Saturday night & Sunday

Saturday after putting dishes away & reading online for awhile I watched a couple of movies & went to bed too late again. This morning I had relinquished my control of the kitchen & just wanted my normal breakfast of soy protein milk. 8 & 11 had made their own muffins early & after a half-hearted attempt to get me to make something more for them 17 & her friends made bacon & eggs – Saturday I had made pancakes for 8 which was certainly enough if you ask me- which no one did of course.

Being broke now-(we’re only rich on payday around here baby!)  I knew we weren’t going anywhere- 17 & her friend had plans to go swimming – which had been postponed from the day before when it was quite cool & more than a little breezy- nice for sitting around too breezy for being in the water.


So 11 – 8 & I made stuff with the clay we picked up. I think I’ve mentioned before we’re a little Halloween obsessed around here & I’ve just about convinced them that we should have- well not exactly a party but a haunted house tour through our living room & dining room to the garage where we’ll give away candy & have a few quick games like bobbing for apples etc. I want to make invitations for everyone in their classes. That’ll be 35 kids+ siblings- but it won’t be a party- just a stop by for a few minutes while you’re out trick or treating anyway sort of thing. I envision the table full of gross out body parts- jello brain molds & spaghetti guts etc- & one of us or 17’s friends in the corner with a cauldron of folded funny fortunes. 8 wants to be either a vampire or a mummy this year so we can have him popping out of something etc.

We’ll see though. If 17 is against it then it probably won’t happen. She’s so grouchy & mean that we’re all pretty much afraid of her…lol..& I can’t really do all that would need to be done around here to pull something like that off without her help.


Once we were finished with using nearly all the clay we baked the things we’d made & made dinner- Which was an easy one- since we had so many extra people milling around I’d bought cold cuts & everyone made sub sandwiches – except for me – I hate cold cuts except roast beef (very rare- which you usually can’t get at the deli counter of Walmart) so I had grilled cheese sandwiches.

I spent a quiet evening at home with the little ones- while worrying about 17 & her friend being out at a ‘party’ which I found out half way through was not such a worry- when I text-ed her to get an eta & she said pretty soon because it was only 4 of them- the kid having the ‘party’s’ grandmother was home so they were just playing pool in the basement.


Nothing like grandma walking around with her walker to put the damper on a party! …lol…They arrived home earlier than their midnight curfew easily- though I got distracted by the TV & then- once in bed- got involved in music on my mp3 player & didn’t actually go to sleep until almost 2 am (again!)

This is the problem with being off from work for 5 days in a row. I stay up too late at night & get up too late in the morning so that when I go back to work I’ll be cross & crabby for days (I am hoping my recent schedule change to noon to 11 pm will make the transition back to work a little easier- I did get up (relatively) early today. 17’s friends dad was supposed to come get her at 10 this morning & so I got up & dressed at 930. Just to be on the safe side.

Though the agreement was that he would not come to my door & I would not go outside to  greet him. (we have had a problem- just recently- in preparation for this visit – which I won’t go into details on right now- just suffice it to say that we parent differently & someone felt compelled to tell someone else how they felt about the others parenting- that wasn’t me doing the sharing btw-)

Dependable (opinionated) Dad didn’t show up until nearly an hour past the time he was supposed to be here- so we were kind of in limbo. 17 wanted to get back to doing whatever she’s doing up in her room & after 3 & 1/2 days with the friend was antsy- the friend was pretty much ready to go too & 11 & 8 were just trying to watch their TV shows. I got online & had breakfast & tried to ignore the drama- ‘this is the last time I’ll see you until next year- wah wah wah’ .


On Saturday I got an email from the ex saying he’d located our phone # (he lost it- I’ve given it to him something like 10 times in the 2 & 1/2 years I’ve had the same #)  & was going to call. The physical reaction I have to seeing a 1 next to his file in my email is awful. My throat gets tight- I feel this column of ice fill my throat & travel down my spine & I can barely breathe for a few minutes.

I’ve opened emails from him which were full of verbal abuse & I’ve opened emails in which he was heavily critical of my raising of our kids (Who he’s seen on average of one time every 2 years for the past 7 years) I’ve read things which said he was having such a hard time with life (his new marriage- his time in Iraq- missing my kids) It’s never a good experience & I’m pretty glad that what he wrote on the first & today were just simple one line emails.

Now if I can keep my mouth shut on the phone.


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