Fried on Friday

I’m so tired, I was tired before the day was half over!

I stayed up too late again last night but because 11 had to go back to the doctor’s office to be checked again I couldn’t sleep very late. 17 took her BF with her to art today because they’re getting ready for the presentation/unveiling of it today & she thought he’d be useful in moving things around etc.

This meant mr 8 had to come to the doctor’s office with us today. This meant extra noise in the waiting room & during the discussion with the Doc. We waited a long time today- not unusual though our doctor is a little different than most, she has a very casual office & does not overbook. Using part of her office space is a counselor & a massage therapist, the massage therapist has a baby, about 7 or 8 months old who the office staff keep an eye on while she’s seeing people. He was rolling around in his walker happy as a clam on Tuesday but today he was fussing & wouldn’t go in the walker or the swing.


Both of the office workers had stuff to do & one of them was trying to do her work with him strapped into a side holder. He kept straining at her & looking over the counter, finally they realized he was trying to see my kids better!

It ended up I held him on my lap in the waiting room for about 20 minutes & he very happily watched my kids play with the play food & tea sets in the waiting room (Yes they are 8 & 11- too old to play with that stuff, but they always regress at the doctors) He chewed on what they gave him, submitted to peek a boo & this little piggy & was generally a very good baby.


When the doctor came out she told me she worried when she saw someone as old as I, with mostly grown kids holding a baby. I assured her I’m through. No baby cravings here folks, I had my hair down & he got his little fingers in it & pulled! I have no thoughts of starting over again at all! I’ve done my time with diaper rash, locked cabinets & teething.

The Doc had determined through the blood & urine samples that 11 had Mesenteric Lymphadenitis, could have been food at camp or her not washing her hands. She had tried to print a sheet for me on it but it didn’t print so she pulled it up via a google search & we went over it on her computer then she had one of the office workers print it for me so I have my own little explanation- which I could have just accessed on google but I didn’t realize what she was doing until it was done!

The kids were so loud playing with the puppets & other toys she has in her office for kids to play with that I could barely hear what she was saying (she has a very soft voice) Then she checked 11 out to be sure she had no residual soreness anywhere, on the way out both kids checked out their height (4′ 8” for 11 & 4’3” for 8, he also jumped on the scale & is 54 & 1/2 lbs. 8 was 108 @ the hospital last Saturday for the record)

We sat in line at the bank for an inordinately long time to get money out. It never ceases to amaze me how people will pull up to the lane right up against the teller’s window & leave the distant service lane open, then glare at me when I pull up to the distant lane & get served before them (not the case today because both lanes were crowded but the close lane was a longer line!

I have 2 days left to pay my cell phone payment or they’ll shut it off (It’s useful to know they give you 58 days from the due date before they shut it off- my company is the same) So I had to take a bunch of cash out to pay that & a few other bills in person today, along with groceries & the beginnings of 8’s birthday gifts, party postponed for at least 2 weeks un-fortunately.

We went to the pharmacy to pick up yet another antibiotic option. Since I’m having so much trouble getting 11 to drink the flavored stuff the Doc gave us some pills which I can grind & mix in apple sauce or yogurt. She’s eating yogurt with antibiotic in it right now.

We stopped at our local grocery store (not the new, big chain store, the littler local store) Last Saturday after I finished my book one of the nurses brought me a magazine to read while I was waiting for 17 to bring me another book. & so I read an article in the magazine (Redbook to be exact- I found it & linked it) about the things they’re doing to our food, irradiated vegetables, genetically altered foods etc. A concern but at least the genetically altered stuff, there’s not much you can do about it.

The one which I wasn’t aware of is how they’re using gas on our meats now, when I buy a package of Hamburger at Wal-mart it’s in a plastic tub with a piece of plastic vacuum sealed over it. The article explained that’s because they’re removing the oxygen & replacing it with gasses (nitrous oxide among others) which keep the meat looking red. I always go by the color of the meat in a package, if it’s gray or brownish it’s been out too long as a general rule, I wasn’t aware of this new practice, the meat could be spoiled the article said & it would still be bright red & healthy looking.

I decided I can afford/have the time, to shop at the local store for my meats for the time being. I figure it’ll be better for us with the food, it’s a lot closer to home so the meats aren’t out in the heat for as long & the meats are definitely tastier.

I was disappointed to find they had no skinless boneless chicken thighs though, everyone in my family prefers dark meat to light & so for a lot of the meals I make I like to use that, it will still have to come home from Wal-mart with us.

Milk was below $4. a gallon at this store too. The last gallon I bought was at the big chain store in town & it was $4.09 Wal-mart was $4.19 2 weeks ago. I paid $3.45 today. We drink a lot of milk so this is important to us, or me specifically since I’m the one buying the groceries.

Home again & I checked email & worked on my blog, added that what kind of liberal am I button which somehow has caused my sidebar to disappear unless I’m on a single blog entry, as if I was going to comment or when I’m reading comments. I don’t know what I did but I did it really well!


We then went to see 17’s art creation which is now right outside the building for all to see as they drive by our local center for the arts.

We arrived late & they were already taking pictures & congratulating each other when we drove up (I let the BF drive because I wanted to put on mascara & look like something other than a washed out, exhausted mom today- it didn’t work, I was so nervous riding with 17’s BF that I barely caught the tips of my eyelashes & then when 11 had to go to the bathroom (She had begun feeling poorly again, after falling asleep in the car when we got home from the grocery store & woke up with a headache) I went with her & could not believe the shadows under my eyes in the fluorescent lights in there.


I was very proud of 17, she not only suggested & sketched the design of the sign & helped in creating it, she also painted a beautiful picture on a board while they were there.

After the reception in which 8 ate too many cookies & pretzels & 11 & I drank too much punch, we went to C’burg & did our grocery shopping/bill paying frenzy. Nothing too exciting happened during that. We argued a lot because 17 is premenstrual & I was feeling cheerful which makes her mad. If she’s mad we all should be mad is apparently the idea behind her mood.


5 thoughts on “Fried on Friday

  1. Hi there, I’m here from Michele’s.
    The way your blog is written, I feel like I know you. It’s very personal and accessible. I like that. Hope your 11 feels better soon.

  2. Well, I know the saying “If mama ain’t happy – nobody’s happy”, so maybe she thinks it should be that way for her too..LOL

    Get some rest! It’s har to deal with those kids unless you are rested (I know from experience)! Michele sent me.

  3. Hi Becky — a full day there! Michele sent me to give you the following tip about chicken thighs: they are really easy to skin, and not too bad to bone yourself if you have a good sharp kitchen utility knife. And if you are cooking them in something where you can remove them halfway, it’s even easier: the skin falls of the meat and the meat falls off the bone, and then you can chop it and use it however you’d like. I like to poach the thighs in a broth or stock (or just water and onion, celery and carrots if that’s all I’ve got around). You get more flavour into the chicken if you cook it on the bone like that!


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