided since Spider is 17’s BF’s cat he can deal with the ceiling too- when he’s not at work. It was only 7:30 so I went back to bed.

I couldn’t fall right back to sleep so I started thinking over the Halloween ideas. I got a heart & a brain jello molds last week on Amazon. Along with some decorating ideas books which were really cheap but are good books! Only one has arrived but I expect the rest should come soon. I’ve got one of 17’s friends to agree to come be a witch in the corner of my dining room & stir a cauldron full of paper fortunes which I’ve been writing down & intend to put on little pieces of paper

17’s BF is more than willing to be a mad scientist. 17 has agreed to allow me to use her black light for the party & I found some great hints online- for instance if you ‘paint’ bottles & other things with liquid laundry detergent (the ‘free’ kind works best) it will glow in a black light better than without it. In addition to the brain & heart of jello we’ll have peeled grapes for eyes. soaked large hard pretzel sticks for fingers (or cookies – we found some really great ones which sound like they’ll be tasty too) there are lot’s of things for body parts & for mad scientists to have around them.

Both of these scenarios are for the dining room though & in the garage we’ll have bobbing for apples- pin the witch on the moon & maybe a few other quick games. But I just can’t decide what to do with the living room. It’s a small space & I’m working on ideas to turn the couch into a small coffin looking thing for mr 8 to lie in & sit up when someone comes in.


The plan is to  have people come down the path to the front door & in the door through the living room & the dining room & then into the garage- exiting through the big garage door which would be open- assuming clement weather.

I laid awake for about an hour thinking about this & what I could have 11 & 17 (& any other friends or family members interested in coming over & helping out) do in the living room & on the porch. We’ve got to think up a couple more very quick games to do in the garage as kids come through.

Of course- I know my audience- most parents are eager to get the whole thing over with pretty quickly- trick or treat means either going in town to the close together houses (which I think is so unfair on the people who live in town) or trick or treating via car. 17’s was the last 7th grade class to give a Halloween haunted house at the elementary school which is too bad because the year she was in 7th grade I was too emotionally distraught to help or volunteer on it.

That was the year after the divorce. I was busting hard at work to get better & really have command of the job. I was working my first 10 hours 4 days a week stint in which I worked Thursdays through Sundays with Monday- Tuesday & Wednesday off. My boss was a witch (you could use a ‘b’ at the beginning of the word & make it more accurate) & she especially had it out for the females in the group.

That was back in the day when the quality assurance people were actual humans who knew you & gave you feedback face to face. Well enough about work. 17 & her friends put on a great Halloween haunted tour- one of her friends (the one who was visiting the weekend before last) was a girl trapped in a mirror. 17 was put under a card table with a hole in it so the ‘mad chef’ could take a pan lid off her head & she could scream a at pivotal moment in the tour.

17 – having done that is more than a little jaundiced at my plan to do the same thing at our house. We’re working on winning her over but it’s a slow trek. I got her to look at the online recipes I’ve been collecting for this.


I fell back to sleep & didn’t wake up until 11 came in at 10:15. We had much discussion of the ceiling & the cats. 8 came in & we discussed this some more. 17 showed up about 20 minutes later & after viewing the hole announced she’d already thrown Spider & our third cat Bast out because some wheat bread- which she bought for her own personal consumption- had been left out & they had been eating it.

Most of the day has been quiet- we cleaned up a little- I finished washing my curtains- still haven’t hung them up though- & did more laundry. We ran to town to get a few things which were forgotten last night & to check the mail. I got my bank statement & discovered that an error in my checkbook made me think I had $67. less dollars than I thought I had. Always a nice feeling. We played 2 games of Scrabble. Discovered at 5:15 that mr 8 who had been asked to bring a chicken from our garage- spare freezer to the kitchen last night delivered the chicken from one freezer to the other freezer- not the kitchen refrigerator- where it would have been nicely thawed at 5:15- In other words- home made pizza for dinner! Only 17 was really distraught over this though I was a little annoyed that I had spent money on potatoes I don’t need before Tuesday now- but that should nicely eliminate my need to go to the store at all Tuesday.


I counted it up & have 8 loads of laundry waiting to be folded- needless to say this will be a movie watching night because how else could I stand to fold that much laundry?


7 thoughts on “Here Again.

  1. Becky, it is ok to write whatever you feel like. I like to read what you write.

    Glad you weren’t hurt when that tile fell off. Once a fan almost fell on my head.

    Michele sent me a while back. I got here late!

  2. I know what you mean about things to write about

    Michelle sent me to laugh a little… I think any time we see or hear a mouse we grab our cat I did when I was 12 and thought I found a mouse in my cloths pile my cat ran for the hills I thought you coward Turns out it was a baby opossum

    how it got in my bedroom we do not know as I never saw the mom
    dont be to hard on the cat for your ceiling though

  3. Thats funny Becky. Our cat found her way under the insulation in the basement ceiling while we were living at my friends house. She tore the hell out of it, but you couldn’t tell just from looking at it…she left the visable part intact. We knew she was up there, but assumed she wasn’t hurting anything. We heard about it after we moved out and my friend had to take down the insulation to get at some wires.

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