Our first day with Ann we were going to go to Vermont. The original plan was that we were going to go with my mother but she backed out when she realized that with 17’s bf around we were going to have to take 2 cars, so I figured that since leaving from Ann’s took about half the drive out of it that we’d go from Ann’s house.

It was rather hot & my air conditioning makes my engine run funny so I never use it. No one but me wanted to go to Vermont (they wanted to see the Ben & Jerry’s factory but not the VT Country Store, but not actually make the drive there in the car is what it boiled down to) I was at first, adamant but it’s a long way to the Interstate from Ann’s house & I like to drive back roads so it was even longer & before we reached the interstate the whining got to be too much & we detoured. I stopped on the side of the road to decide what to do- there were rumors of the beach but since we were planning to go there the next day with Ann I didn’t want to do that. I looked at the map & saw Patuckaway State Park & knew where we should go.

I first went there with my Uncle, he took my favorite cousin J & my not so favorite cousin K & I there when we were 9 or 10 years old, we swam & then camped on his land nearby, all in all a great weekend except for the part where J stepped on a bees nest & they swarmed up her bell bottom pant legs & stung her a lot. That was scary, I was behind her at the time & the nest was in the ground so I had to step over it to get to where most every one else already was. My Uncle’s girlfriend & J’s mother were along for the trip too. The path we were on was running beside a stream & the Girlfriend who was apparently an accomplished Girl Scout or woods-woman dug mud out of the bank & within 10 minutes J was over the whole thing.  I wonder if she remembers that, I’ll have to ask her sometime, it scarred me that’s for sure!


The same uncle took my Brother, J & I on a trip to Patuckaway one other time too- that didn’t go very well, I believe we were sent to the snack bar with some money to get a small snack & spent too much money, then my Brother did something, I don’t remember what, tripped & fell maybe, but he got homesick & started crying so my Uncle took us all back to my house!

I’ve taken a couple of boyfriends there to swim & those trips were great, the last time was when 17 was 2 & my ex & I were dating, we took her there to swim but she was in a mood, I don’t remember why but she wouldn’t go in the water & being 2 we couldn’t go in without her so we didn’t have much fun that time either.


I’ve remembered it fondly over the years & described it to the kids, the really cool thing about it is the water is so clear that you can see your feet on the ground when you’re standing neck deep in the water! That & there’s a lot of mica in the water so when you look down into the water in the sunshine (or open your eyes under water) there’s all these beautiful sparkles in the water & it’s all natural.


We proceeded to the area & I knew there wasn’t much there so we stopped at a store which also had a pizza & sub shop inside (called Liars Paradise, a name that gave 17 & I a lot of giggles because it made us think of the ex) the subs were ok, 7 & the bf shared a pizza which they said was really good & then, with drinks to keep us hydrated we finished the drive to Patuckaway.


One blessing & curse at the same time of our early trip is that a lot of things were either not open, not crowded or just gearing up for the summer & Patuckaway was one of them, I’ve always had to pay to go there & swim, but this year the gate was open & un-manned with a sign that said no lifeguard on duty, we weren’t sure if that meant no swimming or swim at your own risk so we proceeded & found others there on the beach already swimming, we changed quickly & got in the water.  It was just as clear & beautiful as I remembered.


I was especially pleased that I got to swim to the rope buoys I’ve never gotten to do so because I was either too young or with someone who didn’t want to. This year I swam there with both 17 & her bf & then, later with 11 who I didn’t think would be able to go that far but did just fine.


We pretty much swam & hung around the majority of the day, there were geese with goslings that we tried to keep away from (geese can be so mean, especially with little ones) swings & a cool trail I wanted to walk, I decided against it though when I realized it was already 4 & I had told Ann via text message that we would be there for dinner after all since we weren’t going to Vermont after all.

The evening was spent visiting with Ann & her family & relaxing. Now that the vacation is over it seems like the days just flew by, it’s funny how a day at work seems to take at least twice as long to pass as a day on vacation.


2 thoughts on “Friday

  1. Oh, thank you THANK YOU for writing about Pawtuckaway! My parents used to take my brother and me there; your writing brought back some memories!

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