Thursday, Friday- it’s all the same thing…

It’s always time or money that I’m missing, today it’s both. I’m feeling decidedly crabby tonight, I don’t want to have to come home to blown up extension cords (‘Honest mom, I just tried to plug the kitchen light in’) A sink full of dishes (‘I couldn’t do the dishes with the light out’) & ice cubes all over my dining room floor (I got a ‘don’t ask’ on that one)

Staying at work would have been worse though- I’m supposed to do a minimum of 2 hours of overtime a week I did 20 minutes on Monday & an hour & a half last night. I couldn’t even bring myself to stay on for 2 more calls & fill out the 10 minutes I missed. If I have to talk to another person about rca cables, signal or poor video before Sunday I think I will scream & put my eyes out with a remote control.

I munched through a third of a box of Golden Crisp (I remember when it was called ‘Super Sugar Crisp”- funny how sugar ceased to be a good thing in cereal advertisement!) while reading email & friends blogs- Some of you need to write something once in awhile – you know who you are!

I was thinking about putting some old memories on here, but some of them would have to have the names changed to protect the guilty! I guess most will have to stay private, after all no one is likely going to want to hear about horrible things my ex did to me while our marriage was ending! (it would make me feel better to put it all down somewhere though!)


We have no plans this weekend though I do have to get working on mr 7’s birthday, I haven’t even sent invitations out yet & it’s supposed to be next Saturday! He’s chosen a pirate theme which is giving his older sister & I fits. She’s supposed to make a pin the something on the something for him, she did pin the wings on the fairy for 11 in June & I’m hoping she’ll do a pin the pirate on the ship type thing but I bet it’ll end up being pin the pirate flag on the ship!


I’ve also got to start 7’s lotto game, I promised since 11’s lotto game was such a big hit that I’d make one for him too. I did about 3 pictures while at work yesterday but I sit next to a guy who is a really great artist & I felt embarrassed about my little sketches of Thomas the Tank Engine & a pirate ship compared to his Frankenstein meets the Mummy type stuff. I also didn’t want to make him feel like he should offer to help or something.

7’s going around catching moths in his bare hands- I’ve got to get up in the morning to go to his school & sit through annother meeting on if he has special needs or not. The physical therapist didn’t seem to think he needed help with his fine motor skills so that puts us back to square one, yes, all kids are sloppy writers in second grade, but my kid’s writing is noticeably worse than all the kids in his class (The teacher routinely puts together books in which each kid makes a page, like about their house, their pet etc. & so I have a good idea of what the other kid’s in his class write like)


miss 11’s camp played a dirty trick on her, I’m ok with it because it is better for her, but she’s mad as hell! They discovered that she & a couple other kids who are from our school district were all recommended for summer school but couldn’t go either because of transportation problems (in our case at least that’s why she wasn’t going) or because the parents put a higher priority on the day camp. So the camp is taking her & the others to their elementary school for the 4 hour summer school program & then to day camp for the rest of the day. I’m ok with it- she needs the extra help- we weren’t even sure she’d passed 4th grade until the first day of summer school with day camp- (she did!)


I was very relieved that she’d passed on to 5th because she stayed back & repeated Kindergarten because of her poor eye sight & refusal to wear the glasses we got for her (& her tendency to lose or break every pair of glasses she’s had since then) She’s only 3 years older than 7 (almost 8, on Saturday) & if she’d had to repeat 4th grade they’d only be a year apart in school which could be difficult. Especially hard on her self esteem, which as the middle child & the second girl, is already shaky- or that’s how she plays it to me anyway!


4 thoughts on “Thursday, Friday- it’s all the same thing…

  1. Money is always an issue, and time…ugh…let’s not get into it.

    for the pirate party – how about – Pin the hook on the captain’s hand? or Pin the parrot on the pirate? (i’m good with those things, lol)

    Michele sent me today!

  2. It must be a crochety sort of day. Well it is here also but then it is Friday 13th! You have much more excuse than I have so I’m going to pucker up and whistle a happy tune and put a biig smile on my face and …drive everybody round the bend:)

  3. Michele sent me over, Becky.

    The privacy issue is a touchy one. While blogs are supposed to be like online diaries–since others can read them it’s not always a good idea to be too honest. I can see how the situation with your ex in the waning days of your marriage might be a little too touchy to have on an open access blog.

    Good luck with the time and money issues. There’s never really enough of either for any of us.

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