Saturday we actually had to get up in the morning because of the truck. The truck drama had already been going on for days at this point. I had called & set up to pick up a truck in Seabrook NH. It was the closest place to the storage bin so that was the plan.

Then the person from Seabrook called me direct (at .69 cents a minute on my cell phone- but it was the only way to reach me so I had to answer it) & told me I’d have to make other arrangements because they wouldn’t have a truck.


I was a little shocked because he was very rude on the phone & it was fairly late in the day on Thursday when this happened. I called Budget’s customer service & told them what was going on. They assured me they’d take care of it.

On Friday Morning they called me back & told me they’d have the right size truck in Newburyport MA for me on Saturday & give me an extra 50 miles of mileage to make up for the fact that I had to drive in the opposite direction to get the truck now.

I got to Newburyport bright & early Saturday morning – they had the truck- they weren’t too busy- it was a rental place which rented all kinds of stuff- awnings- tables- glassware for weddings etc so there was a brisk in & out but no a situation where I was waiting in line for an hour.

Then they told me the price- I had been quoted on the phone (& checked on line multiple times before) that it would be in the $480. range so when she told me $950. I flipped out. The woman at the rental place was really nice but pretty adamant that that was the price so I got on her phone to the budget customer service again & started yelling about bait & switch.  They gave me the price I was quoted. I just checked Budget’s website now & they’re into the back to college pricing now so it’s over $700. for a 10 foot truck but that’s not surprising.


Isn’t it funny how the truck rental people raise & lower their rates depending on demand? What if we could do that at my job? Oh- it’s football season? you need to have your local channels all weekend? well instead of $5 a month howabout we charge you $5 a day? That probably wouldn’t fly though. Only boxing & wrestling events seem to be worth it to people to pay an exorbitant amount to watch.

We went from the truck rental place to lunch at skips again because they were on the way ‘home’ Then we drove the back roads to the storage place to see if they’d let me leave the truck there overnight- I hadn’t realized they were a Uhaul renter too & so couldn’t let me leave a budget truck on premises & took me to task for not going Uhaul – When I told them what I paid for the budget truck they agreed I got a better deal than what they could have provided me with. (even if it had been because someone told me the wrong price to begin with- which is what they told me during the pricing debacle- of course- I know from where I work- that if someone quotes the wrong price you pretty much have to honor it – if it’s in the notations on an account & since the guy backed down on the phone & gave me the truck for the correct price- it must have been in my notes)

We took the truck back to Haverhill. The apartment building we were staying at has it’s own parking garage but it has a very low ceiling & I knew I couldn’t take the truck in there so we parked in a parking lot around the corner which I was a little worried about but what could I do? I took everything of mine out of the truck – locked it & left it there.

After a long rest at the apartment we turned our attention to the afternoon. No one wanted to do anything because it was rather hot. At 3 we decided to go out & look around some more. In looking for something to do we went over to Chunkys to find out what time POTC3 was playing. The next showing was at 7 so we impulsively decided to have a nice early dinner & then go to the movie.

On Friday night we had also scoped out where we might go to eat the next night- since it was our last night in MA I was determined to have a good night on Saturday. I’d been wanting some good italian food but wasn’t sure Joseph’s was still there. It was & of course the Loft is something of a icon in the area.

We Began at Joseph’s but when we walked in & saw how sumptuous it looked 17 freaked out & insisted we couldn’t afford to eat there & that her siblings weren’t well behaved enough to eat there. I grabbed a takeout menu & we left- after looking at the prices I have to agree with 17 we couldn’t afford to eat there.

So we went down the road a few miles to the Loft & had a lovely dinner. I’ve been there many times though not for at least the last 10 years. & they’re always impeccable. food- service- ambience. I couldn’t have picked a better place for our last night in MA.


Chunkys is of course the opposite. I had thought the Pirates fever had died down since the movie had been out for a month or so at that point. Shrek 3 was also playing & so the outside lobby area was mobbed. 17 & the BF had their tie breaker air hockey game in which 17 beat him soundlys (I should mention though- since then they’ve played at a few places & he’s beaten her every time. The theatre was crowded- loud & we ended up sharing a table. I was told in no uncertain terms by all the kids that they would require dessert so we all got something rich & gooey to enjoy while the movie played. We all enjoyed the movie & agreed afterwards that it was a fitting end to our vacation of fun.


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