Too Much Stuff.

Friday was long, but productive. I got up early with miss 11 to make sure she was ready for day camp & we talked through the window, me in my bed, her sitting on the porch waiting for the bus to come, originally I was going to go back to sleep but then a fox somewhere started making that screeching noise they make, which sounds like a woman screaming & so I opened the shade part way to let her know what it was – which she was relieved by as she said she was wondering what it was & had been hearing it most mornings before the bus came.


After 11 left on the school bus to go on a bowling field trip I went back to sleep for about an hour. Got up when Mr 7 woke & did all the usual morning stuff, breakfast, on-line, laundry begun. We had to leave by 11 am to take 7 to have his fine motor skills tested. miss 17 wanted to go but wanted a shower & decided this at 10:34, to take my mind off her taking forever & making us late I took 7 & went to the post office to check the mail, there was none which I consider good news (all my bills, except my mortgage go to the p.o. box)

When we got back 17 surprised me by being ready when I pulled up outside & honked the horn. She ran right out the door & got in the car- no makeup, but I consider that an improvement! It’s nice to drive the road I take to work without having to go to work & I found that the same driving politics go on later in the day as early in the morning, people try to drive you off the road if you’re not going fast enough to suit their tastes- it doesn’t matter if there’s a line of 3 or 4 cars in front of you prohibiting you from traveling as fast as the one behind you would like, they’ll still ride your bumper as if to push you to go faster.


Mr 7 spent 45 minutes with an occupational therapist writing his alphabet, signing his name, putting puzzles together & doing jumping jacks & other exercises to determine if he was having problems with his fine motor skills severely enough to account for his poor performance in writing at school. The woman who tested him was well pleased with his work & said it didn’t seem to be a problem after all & that a lot of kids his age just don’t want to slow down & take the time necessary to form neat handwriting.

Mr 7 provided a clue to the messy writing himself, he told us that if you get 10 rubber frogs from the teacher you get an extra recess or a prize from the prize box & the teacher often tells them to write whatever they’re working on before the timer goes off & they’ll get a frog. So obviously, if he’s going to get a frog, he’s going to write fast & when he writes fast he’s going to get sloppy. (I know I’m a sloppy writer when I try to write quickly)


I haven’t been too terribly worried about the writing issues he’s been having because I had similar problems as a kid. I was at least 13 or 14 before I could write neatly enough to please anyone but myself, I don’t know if I had gross motor skill problems or not but I know my writing was a source of embarrassment as a child & sometimes, even later. I can write nicely if I want to now, but my writing on grocery lists, my constant budgeting notebooks & other general stuff is atrocious.

That’s one reason I like this blog, I have a notebook in my bedroom which is technically my diary but I haven’t put pen to paper in over a year in that book, I write most everything on here. (Not all that I write gets put out for everyone to read)

After 7 got a clean motor skills bill of health we went to C’burg & got a cheapo, dollar menu Wendys lunch & then went to Target where 7 pointed out multiple things he wants for his birthday (next Saturday technically, but the party’s the 21st.) I’m wondering how I’m going to pay for these things! It will all work out though, it always does.

The grocery shopping at Walmart went better than normal, probably because we were doing it at about 2pm instead of 7 pm on Friday night, there were a lot less people in the store & it was much easier to go up & down the aisles, though I did notice I came to an aisle which had about 10 different people & shopping carts in it. It seemed everyone in the store was shopping all together! I skipped that aisle & did what I needed to on the next, deserted aisle & then went back as the people who had been on the crowded aisle began to crowd my aisle- so weird, they were all annoyed & glaring at one because every one was in each other’s way but no one seemed able to skip the damn aisle & come back to it but me! Sheeple I guess.

We called for pizza, subs & salads from the best place around here Aly’s it’s called & they’re from new york, their pizza is really great & I love their greek salads because they put anchovies on them & know what I mean when I say extra feta cheese, I then, after calling in the order forgot all about it & nearly sped by the place at 55 mph, 17 waited until I was nearly halfway past before she said anything & so I had to slam on the brakes to get into the parking lot! I didn’t realize until I got home & sat down to eat my salad (I didn’t eat until about 9pm actually) that the girl had not asked me what kind of dressing I wanted, they always ask & this was obviously a new girl, when I opened the box there was dressing though & it was the kind I always have (I don’t like their greek dressing & always have italian dressing instead) That’s one of those things I love about small town life, I’ve been going there since they opened & though it’s not even as regular as once a month, they still know & remember that I use italian dressing on my salad!

We arrived home & heard about 11’s day as we put groceries away, she’s got her father’s talent for bowling apparently because she got a few strikes (I’ve made one strike in my whole life, but I think you could count the times I’ve been bowling on both your hands- so practice would help!)


