Friday Fill in.

1. Watching Lightning bugs out my bedroom window before falling asleep makes me remember my childhood.
2. I like to use Garlic when I cook.
3. My Company’s sick child policies really pisses me off.
4. I’ve been thinking about old Pictures & the past alot lately.
5. The last song I heard that I liked was Can’t find my way Home by Blind Faith.
6. I love talking to my kids by starlight.
7. And as for the weeked, tonight I’m looking forward to going to dinner & shopping with my kids, tomorrow my plans include resting up reading & going through more old pictures and Sunday, I want to stay home but it’ll be my first day back to work after a week home with a sick kid!

Do your own! Visit Fond of Snape!


11 thoughts on “Friday Fill in.

  1. Very cool, Im going to have to check that site out. I agree with the lightning bug comment. The other night we were outside, my hubby and I, and I saw lightning bugs. I said “next year little Ryleigh will be out there with her jar trying so hard to catch them” Michele sent me.

  2. I haven’t been by in awhile. So sorry to hear of your daughters illness.
    I feel for you Becky. I remember days just like you are having.
    I think the universe set it up so you could have some time off too of that GOD awful job. You deserve some peace as your daughter heals through her illness.
    I can’t believe they want you to stay with your child now at the hospital. Nurses are not what they used to be. I can see that, being a nurse for almost 25 years now.

  3. There are no lightning bugs in New Zealand, sadly. I like garlic, but we all really, really like ginger.
    Michele says hi, and hope you are all better soon

  4. Sounds like a fun weekend! Got directions here from Michele tonight, and just wanted to say thank you for realizing that I had been overlooked in the comment game! Such a sweet thing, that someone notices that:-)
    Best, and have a fabulous weekend,

  5. Here we go, from Michele’s:

    1. A cool spring breeze through the window in the morning

    2. Peppers

    3. Politicians of any party

    4. My wife and kids who are visiting family in Germany

    5. Can’t think of the title but it’s a country song, darn it.

    6. Camping

    7. Sleeping, Working and Working


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