No one was thrilled with the idea of getting up Early on Wednesday but in order to take a trip to Boston everyone had to be at least vertical by 8 am & ready to go out the door by 9:30 Not always an easy task in light of the fact that we’re all night owls & on vacation to boot! We did it though- all piled in the car & went to the Quincy Adams T station (Braintree is always full by 8 am) After parking on top – a habit of ours- we made our way down to the main level & bought Charlie Passes. This was new but somewhat preferable to the $8.00 in Sacajawea dollar coins I recieved last year when we were going to Boston from Quincy Adams (they don’t have a human being behind the glass in the cage anymore- just a bunch of machines which vend your tickets- So much for the personal touch)

Riding the T from the south shore always makes me think of my Grandmother because I used to ride it with her to go to Boston to get her hair done & shopping etc. I also always stare hard at the Quincy Center stop because that’s where 17’s dad is/was from & There’s always a chance we might run in to him. I’m not sure how I’d feel about that- 17 had been talking about going to where he & I used to live together because it’s a rooming house – still owned by the same guy & I’ve heard someone who looks like D is living there- It wouldn’t surprise me in the least to find him still there or back there again- Interestingly 17 dropped this whole subject once we actually were in MA & though we did drive by that house did not ask to stop.

Then it’s merely a matter of watching the stops pass -waiting while the Dorchester train goes by & looking out at the water etc. 8 is not over his train thing- he’s just more sedate about it & still loves to ride in them & look at the stuff going by so he knelt on the seat beside me & we watched everything pass- it never ceases to amaze me how little changes- graffiti I remember reading when I was 17 is still there- sometimes faded sometimes half covered but the ode that some guy wrote to his girlfriend when she had their baby – commemerating the day the baby was born is still up on a bridge overpass undimmed by at least 23 or 24 years of time passing since the first time I saw it.

We rode to Park street & got off to sit in Boston Commons for a little- 11 & 8 thought they wanted to walk up to the State house but there were camera crews etc. out there & I didn’t want to deal with that stuff! so we walked down to Boston City Hall & then down to Fanueil Hall as soon as we got to the bottom of the huge steps & began to cross the street a guy in colonial garb started yelling at us from the Fanueil hall side of the street to come over because they had free ice cream on that side of the street!

They were giving away free samples of Hood Ice Cream- the kids all stood in line for it. I went & sat down because the stairs were too much for me- I’m embarrassed to admit I’m getting too old & too fat for all the walking we tried to do in Boston- the two things I swore the whole time we were there were 1) next year I’ll save more money & 2) I’m going to get more in shape before we come up next year.


Of course- here I sit on the computer typing this instead of walking down my street to try to get into better shape!

While we sat & the kids ate their ice cream samples- good I guess- but too many walnuts for me to try- Some people started setting up for a show & so we watched them do that & stayed to watch the show- They were mostly juggling & riding unicycles- lots of silly jokes & cool stunts.

Then we went to eat first thing- sometimes it seems like all my kids want to do on vacation is eat. We all picked different things & met in the middle- 11 had a greek salad which is her favorite thing 8 had a hamburger & I had a roast beef sandwhich which was not as rare as I’d have liked but had a really great horseradish sauce in it – I know 17 & the BF were pleased with their choices but as they were late coming back from picking out what they wanted- I was ready to take 11 & 8 off to the bathrooms while 17 & BF ate.

We then walked all around the area- shopping & looking at things- I think I’ve mentioned money was a little tighter than it has been in other years & so we didn’t buy too much – I did manage to get 11 & 8 t-shirts & gave 17 & the BF enough money to get themselves each a souvenieer. 17 got the piano purse she’s holding in the picture above & I’m still regretting not picking up a piano keys ribbon magnet for my car!

We actually ended up watching 2 more floor shows over the course of the day-different stuff each time & all very entertaining- 8 got to help by handing a magician blocks that he used to do a trick. The BF especially seemed to really enjoy the street entertainers.


The kids were really wanting something as souvenieers -more so than the t-shirts would be & we happened upon a balloon guy who could make long thin balloons into about anything  you could think of. He made 8 a bllack & red T-Rex & 11 a butterfly in blue & purple. They weren’t ‘for sale’ it was for a donation & so he got $2 per balloon because I felt cheap only giving him $1. I never know what to do in that type of situation. I liked this guy because he was heavyset- not picked bone thin like most of the other people around us & also because he was somewhat friendly & not just all business.


I dragged everyone down to the Union Oyster house so we could go down the alley there where I took that picture I so loved last year….


All so I could take annother one this year….


The first one was taken right after we got to Boston in the morning This year’s was at about 4 pm & the day has definitley taken it’s toll on them by this time. Next year will be different I’m still promising myself that much.

Among other things- I have a deep dark feeling that this may have been the last year 17 will come with us on our vacation- she’ll be 18 by next year & wants to move in with her BF & annother friend & his girlfriend so the two couples would share a place- all but the guy friend would be in college at least part time so I bet it would be tough but I bet they’ll enjoy themselves & have some memories- I just feel like this was the last year for a lot of stuff. On the other hand it would/will mean that I’ll have more time to give to my younger 2 kids & more attention to pay to them!

There wasn’t much more to say- we went to the holocaust memorial  for a little while & tried to decide where to eat dinner. We ended up at one of the places on the outside of Quincy Market – I wanted to eat at Cheers -because I remember from a few years ago that they were relaxed & fairly good food- nothing too fancy but decent. 17 wouldn’t hear of it so we went to annother place & it was good but we had to crowd under the umbrellas when a fairly heavy thundershower opened up overhead in the middle of our meal!


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