Thirsty Tuesday

Important Note: My comma key on my keyboard does not work anymore! Yesterday 17 complained that when you pressed it once it put 10 commas in- today nothing- you can press & press & not one comma appears- because of the vacation coming up I am not about to spend money on a keyboard- I will be using the dash – in the place of a comma until after I get home from vacation while posting on my own computer!

So I am thinking about giving up Diet Coke. I have my reasons- suffice it to say I have tried cutting sugar & that didn’t help- I have tried cutting splenda & that didn’t help. The only thing left is Aspartame & all you have to do is google that substance to see plenty of reasons why stopping would be a good thing.

I had a friend who- way back in the 80s had some of the symptoms listed on these websites. I thought she was being dramatic as she certainly could be that. Maybe she really did have a reaction to it. This was back when you still had a choice between Diet Coke & Tab. I don’t think I’d go back to Tab though- if I could find it!

I’m not about to quit until after I get home from vacation though. There is no way I could go on vacation without caffeine & since I don’t like coffee or tea & Dr Pepper is loaded with sugar (& the diet version also contains aspartame) it looks like (diet) Coke is it! At least in MA I can get the twist of lime version which I love but only comes in 12 packs here in VA.

I am pretty sure the vacation is all set. I’m just waiting to hear from Ann- Since it’s nearly 9pm now I doubt I will today though. My favorite cousin J emailed today & we’re all set for a visit sometime during the vacation date range- not quite sure when but I’m looking forward to it a lot!

The day today was quiet – I woke up rather early for a day in which I was up past 1230 the night before & took care of some house cleaning & laundry business first thing. Then sat down here at the computer for awhile to enjoy the lives of my blog friends. (the ones I didn’t get to last night that is) The kids are almost always up before me & it was interesting to be up before any of them & see them when they woke up.

10 & I made muffins we did some more house maintenance & then went to Chrissea’s to visit & take care of some other business. We took Chrissea to her daughters school to drop off cookie dough money & drove around back roads for awhile. Her bf is working 2nd shift now & so he had taken the car to work) We went back to Chrisseas for awhile & then came home- after taking some cute pictures of Chrissea’s kitten Garfield. I sent this picture on the road & it came through in my email unlike everything else I’ve sent today.


10 & I made dinner (10’s on a learning to cook/cooking on her own kick currently) We made fettuchini Alfredo with seafood salad chunks in it (mr 7 was unimpressed & microwaved himself a hot pocket) 17 & the bf have been at a friend of 17’s house for the afternoon.

While we were eating dinner it began raining & soon was hailing we had heard storm warnings on the way home & it was incredible- the hail wasn’t that big but we don’t get all that much hail in the first place grape size to pea size hail was more than normal. I took some pictures of the hail but they have not arrived in my email yet. I’m not sure why. I sent 17 a picture message of the hail built up on my car & told her to stay at the friends until the hail had passed through.

They did just that & arrived home just a few minutes ago safe & sound.

A good time was had by all.


5 thoughts on “Thirsty Tuesday

  1. I think you’re left with water. If I gave up my Coke…well I would probably end in prison….because I would probably kill people. I tried once, I was a very cranky girl.

  2. Ok, I’m thinking I can pull off a thursday to sunday stay. I’m not positive I can get friday off, but we can do like last year and you can have the house for yourself for a day. Or you can go off sightseeing, either way. I’m sorry i couldn’t give you more time, but everyone I work with jumps on the vacation calender the minute its posted back in January. Call me on your next day off and we can finalize plans. OK? Oh, stay away from aspartame…with Justins PKU, I have done some research and that stuff is just plain scary!!

  3. We talked about it the other day… but I agree with Ann. Aspartame is BAD! And did you ever notice all this new medication they advertise for… it says “if your pregnant or plan to become pregnant do not take this…” Now doesn’t that make you wonder? Its ok to harm yourself, but not your unborn I guess. And they are supposed to be medicine? Go figure.
    Enjoyed Tuesday. Wish I got hail too!

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