A Day (off) In My Life

In Pictures of course-!
I woke up this morning to the sounds of the kids waiting for the school bus- I was dimly aware it was raining & heard the kids discussing whether it would rain all day- I was able to wake up enough to tell them no & that it would be nearly as hot as yesterday by noon.


I don’t think they believed me but I was right & they’re all wearing Jeans! Silly kids- should listen to their mother-!

After the bus left in a haze of exhaust (I’m the one who decided to put my bed right in front of the front window- no one to blame but myself) I rolled over & went back to sleep- only to be awoken around 9 by a text message from 17’s BF letting me know that his new job which he started today ends at 4pm so he’ll be meeting us in C’burg for the grocery shopping & to take 17 out of my hair (yay)

I woke up too much with the act of texting back to the BF to try to sleep anymore & so with ‘freedom’ playing in my head over the idea of a kid-less morning I checked email- ate breakfast etc. I was waiting for it to be 1045 when I had to leave to meet Chrissea for Coffee but when I took my breakfast stuff back to the kitchen the trash was so strong smelling (It was already +80 outside which probably has something to do with it) that I decided to leave early & go to the dumpsters to take the trash away so I wouldn’t have to smell it all day. After a brief look in the garage to confirm we didn’t have any more bags of trash I left home.


Now I don’t mean to say I don’t love my kids – I do – very much- but the respite after a summer of them squabbling amongst themselves & having to wade in to referee or patch the hurt ones (they have their father’s tempers & are rather free with fists & feet) the act of being able to go to the bank- the post office- the dumpster- out with Chrissea & the library kid free- no- ‘don’t walk on the edge you might fall’ – no- ‘don’t touch that – it doesn’t belong to you’ – no- ‘No for the fifth time we are not going to the grocery store now & if we were I would not buy ice cream- chips & soda!’ I am enjoying the peace at the moment- by October I’ll be back to missing them while they’re at school.


I snapped a picture of the pretty dirt road I drive to my ‘favorite’ dumpster site. Yes- in my county it’s possible to have a favorite dumpster site- some are too public- some are on bad roads or the curb drop off is deep & results in tire problems- some are on blind corners so pulling in could result in someone rear ending you & pulling out is as dangerous or more so than getting in there! Some are combinations of these things & shouldn’t even be used anymore. I have more than one favorite but this one is really close to my house & though it means I have to drive by the sheriff’s house (I am against wearing my seat-belt & resent it being a law) I go there most of the time.


The post office was my next stop to mail my mortgage & other bills off & to check for more bills (nearly all my bills come to the P.O. box- fun stuff like shopping by mail or paperback books from the swap & family cards- letters etc. come to the house.) The P.O. was busy busy & I was really glad I had enough stamps to get my mail taken care of without buying more. You can possibly see from my picture that it is very hot & hazy here today- Silly kids- the schools were built in the 1930’s & don’t have air conditioning- Of course- my kids are used to that I don’t like Air Conditioning myself- I like smelling the trees- flowers & other stuff outside- (Of course- I admit- none of us have any allergies -knock on wood- So it’s not a big deal & I know that for people with allergies it is a very big deal)

Then off to meet Chrissea- we had coffee at Cafe Del Sol– well she had an iced coffee- I had a Hot Chocolate because nothing else really appealed to me. I was testing my Grandfather’s theory that drinking hot beverages in the heat actually keeps you cooler- The idea being that you fool your body into reacting internally to the heat of the beverage & it cools you from the inside- the hot chocolate was good but I didn’t feel any cooler- though really – I don’t mind the heat much when I’m just sitting around as I often do on my day off.


Chrissea & I talked for about an hour- we started inside & went outside to finish so she could have a cigarette. We talked about our love lives (or lack thereof in my case) The back to school rush. Her daughter goes back next Thursday & my kids started yesterday- About prices going up & how much a week or two’s worth of groceries is costing nowadays. (A lot) Her daughter is involved in cheerleading & I got to hear about how much that costs (also a lot) I pointed out to her that sometime during the end of the month she will have her 20th anniversary of coming to Floyd County- Mine will be in November. She wasn’t sure what the date would be for that though- we know that our last day at the apartment we were sharing was 8/20/87 so it would have been a few days after that.

