We went to Hampton Beach with Ann, it was lovely & crazy as Hampton usually is, we drove in the way we used to come from Haverhill even though we were coming from upstate New Hampshire. I was actually glad about that because when I was younger we’d always hear about people dying on 101 & I was a little scared about driving on it so I was glad Ann didn’t go that way.

I had expected, due to something Ann said, that we were going to park at the state park & swim there but she drove right by it, I was really surprised when she drove almost all the way through Hampton Beach & parked behind some shops, we went right to the bathroom because I always have to go! Bathrooms are a dicey thing at the beach & when I asked the parking attendant where the nearest one was he told me the building we were behind was an arcade & they had bathrooms which you had to pay a quarter to use but the quarter went to charity. I’d probably have paid a dollar at that point & barely made it into the bathroom (always the way with me- if I don’t go as soon as I need to it gets painful & ugly very quickly)


Mr 7 went insane in the arcade almost immediately, I had to drag him out, which is pretty much the normal situation with him & arcades.
We crossed the street – less busy than I expected on a Saturday in June- Set out the blanket & the kids headed for the water. It was freezing, really unpleasantly cold & I barely got wet, the waves were pretty good though & before we were done I ended up soaked because a wave knocked me down. Mr 7 was cold & dug holes & buried miss 17 part way, he formed her into a mermaid in the sand which was amusing. Ann didn’t go near the water for the most part, when we were getting ready to leave the beach area she walked down to the edge & dipped her feet in, by that time the ocean was coming up over the little hill of sand to meet her, we nearly ended up with the blanket & everything else getting wet because the ocean came up so quickly!

We walked around the shops a little, the kids were hungry of course so we got pizza & lemonade for everyone (I had a pretzel ’cause I’m weird that way) The lemonade at the beach is really awesome! They make it with lemon pieces, water, ice & sugar & shake it up for you on demand. My favorite part is at the end, sucking the lemon flavored sugar through the straw! We shopped a little more, it wasn’t as much fun as it used to be- We had less discretionary income to spend on ‘stuff’ that wasn’t food, gas & lodging this year & so couldn’t bring home a ton of cool things, I also found that 9 out of 10 shops had the same things in them as the next shop over, there were only a few shops which were unique, the Tibetan Imports shop & the Cow’s Ass were 2 notable exceptions, our favorite Hippie Shop- Dredz was not there this year which 17 & I were greatly disappointed about.


We shopped & then went back to Ann’s, she & I went to the store to pick up dinner & I recalled an old favorite, if you’re from the New England area you know the Hood dairy products & may not be aware, as I was not- until I moved to VA that they’re not nationwide, for anyone not from New England: Hood is a dairy products company & they make the best cottage cheese in the world, they make some with chives which is one of my favorite things on earth & I had forgotten all about it for at least the last 5 or 6 years. I saw it at Walmart with Ann & bought 2 tubs immediately, I was not without it for the rest of the trip! Everywhere we went I got some more chive cottage cheese! Hood needs to go nationwide so I can have that stuff in VA, I admit not everyone likes cottage cheese, I didn’t like it until I was about 22 myself, but I got into it when miss 17 was still nursing & I craved it with each of my two subsequent pregnancies.

We hung around & chatted Saturday night too. It’s interesting how things change, when Ann & I first became friends we went to clubs to drink & see bands (Not always good ones!) as couples, without the ex & with the ensuing 10 years we don’t even have a drink at home anymore!


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