Updates, Moans & Whines

Miss 11 is not getting a lot better, I was incensed by the hospital’s pediatrician on call on Monday morning’s cavalier attitude, it was almost a ‘we don’t know quite what’s wrong with her but she can’t stay here any longer’ I was not particularly comfortable with taking her home, but when the meds were in full force in her she was pretty normal so I thought if I could keep the meds at the same level as in the hospital we’d be ok.

They called in prescriptions for an antibiotic & a pain killer both of which were the same as what she’d had in the hospital but the hospital was giving them to her via iv & we got pills at the pharmacy, all ok with the pain killer, they’re mostly antinflammitory & they’re small pills. The antibiotic however, was huge capsules which were sized (_____) like that.

Since she’d had an iv load of antibiotic before we left I didn’t give her any until 9 last night, she is pretty good at swallowing pills


(better than 17 was when she was 11’s age anyway) but she choked on this & ended up vomiting up most of her dinner & the anti inflammatory too.

She was also in a lot of pain off & on all day long, just miserable & crying & whining, her left buttock & side still hurts & it’s making her favor that side so she’s limping, I’m walking her to the bathroom pretty much every time she goes both last night & today.

I did have a few moments of happiness after 11 fell asleep, I stayed up to watch the news & some other stuff on TV, while I was doing that I was thinking about the money I’d lost missing Sunday & Monday at work & trying to figure out how many hours of overtime I’ll need to do to make it up or at least to make up as much as I can.

In a moment of hope I called the child support hot-line where you can check via an automated system if there’s been any money collected on your case, how much it was & when it was sent to you, or deposited in your bank in my case as I have direct deposit. I was thrilled to find out $150+ was deposited that very day! Then I checked the last 6 collections thing on a whim & found another $450+ had been deposited last week which I didn’t even know about! Apparently it’s the money they took out of his tax refund being released to me after the 6 month hold they had on it & I am grateful.


I was so happy I wanted to scream! Everyone else was asleep so I contented myself with writing down the amount so I could rework my budget in the morning & went off to sleep. 11 did ok sleeping last night- we got up to get a pain pill at 3 but other than that it was pretty quiet.

At 9:30 a.m. the phone rang, it was the Pediatrician who admitted 11 on Saturday & talked to me again on Sunday, she’d been off on Monday which is why we were attended by mr brisk & businesslike. She asked if 11 was feeling better & when I said no & really seemed to be in more pain for longer than she’d been at the hospital she said a few choice things about the other doctor, told me the third blood test, finished after we had left the hospital confirmed a bacterial infection in her lymph nodes & asked about our doctor.

I explained that she’d been at a seminar on Saturday but had returned my call & left a voice mail Saturday evening saying she’d been waiting for the paperwork from the hospital & to schedule a follow up appointment after 11 was home & that I had already made an appointment for Friday which was my next day off after today. She took our doctor’s phone # & told me to call them in an hour if I hadn’t heard from them. 20 minutes later the Doctor’s office called me back to ask me to bring 11 in today.


I love our doctor, we’ve been going to her since 8 was a newborn. She’s an Osteopath which I haven’t seen much of a difference between her & a regular doctor. Though she definitely treats people as a whole, not just what they’re sick with. I also love that she sees us all. When I was pregnant with 11 back in MA in 1995/96, we had a GP & I got used to everyone seeing the same doctor (Even the ex had an ingrown toenail which the doc treated) & though it took me awhile to try her I have never regretted having her as my doctor.

She gave 11 a shot to help with the antibiotics, changed the antibiotic prescription to what was supposed to be a smaller tablet form, gave her an actual pain medication – only for when she’s really hurting- & gave her a different anti inflammatory to take as regular. I’m still giving her Advil/Tylenol for the fever she’s still sprouting too. As I said the doc. is big on whole body remedies & suggested some live acidopholus culture yogurt (like that activa stuff) to help her fight the infection a little more. We’re still going back Friday & the doctor also mentioned that we may want/need to come back tomorrow if she’s still in pain.

We went to the store to get the yogurt, some saltines & other goodies to try to tempt 11’s appetite (I am a very bad person when it comes to money, if I have it I want to spend it- I got 17 cheese I knew she’d like, gummy snacks for 7 & pop tarts for everyone (they were 3 boxes for $5. how could I not?) They only had the actual Activa yogurt in Strawberry, 11’s not a strawberry fan at all. I can understand that because I don’t like strawberry flavored anything, I’ll eat fresh strawberries about once or twice a year but other than that I leave them alone. We found some yogurt by Breyers which is also live acidopholus culture but they only had 6 packs with 3 strawberry flavored & 3 blueberry, orange creme or peach flavored. we bought 1 package of each so now 17 who loves strawberry flavored stuff has 9 yogurts all strawberry flavored & 11 has 9 yogurts 3 of each of the other flavors! Not ideal but it was what we were able to do.

