We slept late today, it was very hot & so We went to the beach at Nantasket the tides were not with us & within 90 minutes of arriving & setting up our towels we had to pack up & head for higher ground (you read that, the wall) We spent some money at the 1 arcade across the street from the beach, 17 & the BF continued their air hockey fight, at Hampton beach on Saturday they’d played a game in which 17 kicked the BF’s butt & he had vowed revenge.


Today at Nantasket he beat her soundly & she vowed revenge at the next opportunity with an air hockey table.


The kids then had cheese fries & Ice cream, I had my favorite summer beach drink (non-alcoholic) A Raspberry Lime Ricky. 11 & I walked over to the old bath house to use the toilet, I don’t know why but the old buildings with their art deco look always thrill me, I lived in Hull for 10 months in 1986/87 & another 8 months in 1989, both were very important times in my life (my first place away from home – with Chrissea– & the second time was with 17’s dad. She was conceived in Hull too)


I was looking around me at all the people there very closely, the friend I mentioned a few months ago on my blog, who used to be a close friend but then slept with 17’s dad while I was pregnant, supposedly is married with kids & lives in Hull. I was looking for her at the beach since it was a very hot day & nearly everyone seemed to be there (It seemed to be the first day since school had let out for the season in town too) No dice though, either she lives somewhere with beach nearby & doesn’t come down to the public beach (most residents don’t, they’re not much more than 3 or 4 blocks away from the beach this link has a great aerial view of the place & really shows up what a narrow peninsula it is- when they’re at home. Only the ones who live on the hills don’t have beach close by.)


We went up to FT Revere, I was tired & so stayed in the car & took a nap while the kids all went exploring & running around the fort, they took a bunch of pictures & came back to wake me up all too soon.


We went to the 99 Which is lately Mr 7’s favorite restaurant- he’d been pestering us since we arrived in New England to go to the 99! – for dinner without my mother because she said she was too tired to go that night so she gave us money & sent us on our way. It was excellent as usual though if I remember correctly, the waitress was not exactly pleasant. That’s something I’ve become so much more attuned to, living in VA where nearly everyone is so nice, especially in restaurant settings because except during college football season, the economy is not so spectacular that they’re filling every table every night so they are nicer in hopes of a good tip. That’s not to say it’s like that every time, but wait-staffs are generally nicer in VA & I pretty much expect indifferent service in MA!


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