Monday Morning

I added it up the other day & discovered it’s been just about 3 years that I’ve worked mornings/days at my job. It was August 20- 2004 when I changed to the 7 am to 330 shift & since then I’ve been on a shift which began at either 7 or 9 am.

I can remember before that- when I had to be at work at 11 or 1230 or 430. But it really has been a long time. I felt- yesterday at about 9 when looking around at all the younger- with less experience- people around my group- that the shift change is something of a step down in the hierarchy of my company- but the people who changed shifts with me are a bunch of the best ones on our team & were all – as I was- not too unhappy about the later shift. I’m just naturally happier being up late & at least 1 other person said the same thing. Some of us seem to like our supervisor a lot & want to stay with him regardless of the shift & at least one said she’s set up every doctors appointment she has for the next 6 months on Tuesdays or Fridays & can’t change schedules because of that.

Day one of the kids being at school & my working late is going OK so far. Last night they were asleep when I got home but came & said hello to me at 715 before the school bus came. I’m liking the hanging around the house this morning (though actually getting up at 9 am after going to sleep around 1 am was more of a challenge than I thought it would be)  I’ve got a wash already done & one in the dryer which 17 will have to finish tonight.

Tomorrow will still be my day off- the 2 on- 1 off- 2 on- 2 off schedule is completely addictive & I would probably work any hour schedule they gave me to keep that day pattern. (I realize 10 hour days isn’t for everyone but I find it a reasonable trade off for the 3 days off- Of course- if you add it up I technically am at work for 11 hours & factoring in drive time I’m out of the house for nearly 13 hours a day on work days.)

I like the option to check email- write &  read blogs etc for an hour in the morning- I think it will help my blogging since I tend to suffer from diarreah of the keyboard- I run on & on. Of course- I’m not going to write every day- there’s not enough to say (so far) but I can draft stuff like past memories & memes over a couple of days & do the spell check etc. on Tuesdays & Fridays.

I am planning to behave a little better about shutting the computer down when my kids get home from school on my days off & while I know it will get turned on during the course of a Saturday I’m going to have to force myself (& 17 who is every bit as addicted as I am- just in denial) to stop after an hour or so.

Of course the best laid plans & all that- we shall see how that goes in the future.


2 thoughts on “Monday Morning

  1. The Internet. . . the biggest time saver and the biggest time waster! I should be cleaning right now. . . but I’m here.

    Here’s hoping your children will appreciate your sacrificing screen time to spend more time with them. . .
    Here from Michele.

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