Swimming & Jumping

We had a great time at the river when we finally got underway…. Everyone pretty much jumped into the water as soon as we arrived!


Miss 11 thought she was going to jump but had second thoughts… we had about an hour of drama while she made up her mind. Above her Chrissea’s daughter tried a higher jump- as scary as that is she jumped from a higher spot later & we’ve all seen others jump from still higher points than either of those!


Once 11 had jumped though- she was  insatiable & all the girls jumped over & over again.


Sami- Chrissea’s daughter  has a nice tan & my ghost white children make her look even darker! They’re all a little pink today still- we didn’t get to swim until about 2pm & so I was hoping the sun would be low enough to not get us burnt- I’m a little sore & the kids – while not sore- are all looking healthier!


Then off to take Chrissea & Samantha home. The kids had a great time on the trampoline & we were there to witness the bird take it’s leave- Chrissie had just told me that it liked to jump on her head & it started to do so & suddenly I guess it realized the door was open because it made a straight shot right out the door never to be spotted again.



6 thoughts on “Swimming & Jumping

  1. Very cool.
    The jumps were higher looking from the water level. These pic’s were taken across the river and at the same level as the jumps so they don’t look high, but they were. I’d say they were 4′ & 6′ & 8′ off the water or so. Wouldn’t you?

    Kevin wouldn’t know if I took the speakers, until he got home and then it would be too late. I’d bring them back the next day, of course.
    What’s his is mine, is it not?
    RIP Bella Bird

  2. The river looks like a lot of fun. I wish I got in touch with nature more. Kind of hard to do when you never leave your apartment!
    Here from Michele.

  3. You can really tell that the kids are having fun in these pics, can’t you — hope you get to go there with them as often as you can this summer!

    Michele sent me,


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