What can you write in a half an hour?

Well- I can’t write much in that space of time- I admit I could probably write more if I wasn’t also reading email & my horoscope for the day & checking in on other people’s blogs!
I’ve committed to working Friday for 4 hours from 10 to 2 & so I won’t be even on-line until Saturday.

It seems no matter what day it is or when I work there’s never enough time to do everything I want to do. It irks me because when I was a teenager & younger I was bored so much of the time. There was never anything interesting to do (until Chrissea came along- & Back then I was someone she wanted to hang around with when there was no one ‘better’ around) I spent hours & hours reading or walking around out in the woods either behind my house or across the street at the park. (Alot of this can be ‘blamed’ on being home-schooled & not having a lot of structure to my days- Not at all a bad thing- though I thought it was back then) I wrote & read & slept late. For quite a few years a once weekly art lesson & a once weekly piano lesson were the entire formation of my days. Other than my Father arriving home from work & my Mother leaving for work there was nothing else.

a couple weeks ago 11- 8 & I laid out on the lawn for about 45 minutes from 11pm on to watch for the Perseid meteor showers. I had to call it off because I had to go to bed to be at least partially rested for work the next day  I was reflecting – as I got ready for bed & listened to 11 & 8 say their goodnights & head for bed themselves- on my brother lying out all night in a lounge type lawn-chair in our front yard watching the Perseid’s. He’d stay up most of the night & doze a little & then go in & sleep most of the morning – be crabby all day & then go out & do it again.

I’ll have to be retired before I’ll have the kind of freedom I had in my life back then & I know I had a lot more freedom like that than my own kids do. Summer is only a few weeks after all. I was pulled from school after 4th grade. 5th grade forward for the rest of my whole school career was all home-schooled.  That’s a long time to do pretty much whatever you want all day every day.

That’s probably why being at work until 11 pm doesn’t bother me that much- I have some time in the morning now to get my thoughts in order. It’s a whole lot more relaxed than up at 730 & out the door by 750 which was the only way I could do it because I hated to go to bed early enough to wake up & get out of bed before 730 (& most mornings even 730 required a crowbar) I know people who get up at 5 am to have some peace in the mornings before the day begins but that’s not me. If I was getting up at 5 am I’d have to be in bed at 9 pm!


3 thoughts on “What can you write in a half an hour?

  1. Somehow there are never enough hours in the day huh?

    I’ve laid on the grass looking at metoer showers before now too. I remember once on a camping trip, seeing the milky way. It was incredible!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog via Michele’s.

  2. Too much to do (too many blogs to read! , too little time. I know the feeling…
    I need many hours of sleep so I guess I would have to go to bed like you mentioned at 9m in order to be able to get up at 5!! But I enjoy having plenty of time in the morning…
    Michele sent me your way, have a lovely weekend 🙂

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