Coming home I had driven past the library before I remembered that I needed to stop. A few weeks ago I had taken out a book on tape & the following Sunday morning popped the first cassette in with great anticipation. I found though- that my tape deck either needs cleaning or has something wrong with it. I hadn’t been playing tapes of my own in it a lot lately because the sound quality was so poor- but I thought it was my tapes not the tape deck which was the problem- it’s not the tapes- the library’s tapes sounded awful. I couldn’t hear part of the dialog & it hasn’t been too long since my last book on CD so I knew it wasn’t the speakers- just the tape deck.

The book on tape was still under my seat & sure enough I was late returning it. I was more concerned with finding a new book on CD to listen to & as luck would have it I found not one but two. I couldn’t conscience borrowing two though so I did eeny meany mine moe because I hate to choose on something like that. Both Cd’s were on rotation so the other one may not be there when I go back. I admit to choosing the one which will be more admit-able to people who I discuss books with. The other was called Golden (didn’t notice the Author’s name) & it’s about a girl who can see other people’s aura’s who moves from California to Oklahoma- I’m hoping against hope that it will still be there when I finish the one I did get (The Brief History of the Dead by Kevin Brockmeier) That was the hardest part of it all both these books were small- 6 hours for Golden & 8 & 1/2 for Brief History. I listen in 40 minute increments on the way too & from work. I know from previous experience that even a 13 or 15 hour book doesn’t take long. Especially if I’m captivated by it like I was with American Gods by Neil Gaiman. I’ll end up sitting in the car listening when I get home at night.

Our library is having an addition built on it & so all the parking is on street right now. There were no parking spaces & so I parked across the street at the grocery store & walked down. On my way back out -while crossing the street- I was amused to see an ancient truck driven by an ancient man driving down the road. closely followed by about 8 cars all in a tight- impatient line behind him. The first car behind him was a limousine- which is not something you see in Floyd everyday ! The limo was obviously not in any hurry- he wasn’t crowding the truck or anything but all the cars behind the limo were crowding it. I didn’t think much of it in regards to myself. Until- about 4 miles out of town I ended up at the end of the line! The old truck turned off at a local hardware store where I snapped a picture as I drove by!


Once back home I messed around online & read blogs etc. My hammock called but by the time it I heard it – it was nearly time for the kids to arrive.


I contented myself with a look around the garden- picking stuff & weeding a little (futile though it is at this point.)


Until it was nearly time for 11 & 8 to arrive home. I went out to the car to wait for them so we could leave immediately – trying to beat 17’s call of ‘where are you’ on our way to town.


She was in a fine fettle- especially when I decided I needed a picture of her Zombie Voodoo doll earrings & sulked most of the way to C’burg to do grocery shopping & meet up with her BF. We ate at an excellent Mexican restaurant in town where 11 decided she liked guacamole after all! A mixed blessing at best- after all the more people who like it at the table the more I have to share the guacamole & we’re already up to 2 bowls at a meal!

We then went to Target to get 17’s school supplies (the High School doesn’t give out lists- the individual teachers tell students what they’ll need during these first couple of days & the kids are expected to have it all on the following Monday.) I didn’t take any pictures there or at Walmart because it was all so stressful with 17 & the BF following us around & 17 sulking if anyone looked at her wrong.


I was quite glad when they left & headed home ahead of us -11- 8 & I finished the shopping & stopped off for my soy powder at another store. We drove home in that lovely part of the evening where everything is still visible the crescent moon was in the west but high enough above the setting sun that it glowed & showed up beautifully against the purple sky.


Mr 8 had been lying down in the back- enjoying all the space but when 11 & I began remarking on the night sky he sat up to look & pointed out some deer on the side of the road- danger to me- beauty to them- funny how you look at that differently depending on your age.

After putting all the groceries away everyone but me is tucked into bed or settled with TV or books & I’m just finishing this up so I can go to bed too.


3 thoughts on “A Day (off) In My Life

  1. The kids are back to school already? Jeez, we don’t go back til the 29th. I have the same feeling when I see deer on the side of the road, but I’d rather see deer than a moose!! Those things just scare the crap outta me.

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