Thursday We drove up to NH to see Ann, stopped in Newburyport @ the Jabberwocky Bookstore & spent way too much money 17’s bf found his alter ego- pirate self in plastic, 7 bought a toy dragon, 11 got a metal box painted like a house with magnetic furniture & 17 & her bf both got some nice coloring books. After that we went to lunch in Merrimac @ Skips where the fries were as curly & the burgers as delicious as always, we drove on, stopping in Haverhill @ JG Whittier’s but only to take a picture of the outside, we were still not sure if we were going to actually go on a tour.

17 & I had been agonizing over it for weeks. This is where I lived when I had her & also where we all lived when miss 11 was born. Always with my Grandmother, she was the curator & I was the caretaker (as in, I mowed the lawn etc) I spent many years living there (about 8 years total + another 6 months when I lived there with my Uncle & Aunt before my Grandmother moved there) We hadn’t been back since Sept 97 when we moved to VA for good. My Grandmother had moved out about a year after we left & so we never went back for a tour of the old place & I felt it might be too soon after my Grandmother’s death in December, especially because 17 gets teary sometimes still when we speak of her.

We drove over my old pathways to Plaistow & stopped at Sanborns where we spent entirely too much money on candy, 17 & the bf, both kids & I all got chocolates, licorice & their excellent thin mints needless to say these did not last until we got home!

We stopped just a few miles up the road from Sanborns @ the storage bin where I turned in our paperwork on ending our usage of the storage bin & went to take a look at the stuff in there. I had been warned not to stand in front when I opened it up due to the possibillity of stuff falling on us. It was actually worse than that, stuff had fallen over & was jamming the door closed.

But with the bf & mr 7 pushing & reaching up under the sliding door & moving boxes they were able to roll the door up. Then the padlock & my keys which were hanging out of the padlock flew out of the hinge & into the reaches of the storage space! We all stared in, horrified since the car keys were on that ring too! Mr 7 saved the day by climbing in & retreiving the keys & the padlock though. Then we surveyed the mess. It was not too bad really. I was excited to see my mother’s glass doored secretary & my Grandmother’s lovely striped couch & chair, it was almost like seeing old friends & the idea that I’d have them with me, in my living room to enjoy & remmeber my Grandmother with was really pleasing to me. the bf & I judged the space & agreed that with creative packing we could get it all in the 10 foot truck. We locked up & went along our way to Ann’s house.
Ann’s daughter & her bf were at Walmart when we arrived, picking up groceries for dinner. Hot Dogs & Hamburgers were enjoyed by all. Then the barking began! Ann has 2 dogs but they weren’t the barkers.

Ann’s neighbors dog knocked the air conditioner out of the window & climbed out on the porch roof because a fellow dog was walking by on the street outside. He was freaked out & barking at everything & everyone. We walked up to take a closer look & here’s the picture. Ann took video but I’m not sure she’s posted it yet!


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