We went to Plymouth today because 17 wanted to have Lobster Bisque. There was much talk of walking the stone pier & showing 17s Bf the Mayflower2 – 11 & 7 claimed to not remember going there previously- which we did 4 or so years ago-  Which is probably why they don’t remember going! we had lots of ideas of what to do in Plymouth but when we actually got outside it was extremely cold.


We went to the Independence Mall to get Mr 7 A balsa-wood glider but the toy-store he got one at last year had moved or closed.   Miss 17 also wanted to show the Bf Newbury Comix. I got new bumper stickers! Both for my car & for my fridge (I decided the fridge is going to last longer than the car & that I can enjoy them more on the side of the fridge)


Miss 11, who had the most discretionary cash of all of us, held out & didn’t spend anything at the small part of the mall we went to, I’m still regretting not going back & getting some really awesome Violet Candies Newbury Comix had, Miss 17 bought a package of them & once I’d had one I wanted more & more!

Then we headed out to Plymouth & ate at The Lobster Hut They’ve started charging A dollar an hour for parking! We paid & went in to rat & were  surprised by an increase in price & A marked decrease in quantity of lobster in the roll & the bisque. We sat by the back door, facing the ocean & every time anyone opened the door we were buffeted by the wind coming through the door.
A debate ensued as to whether the stone pier was a good place to go in the wind.  When we left the restaurant by the back door & went to the deck to look at the boats in the harbor. The ocean was green due to the gray skies & very choppy & rough. As we were watching the boats bob up & down it began to rain & we decided we were not going to attempt the stone pier. We checked out Plymouth rock & looked towards the Mayflower but it was so foggy, windy & cold no one wanted to walk over & actually see it.


Everyone I’ve ever taken to see Plymouth Rock has looked at it & said “that’s it?” BF was not any different in this respect. My own earliest memory of being there was when my uncle took my great grandmother & I to see it, we rode in his purple VW Beetle & parked at the bottom of the hill across the street. My uncle was never a patient man & I remember him being cross with me for trying to climb the hill. I also remember the rock & that some one had thrown a half eaten apple down into the pit it is in & I was mostly wondering why some one would do that. (I think I was 3, maybe 4 at the time)


We drove around Plymouth & back Up route 3.
When we arrived back at my Mother’s house we rested & 17 very kindly did a couple of loads of laundry & I napped for awhile & checked email. I heard from my favorite cousin J. & the current plan is to go see her & her family on Monday which I am looking forward to immensely.


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