We were really glad to be at Ann’s house for so many days, I felt bad though, because the Sunday we were there was Father’s day, originally Ann had told her Mother that she wouldn’t be down for a family cookout because we were visiting, but I wanted to go to Maine & she wasn’t all that interested in going to Maine so we decided that the kids & I would go to Maine & she’d go to the cookout after all.
It always strikes me as odd, how little investment in the whole Father thing we have as a family, my own Father was cool & very interesting to talk to, a veritable dictionary, I could ask him what any word meant & he could tell me- something I carry on with my kids to this day- but he was more than a little uninterested -especially in me, the girl-

Of course the kids’ Dad is non existent in their lives, we haven’t even heard from him since April when he emailed to get my phone # & after I gave it to him & told him to call the kids on Tuesday, Friday or Saturday when I was home, (we use cell phones, & have no landline phone in the home- 17 does not want her stepdad to have her cell phone # so he would have to talk to the younger two on my phone) He called on the following Sunday & didn’t even leave them a message. As I said, this was April & we haven’t even seen an email since then!


So Father’s day is, for us, a complete non holiday & I had even forgot all about it when the issue came up with Ann’s family.

We drove back roads to North Berwick where my Father’s fishing club had/have their cabin, it’s still there, I was amused to note there is now a street number on a tree out by the road & even more amused that the number was 143, Chrissea has a thing about 143, because it’s the number of letters in the words ‘I Love You’ because she likes this & has been pointing it out everywhere for about 25 years to me I notice now when something comes up with 143, so the cabin’s street number is 143! Considering how much I loved going there for as long as I did it is appropriate.


The kids were excited about going to Kittery because they love the stuffed animals at the Kittery Trading Post & were looking forward to going to Cape Cod Crafters & getting bug necklaces, they’re odd bugs which are in plastic resin & which glow in the dark too- they’re shaped into key chains, necklaces & earrings miss 11 got gifts for 2 of her friends & 7 got a new necklace for himself.

I like other craft type stuff at the same place, we looked around & window shopped most of the afternoon & on the drive back, stopped at a restaurant I had noticed on the way there, called Mainiax, we didn’t do the at the table S’mores thing they have there (check out the site) & I regret it now, but I was worried about money at the time (I hate being on vacation & having to worry about money) I did get a barley sugar lobster pop, which I’m still breaking pieces off of & eating 3+ weeks after getting back home from vacation.

We went back to Ann’s & hung around that evening again, her husband, Tom, asked where we were going & I mentioned that we were meeting my cousin & her family at their camping place in New Boston NH the next day & he named the campground- I think it’s the only one in town- It turns out though, that his uncle owns the place!


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