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Miss 11 is feeling better, not a ton better, but the medicines are beginning to set her right & she’s not fussing 2 hours before it’s time for another dose, She’s been watching baby stories since 9 this morning, quite happily. (she’s baby obsessed & loves to watch the birth stories on TLC for some reason) I’m fielding questions about why didn’t I have home-births? (the ex didn’t want me to, I was all for it) Did I have morning sickness? (Yes, especially with her, for the whole 9 months, the other 2 it was the normal first 3 months type) & why was she & her brother bald at birth when 17 had lots of red hair? (I can’t answer that one, just the way it is I guess) I’m not at work because the doctor said I could stay home today & dammit I’m staying home.


I folded laundry last night- there were about 2 weeks worth of clean clothes piled up in my kitchen which mr 8 & I dragged into the living room & I folded while watching the news & then a documentary on hippies which we recorded to dvr back in March which I’d been meaning to watch since then.

I watched half because it only took 2 hours to fold & organize all that laundry (I don’t fold 17’s clothes, just pile them in a basket) Part of the problem with the laundry is that there’s not enough baskets for everything. I had stacks of towels, bedsheets & facecloths piled up all over the room along with the baskets for mr 8, miss 11, myself & 17 in the room. So far at 12:15 today I still only have my own laundry put away. 17’s at her art class, 11’s still in too much pain to take the basket upstairs & I want to organize 8’s clothing drawers again so haven’t had him take his basket away yet.

I was so irritated with myself this morning, Watching that hippie show last night they were interviewing a guy who’d written a few books about the 60’s & so I paused the show & wrote down his name & the names of the books to check them out this morning. So I pulled up my PaperbackSwap site not hoping for much & also pulled up google to see what Amazon said & lo & behold the first of the 2 books this guy wrote I have already! It’s been my coffee table book for 2 years now! I haven’t had time to do more than look at the pictures- it’s a big book, I can’t carry it to work & back- & I’m really bad about not checking authors names so I didn’t realize it was the same guy!

So since I have 3 credits coming to me still I just typed in Hippie in the search on the paperback swap site & came up with a bunch of fictional books which is what I wanted, Kinflicks by Lisa Alther, The Womens Room by Marilyn French & Loose Change by Sara Davidson are some of my all time favorite books & I’m always looking for more books from & about the same time period. I found a bunch, ordered 2 of them & now I need more credits to go back & order more books!


Yes, the hippie fascination is heavy in me, it always has been, it’s what brought me to where I live in VA in the first place, it has become watered down & debased in me, I have been disillusioned by some of the people I’ve met along the way, people who were not so concerned with who you were & what you were about but who you knew, how you looked, much money or other assets you had & how much you’d do for them. After I really copped to this (also- in the same period of time in which I was married to & ‘happy’ with my ex) I still felt the same way but had little use for others who were or pretended to be hippies.

I did, when 17 was 3 & 4 go to greatful dead concerts & sell earrings etc. It was pretty cool but there were also a lot of things I saw & heard that really put me off of the whole thing. Too many drugs, theft & attitude, the things I already mentioned were in full swing there too. We had some truly awesome things happen while on the road & some pretty terrible things happen 17 only vaguely remembers those times.


17 tells me I’m still a hippie & I suppose idealistically I am. Though I don’t get involved in the groups around here- I tend to be a loner & I’m also a full time job holder, the time I do have to myself is to be spent with my kids after all, not others, they’ll be all grown up all too soon & then I’ll have time to pursue art or listen to poetry etc.

I’m probably going to go to work tomorrow, though my boss told me that our doctor filled out the form for fmla & it’s pending to the 22 of July- Meaning if I stayed out until then It would be ok. I just don’t think I can afford to miss that much work. As it is, I worked it out to I’ll have to do 12 hours of overtime next week (we roll over to OT at 40 hours even though we’re only paid every 2 weeks. So even though this week is a wash, next week’s a different story & 12 hours of OT will nearly make up for 30 hours missed)

17’s art thing is not exactly what we thought but it’s kind of exciting. They’re designing & creating a new sign/logo for the place the group is meeting. I’m amazed at what she’s telling me, she’s one of 5 kids involved & they have a teacher from Hollins College there working with them. They went with an idea 17 came up with. She’s struggling with the teacher telling her less detail when she loves detail & considers herself to be ‘all about detail’ but otherwise she seems to be having a lot of fun with it.

I just got a phone call from the place inviting us all to a reception on Friday for the new sign/logo to congratulate 17 & the others who helped make it!


Mr 8 Located the party invitations, still shrink wrapped thank goodness, now if I could just figure out when to have the party. We are supposed to be going to a wedding the first weekend in August but though I was told about it by another family member, no invitation has been received so I’m not sure we’re invited- understandable 8 & 11 year olds are not always great at weddings after all!


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