Still here, just chillin’

I’m celebrating the 4th on the 3rd because I have to work. I don’t mind working on the 4th. I do mind people calling in & saying a) “I didn’t think you’d be open on the holiday but I thought I’d give it a try” To which I want to say: well if you weren’t calling maybe they’d have given us the day off. Or b) “I think it’s wrong to work on the 4th (insert thanksgiving, xmas, labor day here) it’s un-American” (or anti christian, unkind, wrong) to which I have no answer other than ”I’m sorry you feel that way”

I don’t mind having shish kabob & lighting sparklers a day early, I was driving home Sunday night & got to see someones private fireworks show from their yard as I drove down the road. It was small, but lovely.

Yes, yes my time left at my job is probably becoming shorter. I told my boss’ supervisor yesterday that because the drugs I take are herbal they’re not strong enough to deal with the stress at work & so I have to call in & leave early often. I think he thought I was kidding because he laughed. Seriously: St Johnswort in capsule form every day 2x a day & Valerian root as needed- it’s like herbal valium & still I am tearing my hair out & swearing at people while muting my headphones.

Not that home is non stressful Mr 7 is pocketing change if it’s left unattended for more than 30 seconds & he rolled $2 worth of pennies from my penny jar so we can go get him his own bag of marshmallows to roast over the grille tomorrow night. Nobody is too pleased with him.


11 is enjoying camp I guess, she was pretty pleased when I said I was writing a note to keep her home tomorrow so I can see her & hang out with her. She’s not happy with washing the dishes which is her new job to do to earn her allowance (along with keeping her room clean & helping with the cat boxes & feeding the cats)

17 cut all the garlic for our shish kabob recipe & helped me mix it up to marinate overnight, updated her myspace then told me I couldn’t read it & adjourned upstairs to light candles & apply eyeliner or something. (I’ll be reading the myspace next thing)

One benefit to not taking the kids to the in-town fireworks display is that I don’t have to worry about them embarrassing me! From 2002 to 2004 we were in MA for July 4th, we would always go to the Haverhill celebration & sit in or on the car near where the fireworks are actually shot off from. So the kids were used to big, huge, long fireworks displays. In 2005 I bought my house & could not afford to take the kids to MA that summer, we went to the local fireworks display, I’d been before & when we lived in the trailer you could see them from our front porch (they were about a mile away but they were still pretty- we hadn’t seen them from there since 2001 though)


I thought the show in 2005 was at least as good as 2001, maybe even a little better since we were in town, not a mile away but when it was over miss 11 (who was 9 then) said, loudly I might add, “That’s it? There isn’t going to be any more?” I think I turned eight shades of red as people seated around us looked at us funny. Nothing marks you quicker as being from somewhere else than a comment like that!


2 thoughts on “Still here, just chillin’

  1. Our town celebrated the 4th on June 30th. We’ve never had fireworks here on the 4th of July. Totally weird. I do however believe that there should be one day a year where no one has to work. Seriously the world should have a National Day Of Rest.

  2. hello.. here via michele.

    I hear ya with the job! I can’t take mine anymore and I just came back from a 6 week leave. I think I might try that st johnswort and valerian…..

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