The kids ate their pizza & subs & I sort of, baited & then switched my kids into helping me clean & organize the garage. I asked if they’d like to get a look at what was in my grandmother’s boxes in the garage & when 7 & 11 said they would I took them out there & we started moving things around, in addition to that though we had to clean, because the corners of the garage where I had wall space to stack different kinds of boxes were all full of junk, trash & Mr 7’s debris, the garage, as I believe I’ve mentioned before is his realm, he has a tv & a dvr satellite box out there which, though he’s supposed to share with 11 he pretty much has full rein on because 11 doesn’t like cartoons too much, she prefers crime dramas & is usually watching my tv & the dvrs that either I or 17 make to our shared hard drive.

So a lot of cleaning ensued, we found a dozen spoons & about half as many forks, cups I haven’t seen for months & even a few (disgusting) plates, Mr 7 is again banned from taking food out to the garage & the garage is clean again. We started around 5:30 & wrapped it up at a quarter to 9. We stapled falling insulation up on the walls (didn’t get around to putting any more up, I have about 20 panels on the wall which still need insulating) I discovered the pictures are far more extensive than what I first thought, I have 2 boxes of Christmas decorations, 3 of snow village houses, 5 of assorted Styrofoam boards & chunks, cotton batting, trees & rocks for the snow village & 2 very large trash bags full of medium sized artificial Christmas trees which we will be putting in the bedrooms so as to have a Christmas tree in every room as my Grandmother always did, one decorated in all red & gold, one decorated in Victorian decor & one decorated with the ornaments my mother gives everyone each year as a remembrance of my brother & father’s lives. (a lot of fishing Santas, pianos & drum-sets- cute though) There are 5 boxes of books (those were my mothers) another containing the John Jakes Kent family saga (which I’ve read, but never made it to the actual civil war in, I much prefer the Revolutionary war part of the series & have read that part 5 or 6 times, always stopping & losing interest as I get to the civil war part. This time I will read them all though!) There’s a box of videos, a box full of cards for various occasions & holidays (the worst part is I took a bunch of blank cards, notepaper etc. home with me at the time she died & I thought I had it all- now here’s a whole ‘nother box of them! – As my uncle said when he asked me if I wanted them, I’ll never have to buy another card or any notepaper again in my life!) Then there are 7 boxes & a suitcase full of pictures, albums, loose pictures & envelopes full of pictures, old pictures, (like daguerreotypes, tintypes & formal prints) formal 1950’s pictures of my mother & her brothers, all the Christmas cards my grandmother sent, some purchased, some handmade- I can’t wait to actually sit down & look at them at leisure rather than just a quick glance to see what’s in the box. Pictures I sent her & pictures my cousins sent of their kids.

I don’t feel like I should have all this stuff, as a matter of fact I emailed my Uncle who is the family historian & asked him to plan to take this stuff with him, minus the pictures of my kids & a few of everyone else – & the Xmas cards, I’m going to make an album or scrap book of those (She included a posed family picture each year so they’re especially neat- I’ve been saving my own Xmas cards- at her suggestion- for the same purpose)

All in all I’m feeling pretty good about getting so much accomplished yesterday & am going to get off the computer to try to accomplish almost as much today by going through the boxes of books & putting the ones I’m keeping away today. (I’m not letting myself touch the pictures until the books are done- saving the best, & most fun, for last)


11 thoughts on “Too Much Stuff.

  1. Quite an amazing and action packed day. I so agree with your piece about timing the visits to certain stores to avoid the rush; it can be like a different place when you can get around and sometimes by then end of the day some of the shelves become empty too.

    It was the same for me this afternoon dropping off some laundry and picking up some groceries in what seemd to be an unexpecetd quiet period. So much better.

    And here today via Michele’s! Hiya!


  2. Lordy, I’m tired out after just reading all that stuff! 😀 Then again, I’m lazy. heehee

    Good news about the motor skills!! And your kids have the MOST GORGEOUS HAIR EVER!!! I always wanted that rich color.

    Hello, Michele sent me!

  3. I didn;t know you lived in Floyd. I just moved back to Atlanta from Check after a pretty nasty break up. What part of Floyd are you in?

    I think I should be able to move back up near those part around may of next year and I can’t wait. I’ve never found another place that felt as much like home as Floyd does. I miss the spoken word nights in town. It’s such an awesome place and I do mean awesome inthe true sense of the word. Awe-inspiring. The scenery is beautiful and the people (most of them anyway) are really fabulous. I experienced a lot of events of there. birthdays anniversaries, two deaths and one birth and lots of wonderful music. I can’t wait to be back.

    On another note I have a sister who’s about to turn 11…that’s kind of scary for me except that her birthday this year means that I’ll be 21 and legal and I’m ok with that.

    Wishing you well from Atlanta.

  4. Here from Michele’s today…And I don’t think I could wait on those pictures! THAT would be calling out to me so strobgly, everything else would be put on “hold”…..LOL!
    You have a lot of will power!
    Good luck with ALL that’s left to sort….!

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