Friday Again!

I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July, I had a pretty good one, I actually didn’t get any really obnoxious customers Wednesday, the only one who made any reference to the holiday just said that she was sorry I had to work on the holiday but she was glad I was helping her to get her problem fixed. Thankfully I was able to get her problem fixed – I hate that sort of comment too! It makes me feel pressured to fix their problems, not everything can be fixed over the phone after all & I feel like I’ve betrayed someone when it happens that I can’t resolve the problem for them when they’ve thanked me in advance.

Part way through my day I checked my phone & saw I had a text message, it turned out to be a picture message from miss 17, she sent me a picture of a little cat, a striped little cat which was not one of our 2 striped little cats. A friend (C) had sent her the same picture & asked her to take the kitten because it had been hanging around the restaurant C works at & C’s parents said no more cats (they have 10 or 11)


I tried to say no, but I do like kittens, I’m not as crazy about cats, but if they’ve got personality & aren’t always just out stalking around my garden & leaving baby mice & largish moles, eviscerated & throbbing on my front porch where I step on them with bare feet when I’m really not awake yet, I like cats ok too.

17 countered with the reminder that when Chrissea’s cat was getting ready to have kittens I’d said I’d take one, then the cat only had 2 kittens, one died & the other they decided to keep. I tried to get out on a technicality, saying I’d only agreed to take a kitten to help Chrissea out. She wasn’t buying it so I caved & said ok.

C brought the kitten on her visit to our house which began around 4 on the 4th, I, of course didn’t arrive home until nearly 9 & was told that when C drove up mr 7 went barrelling out of the house to greet the kitten & scared it so much with his yelled greeting that the kitten jumped out of the car & ran across the street into the cow field not to be seen again for the past 5 hours.


I told them to take Scarlett & Spider in the house & put out a bowl of food & a bowl of milk & the kitten would come. They lit off more fireworks that C had brought with her. Thats a great way to calm a nervous kitten!

I then decided I was doing my patriotic duty by watching the Patriot with Mel Gibson, yes, I know he’s a jerk, but it’s such a pretty, sad, moving movie & gives such a good overview of how much people gave up to begin the U.S.  I was really pleased when 11 & 7 both sat down & focused on the movie & stayed with it, I was less pleased when 17 & C sat down & started chatting & ranking on the movie, they quieted down for awhile & then C went home so we got to see the rest of the movie in peace.

This morning when miss 11 went out to wait for the bus to day camp I heard a shriek & then her calling mom! MOM! the kitten came back! Apparently it was asleep in it’s food dish, the shrieking woke mr 7 who took the kitten from his sister & brought it to 17 to pet & get it used to being in our house, 11 left for day camp, I left for work & never thought about it again.

When I got home tonight 11 immediately plopped the kitten in my lap to pet when I sat down & 7 announced the cat’s name is Bast, 17 named it for the Egyptian cat goddess who she knows about due to her reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman, which my mother bought on my recommendation (I listened to it as a book on tape from the library) & gave me when she was through with it. I loved it, 17 loved it, 17’s bf loved it, my mother wasn’t so sure.

Bast is too small to climb our ladder/stairs to the second floor so she’s up there for the night, meaning I don’t have a picture other than the original one, to share tonight but I’m sure she’s going to be at least as amusing as




& much more amusing than Scarlett.


8 thoughts on “Friday Again!

  1. How sweet that you opened your home to another cat. They sorta grow on your after a while.

    That said, we’re done with cats. We loved having Shadow, but when he got sick and we had to put him down, we decided it was time to put cat ownership behind us for good. These days, we’re a dog-owning household, and the kids love our little Frasier. We’ll stick with the one dog for a while. Any more and we’d go insane!

    Hi from Michele’s tonight.

  2. The secret to cats is keep those kitties inside. It’s safer for them in the long run. I have 4 and they are all full of personality. Of course the dogs have personality too 🙂

  3. You’re as bad as me when it comes to animals. You just can’t say no. Oh, by the way, we have added a ten gallon fish tank and a 35 gallon fish tank filled with oscars since your visit. I’m trying to talk Tom into a hegdehog too but he won’t bite. Good luck with bast, she looks like a cutie!! Her and Squeaker would have a blast playing together

  4. She’s pretty big for a kitten, Becky. And that was a lot of work to get her into the house–but I’m sure she’ll be a wonderful addition to the family. Congrats!

    Michele sent me over to say hi to you and Bast.

  5. yes, well, cats I have an excuse to have, I live in the country & when we’ve had no cat we’ve had a lot of mice (we still do in the garage because the cats don’t go there)

  6. very cute kitty, enjoy!
    If you ever want to see a musical, historically accurate version of our nation’s founding, I recommend 1776–which actually came out in 1972, because there were no movies in 1776.

  7. Bast is a great name for her! She’s cute, too.

    Michele sent me. I’ve had kittens on the brain lately; thanks for giving me my fix. Now’s the wrong time to bring a kitten into our house, but I’m tempted. Always tempted.

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