Sure Wish I had Something to say

We had a very restful day here on Saturday. I can’t complain in the least. I got up late- 11 took the initiative & made breakfast for us so that was taken off my shoulders too.

I didn’t do much all day- we hung out played around & I read in the Hammock outside for awhile & stayed under the tree when it rained & the tree cover was enough that I barely got sprinkled with rain. 17 & I traded the computer back & forth all day- I’d go out to the hammock & she’d get on the computer- I’d come in & she’d get off the computer again.

Worked out well for the most part. Except when I wanted to get on-line & she didn’t want to get off-! I went & took a shower though & all was well when I was finished.

Sunday & today were horrible- terrible- ugly days at work. The calls were long- unpleasant & tense. It got to the point where I was looking forward to just taking tech calls- they were so few & far between I was miserable- Most of my day (& everyone else around me) was spent telling people about upgrades- adding boxes- changing the ones they have. Stuff which involves money changing hands drives me nuts. No one ever thinks they’re getting a good deal. Everyone thinks we’re ripping them off & that the competitors either cable or the other Satellite company will be better than what we have to offer.

I can’t argue that some day there may be a better deal (& according to commercials the day is not far off) I am impartial where I am supposed to be biased in this situation. I am not going to say that we have a great deal when we don’t. At this point I do believe our deal is pretty good. How long it will remain that way I couldn’t say.

Chrissea & her daughter were supposed to come over tonight & we were supposed to go to the pool tomorrow. I don’t have the money to do the pool thing though & she had something else to do tonight so we called it off. Probably last weeks fun will be the last time for the summer. Next year we’ll have to get on the ball sooner & set stuff like that up for at least once a month.

Otherwise I’m feeling very stuck in my job. I’m happy I have other people around me (as opposed to when I was sitting elsewhere a little removed from everyone else in my group) they help to distract me from my misery & worry. Of course people are telling me rumors about terminations being stepped up but my boss assured me after I heard that & was given some examples- that the issues the people who’ve been fired/let go were much larger than my own attendance issues.

Being my boss though he had to get in a dig about my quality scores & the fact that my speed has slowed a bit in the last 2-3 weeks. (that’s because I’m enjoying talking to co-workers more than talking on the phone)

Mr 8 is in the good graces right now. He has both his room & the garage neat & clean right now. Miss 11 is doing ok. Still in pain occasionally & taking the anti inflammatory drugs- we go for a check up/hpv booster shot for both 11 & 17 tomorrow. I’m hoping the doctor will be able to figure something out or prescribe another course of antibiotics (though the thought that the shots- IV’s & oral applications of anti biotics that she was on previously don’t seem to have finished off the infection does scare me to death)

Still waiting on anything more from the ex’s tax refund from Child support. I’m not holding my breath anymore though- in spite of what I was told- which was that they took over $900 bucks from him & that I’ve only received a little over $700. I just don’t think I’m going to see the rest of it. Likely they took it for expenses or taxes or something (By they- I mean the state of VA)

More tomorrow it’s getting awfully late as I’ve been reading blogs & flame wars etc. for an hour or two in between sections of this.


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