Here today- gone Tomorrow

Why do I always think of things to do while I can’t do them- on the way to work I think of a billion websites to check out – a million things to google & a thousand things to look for on youtube. Yet here I sit trying to think of what they all were!val.jpg

Of course I’m listening to music I haven’t heard in years because I used youtube to find the video (Cars by Gary Numan. Then the video was worse than I remembered & so I had to go away from it & just listen to the music) Man we were really obsessed with shoulder pads in the early ’80’s weren’t we?

Today is Ann’s birthday so happy birthday to Ann!

17 has been home with an ear infection which she’s had for over a week now. On Friday it was bad enough we went to the doctor (only got to see the PA) & they gave her drops & suggested Tylenol- warm compresses etc. They said if it wasn’t better by Monday to call back. So since she was still in pain & making all of us miserable- she called them back & we had an appointment for today at 5pm.


Meaning we’re getting takeout for dinner again tonight because there’s no way I’m going to sit around the doctors for an hour or so & then at 6pm go home & make dinner which would be ready around 7pm. 17 doesn’t like stuff cooked in the crockpot or I’d make something that way & it would be nice- steaming hot & ready when we got home from the doctors. I’d do it anyway but as I said- she’s miserable & dedicated to making everyone around her as miserable as she is- I don’ t need to heap more tinder on the fire of her annoyance.

I had no sooner arrive home from my 10 am appointment & stop at the store for combs- milk & a Sobe when 17 announced we had no bread & asked me to take her to the store- since I had a book to mail out on paperback swap I agreed to go & took care of that while she purchased bread.

Of course today is also a life time landmark-one for my generation- of the where were you when you heard…. type. I’ve visited blogs today where people talk about where they were on this date in 2001 – offer political commentary & I’ve visited blogs which were completely ignoring the whole thing.


As for myself. I was asleep. That was right after I started the job I’m still at today & my first shift right out of training was 4:30 to 1 am. Mr 8 was barely 2 then & I had him at my baby-sitter’s house overnight. The way things worked were I’d take him to J’s on my way to work. Work until 1 & come home- go to sleep & sleep until approximately 10 am & then go pick him up & spend the day with him until 3:30 when I’d take him back to J’s 17 & 11 would come home from school about 10 minutes before I left for work & then spend the evening together- eat dinner & go to bed. Luckily for me I was only on that shift for 2 & 1/2 months & we got changed to a 12:30 to 9 pm shift which was much more workable.

So I got up at 10:30- got dressed & went to get my son. I turned on the radio on the way over there. Enjoying the beauty of the day. (A bright blue cloudless day about 80 degrees here in VA) & instead of music the rock station was interviewing people who had been across the street from the pentagon. It was all interviews like that until I got to J’s house.

When I walked in she was in her living room with the kids watching the one channel she got well by antenna. I sat down & watched with her for abut an hour. Mr 8 had seen the whole thing quite a few times already & was quite matter of fact – pointing out when the second plane hit- he said in his bright little two year old voice ‘here comes the other one’

For over a year after that if he & I were outside he’d either crawl beneath my legs or under the porch or house when a plane flew overhead. Funny how he didn’t seem too bothered by it at the time but carried a fear of airplanes for more than a year afterwards.

I stayed at J’s for about an hour. Another mother came to pick up her kids & I left when she did. We were buckling our kids into our cars & she started chattering about Nostradamus’ predicting the whole thing- the first I’d heard of it- but I checked it out later. One of those quatrains where it could have many different meanings- that’s only one possible one.

I took 8 home & sat & watched the TV for the rest of the day. At 1 the girls were dropped off by the school bus- they’d closed the schools early. I didn’t want to go to work that day but couldn’t call in. I was still terrified of the super strict attendance policy my company is still known for. (now I don’t worry until the paper says final written warning- then I thought 1 missed day & they’d fire me)

When I got to work it was quiet. Everyone came in (well- almost everyone) There were few calls. Only people who had serious problems were calling in- most were just watching tv. (& a few truly self obsessed people who couldn’t understand why ESPN & other channels were pre-empting regular programing for full time coverage of what was going on.)

So that’s about it my whole 9/11 day boring I know. It’s right up there with the days my Brother- Father- Grandfather & Grandmother died though- & the days my kids were born- the stuff that stays with you forever- both good & bad.

Of course the ironic thing for me is that my ex (we were still separated back in those day & I still got his mail at my house) went AWOL from the Navy 6 days later. How cowardly- cold & callous can you be? Well -you or I are different of course. I have learned the hard way though that he can be pretty damn cold & callous.


17 & I watched Election on the DVR this afternoon. I hadn’t seen it since it first came out & it is a lot funnier the second time. I can remember watching it but I can’t remember what I thought of it. I guess certain things are often funnier to me now that I’m divorced & seem to have clearer ideas of how people act & react than they were when I was caught up in my own little dream world of my marriage which neither I or anyone else could look too closely at for fear it would fall apart upon close inspection.

The rest of the day we spent waiting for 11’s counselor to show up – she was supposed to come by & have me spend sometime having me sign paper work but never showed up. 11 thinks she may have said something about not having all the paperwork ready. So we all sat on the porch enjoying the rain & talking for an hour in case she showed up.

17’s doctors appointment was relatively painless. We went- I read in the waiting room- they decided to proscribe more- heavier duty antibiotics- we went to the pharmacy & got subs at Subway & brought them home. I’m pretty sick of Subway at this point!

Getting up in time to be out the door at 9:45 this morning was not an easy thing. I have been falling asleep here on the computer. I’m fighting the urge to take a 30 minute nap because I know it would be better if I just went to bed at 11 or so tonight & also that if I sleep now I’ll be up til 2 or later tonight!


3 thoughts on “Here today- gone Tomorrow

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog this weekend. I don’t get too many visitors unless I spend some time at Michele’s blog.
    Anyway, I’m one of those who wrote about 9/11. Not much, just some random thoughts.
    Anyway, thanks again for stopping by.

  2. Thanks for the b-day wish. I kinda just laid low yesterday. I had a surprise party on saturday given to me by my daughter. Fun stuff.
    6 years ago, Tom and I had a planned day off. We had gone to Bill’s Bar in Boston the night before and had planned on a b-day picnic in Newburyport. We woke up late and he called his boss..hoping to get money from him. His boss told him to turn on the TV, and we were just in time to see the building crumble.I wanted to go get the kids from school so badly, but Tom wouldn’t let me. He thought we should keep the routine as normal as possible. We spent the rest of the week camped out in front of the TV with tears rolling down our faces

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