We went to the pharmacy & the pharmacist came out from behind the counter to talk to me about it since he’d just filled the one prescription from the hospital the day before & here we were back for more he seemed a little concerned but understood about the pills being too big for 11 to swallow. He also explained that he’d tried to get the antibiotic in a smaller pill form but it wasn’t available & that he’d substituted liquid instead. Not great because 11’s picky about flavors & if she doesn’t like the taste she’ll start gagging & end up throwing up again. The painkiller is also liquid which I was not enthused about but if she needs it she’s going to have to deal.

On the way home 11’s mentor called & rather rudely demanded to know what was going on. I pulled off the road so as not to lose signal & I sort of went off on her- told her I’d called at 5 am on Monday to let them know first that she wouldn’t be there Monday & again at 7:30 last night to say she’d certainly be out the rest of this week & that both days the bus came & honked the horn outside just as if I hadn’t left a message. (I wasn’t surprised when 17 said they’d done so Monday but today? Sheesh!) She didn’t have a clue, was really upset that the office hadn’t let her know about the messages & that 11 had been in the hospital. We agreed that I’d call them when 11 was ready to go back to camp rather than just assuming that she’d be back next Monday. (Considering how she’s not doing any better & actually seems to be in worse pain I’m not feeling too great about it)

When we got home she was really miserable, she ate 1 orange cream yogurt & rested on the couch, we got an anti-inflammatory into her & then tried the liquid antibiotic, this worked out ok after all & she ate a couple of crackers & laid around some more while I worked on finances & organized my cards & notepaper (not the huge box full from my grandmother’s stuff which I discovered while organizing the garage, just the drawer full in my room which I moved to my lovely secretary desk- I am so thrilled to have that piece of furniture! I feel so much more organized with it!


After an hour & a half 11 still hadn’t settled down, the anti inflammatory wasn’t doing a thing for her pain at that point so I gave her a teaspoonful of the pain medicine she didn’t like the taste, started gagging & didn’t make it to the bathroom before she puked it & what small amount she’d had for lunch back up (she did however, make it off my rugs & onto the linoleum so I can at least be thankful for the small favors I’m awarded)

I decided I’d better get into the business of taking care of stuff & called my work to talk to human resources, I had called earlier & left a message but no one had called me back (It had been about 3 hours) So I called again & got a heinous B***h on the phone, she was truly rude & hateful, talked down to me & was really snotty about explaining things when I asked questions like why things were this way & what difference some of it made. (she started talking slowly to me like I was retarded) I finally asked her if she’d ever done my job at our company- because I didn’t like her tone & since they stress that on the phone you’d think she might comply. She got all huffy & told me her tone was fine.

The up-shoot is I have to be out 5 days before they can even consider fmla. The fact that they say her lymph nodes have a bacterial infection ‘doesn’t sound like enough to apply for fmla- because they don’t know yet what kind of bacteria it is’ & I’ll need a doctors note to excuse the absence from Sunday & Monday. I told her that my doctor had told me that we were certainly qualified for fmla with the infection & she told me that she’d fax the form to the doctor & the doctor could fax it back after she knew what the problem was.

I hung up with her & called my doctor about a note about my being required to be away from work on Sunday & Monday, they said it was probably going to be the admitting physician & gave me her office’s #. I called them & they called me back a little while later to let me know the doctor had written a note giving me off through tomorrow which is a relief because 11 is still miserable & I had a feeling I’d need to stay home tomorrow. This just ratifies my decision.

I think I mentioned 17 is at an art center thing all week, she’s done at 4pm & was home before 4:30 yesterday. She called me at 4:50 to tell me her rides car had had a flat tire & she needed a ride home, 17’s BF offered to go get her but I wasn’t feeling the chicken we were supposed to have for dinner, both because it was drumsticks & had to be baked in the oven – heating the whole kitchen up- & because 11 didn’t want them I knew I’d have a hassle getting her to eat them. So I went to get 17 & we called in an order to subway which they messed up for me very well.


8 had ham & 11 had turkey & it was dim in the house when we came in so 8 started eating a sub which he thought was ham but it was turkey. 11 ate about 1/3 of the ham sub before realizing it wasn’t turkey (she’s way off) by that time 8 had eaten all but the end of the turkey sub- not subways fault but it ws a seriously unpleasant scence, 11 is hypersensitive to everything & was weeping & carrying on. Subway did put lettuce on my sub though & no tomatoes- that is unforgivable- I hate lettuce on a sub! wahh!

That’s been my day so far & I’m not feeling like it’s all bad but it’s still about 70%. At least the money thing is taken care of, if I don’t have that weighing me down I can usually get through most anything else.

Picture notes: 17 when she was 11 with mr 8 as a baby, Miss 11 at the beach this summer, mr 8  as a teething baby with his tired out mother, 11 & my new secretary desk, mr 8 full of mischief as usual.


3 thoughts on “Updates, Moans & Whines

  1. Acidopholus can be found in most yogurts I have seen. I myself, being a yogurt freak ( as you well know) am partial to Columbo yogurt. I swear by it…I’m hardly ever sick. Live cultures help keep away all the bad germs and make healthy germs thrive. I’m glad your doctor suggested it. Hope the girl feels better soon

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