Working it Out

I wish I could afford to be on permanent vacation. I have spent entire months driving back & forth to work daydreaming about what I’d do & have if I won the mega millions or power ball.

I dream about the house I’d build (I know where too)

The house in MA I’d buy for summertime- (Either in Hull by the beach or I’d bite the bullet & not live in MA but buy a house at Hampton Beach NH)

How I’d buy all the cheapest houses for sale in the area ($100 grand or less) & rent them for decent amounts (Not the getting larger- rip off prices that are beginning to creep into the area- the last few years)

How I’d have to find a tutor for the kids because there’s no way I could stand to keep them on a regular school schedule.

Because of course- the first thing I’d do once I found out I’d won the lottery would be to book a month long cruise!

Then while on the cruise I’d begin planning our trip to the UK so I can see all the historical stuff I’ve been reading about for years!

I have ruminated long & hard on just how much cash I’d have to give the ex to get him to never come back. I’ve come to the opinion that there’d never be enough cash for that & that it might be better to just have him murdered. (just kidding- but after all this is a fantasy- I don’t even play the lottery- just a scratch card every few months when I or one of the kids feels lucky)

In reality I have less than 30 minutes before I go back to work for my lovely 2 days 20 hours of work.

I have 3 huge baskets of laundry to fold. Annother load drying in the dryer & one spinning in the washer which is threatening to walk out here to the dining room it’s spinning so hard.

I am faced with the fact that the warm weather is already beginning to desert me. I had to turn off the ceiling fans yesterday. However the windows will remail open overnight until it’s too cold not to. I love the fresh air!

I have  to borrow $30 bucks from my daughters boy friend to pay a credit card which has always been due on the 14th of the month before this month. This month it’s due the 13th! I get paid again on the 14th.

The Credit card payment being due also means tomorrow  I get to go to work early & go pay that payment. Or I have to go out during lunch tomorrow & pay it then.

I have stuff coming from Amazon & annother company. New curtains for my living room because the green ones I have don’t match the furniture any longer. A really pretty ‘batter bowl’ (means it has a handle & a lip- should be great for pancakes!) & About 5 books on Halloween crafts & decorating – some of which were less than the $3.99 postage on Amazon!

It could always be worse- it could be closer to Christmas.


5 thoughts on “Working it Out

  1. Michele sent me to read you lottery dreams. I do the same thing when we have a ticket. I will sit there and think…”what will I do first” Theres so much to do, I just dont even know! Maybe a shopping spree. It seems like I never have ‘cool” clothes. Then a cruise and a house with an inground pool, maybe an inground indoor pool too 🙂 We can dream cant we?

  2. Oh man…I would spend a whole bunch of money buying all the neighbors houses..and tearing them down. Then I’d spend a whole bunch fixing this one up…and expanding it. We would all get new cars. I would pay back every penny my parents ever loaned me. My kids would be hooked up with collage…and furnished houses for when they get out of school. Man…I better win big!!

  3. Hold on to your dreams, for your dreams can always lend you a vision of the future to inspire you to make it happen: if you let your dreams die, then the future dies with them.
    Michele would have said this if I hadn’t beaten her to it:-)

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