Sunday into Monday

When we set out on vacation we left a little earlier than planned, it was due to some irresponsibility on my part- & being convinced by my kids who really wanted to go! I cut work on Monday, called in from upstate Pennsylvania & said I’d had car trouble & was at the garage

(I know I have at least one co-worker who reads this blog & I expect him to keep it to himself- he probably will, he’s planning on doing something similar later on in the summer!)

We ran around like monkeys getting ready to go at 9 at night on Sunday night, I had packed our clothes & various other stuff on Saturday so as to have it out of the way & so only had to load the car. 17 though she got her way about leaving early was crabby & premenstrual, I was very glad when the BF took her to her friends house to drop off her fish (Thor) so it could be cared for by the friend & so the cats would not get any ideas while there was no human guidance to keep them from trying to take Thor out to play with him.


17 was a little more pleasant when they arrived home because, she said, she’d been having a bad feeling about going anywhere & even though she pushed me into leaving that night she was worried about getting in the car, as it turned out they almost hit a large deer between the friend’s house & home so she decided the danger was past.

The drive was long & as I get older it seems to get longer. I prefer to travel at night though & it was nice & cool especially with the sunroof open to the night sky- most times it’s just me & the truckers out there on 81 north & this was no exception.

We had breakfast in Pennsylvania at a Perkins restaurant, (I hadn’t been to one of those in a long time) It was pretty good, When we got back in the car I was a little disoriented because earlier that morning (about 4 am) when the bf took over the driving I went to sleep & somehow he lost Interstate 81, I wasn’t aware of it when we stopped to eat breakfast & when I started driving all I could find was I78, when I figured out what had happened we were too far off course to backtrack so we went off to seek an alternate route.

I saw parts of New Jersey which I never knew existed, it was very pretty country too, old farm houses & barns & winding roads, not what most people think of when they think of NJ. While we were driving around the countryside to get up to I 84, the whole back-seat slept off & on, 17 stayed awake in the front seat to keep me company. At 1 point I asked ms 17 if everyone was asleep & mr 7 piped up ‘I’m not asleep, I don’t sleep during the day’ when we tried to tell him he had been asleep earlier he vehemently denied it. 20 minutes later he was snoring!


This picture was snapped by 17 to prove to him that he does indeed sleep during the day. When we arrived in my mother’s area she was at a meeting she had to attend. So we went to dinner at Bertuccis which was excellent even though I only had some spinach & artichokes & some Cesar salad.

We stepped outside after the meal & found that there had been a thunderstorm & I’d left the sunroof open so we had to pull out towels from the back of the car to put on the front seats. The drivers in MA scared 17’s BF so much that he vowed not to drive in MA while we were there. I reminded him he’d have to drive from New Hampshire all the way back to VA on the way home because I would be driving the rental truck.

My mother came down & outside to meet us & the kids all carried our bags & air mattress in her apartment’s back door while I waited with the car. Then I went & parked it & came in. My mother was her usual self, low key & casual & of course, tired, we talked for awhile & went to bed pretty quickly because we were all more than a little tired from the road.


4 thoughts on “Sunday into Monday

  1. Tell BF that driving in Massachusetts is a test of his manhood. If he can drive in Ma without needed to stop and change his pants, he passes! LOL

  2. Hey Becky. Glad you made it home OK. Sounds like your vacation was eventful and restful. Cool!

    We were in NJ/Pennsylvania last month: your entry resonated with me. The hills and country were lovely. I’d go back in a heartbeat so I could explore some more.

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