Creative Saturday

I knew when I got up on Saturday that I had to accomplish a lot during the day, however I thought it was going to be more along the lines of cleaning. I got up & went right straight into the bathroom & cleaned the whole thing, scrubbed the toilet, tub & sink, the walls, floors & door. It is all part of my plan to do spring cleaning, get ready for miss 10’s birthday party & the impending arrival of my grandmother’s furniture all at once.

By the time I was through with the bathroom & a half an audio tape (yes, I still use audio tapes- my computer doesn’t have a cd burner) Well, a third of an audio tape, I couldn’t keep the cd player going, it played 3 songs, stopped for no apparent reason a minute into the 4th song, I got another song out of it & then had to wait about 30 minutes between songs for the cd player to cool down (warm up? – I don’t know what it was doing) before I could record another song.

While I was in & out of the bathroom during the cleaning, Miss 17 was doing dishes & cleaning up around the kitchen in general & talking about cutting her hair. I haven’t cut her hair in about 3 years because the last time I did so it resulted in tears & sulking for months.

She was determined & by the time I’d sorted the laundry between what needed to go on the line & what needed to go in the dryer she’d convinced me that she wouldn’t freak out if I cut her hair It came out quite nice if I do say so myself.


Here are before ^

& after pictures >loafter1.jpg

Once she was off to the shower I had an impulse to finish a project I’ve been thinking about for a long time, I have had these pages from some magazines from the 1920s which I rescued from my barn attic.

(this may take some explaining, in 1970 my uncle moved everything from the house I grew up in, to the barn for storage while the house was being renovated – I’ve written about my grandmother’s renovations before– most of the stuff in the barn never came back in the house so instead of being full of hay it was full of stuff- antique stuff untouched for years- a true treasure trove of cool stuff including these magazines)


I’ve had possession of them since 1991 & about 2 years after that I tore out the pages I cared about because I couldn’t carry them around with me during my ex’s & my nomadic existence I kept about 50 pages in a file folder & have taken them out & looked at them occasionally over the years. I decided early this year that I was going to do something with some of them & got 4 plain black picture frames, Saturday I made mattes for them & put them in the frames finally, now I have 4 bath related pictures in my bathroom. Eventually, when I get some more frames I’ll have some in my kitchen, including some vintage Campbell’s soup advertisements.


When I went to do this I used construction paper to make the mattes & found my work lotto game, once, a few years ago I had a boss who encouraged us to make up games to play to make the work day go a little more pleasantly, we played risk & bingo with customer types (like the person who presses every button on his remote before you’ve even gotten him to tell you what the problem is)

I made a lotto game with little pictures of ‘our favorite customers’ annoying situations, channel names & logos etc. One of my favorite people I ever worked with helped me color in the sketches on the cards we would play with, the large cards to be covered had black & white pictures to match. (D doesn’t work there any more which I’m sorry about, I really liked her allot– she was hilarious)  It was rather fragile & I wanted to have the pages laminated before we played & I couldn’t afford the laminating (A dollar a page at our local office type store) & then we had a shift shuffle & I ended up on the team I have now. & we don’t play games, it’s all a deadly serious business & my boss, while a fairly nice guy, is all about winning.


I had yet another impulse & the next thing I knew I was engaged in making a lotto game for miss 10’s birthday with cards representing her favorite things. 10 made a bunch of cards, Mr 7 got involved, when 17 & the bf came back from running errands to get his car ready for inspection 17 did a few cards too.

We had a lovely chicken meal I make a lot which all the kids actually eat (80% of my meals one kid or another doesn’t eat which is very annoying) We also broke out some of the ice cream which was supposed to be for 10’s party, I had bought vanilla which no one had trouble leaving alone, & a package of Breyers triple chocolate which I (& the kids) just couldn’t resist any longer, it was white, milk & dark chocolate ice cream all together & man it was great we liked it so much that 17 went on line to find the Breyers website to request they package the dark chocolate ice cream by itself so we could have more (the milk chocolate was just like regular chocolate ice cream, the white chocolate ice cream was ok but nothing special)

We found on the Breyers site that Ben & Jerrys is now part of the same conglomerate & so now I have a bee in my bonnet about going to visit the Ben & Jerry’s factory during our vacation, we were already going to VT to the country store & the factory is just a little further up the road! My mother is actually enthused about going too which is nice since she’ll have to share the driving (with 17’s bf along we’re too many for 1 car)

Sunday was the day from hell at work, you don’t really realize how heavily addicted people are to tv until you tell them it’s going to be a day or two before someone can come fix their problem. (or that they have to wait until the rain passes) Today was not much better, the northern half of the eastern seaboard had heavy rain today rather than the entire eastern seaboard.


Around 3:45 today I found I had a voice mail from my mother, my cousin has booked us his apartment complex’s suite for the 21-24 of June. So we will be arriving at my mother’s from VA & staying with her for a few days & then planning to go to Ann’s next (provided she can stand us!- let me know how many days you want us for Ann!) then finish up at the apartment. Should be an interesting trip all around.


3 thoughts on “Creative Saturday

  1. I love to listen to music when I’m cleaning, and I love it to be loud, which may explain why I don’t clean often (Dad is always there!).

    Love 17’s hair, great job!

    And those old magazine shots are beautiful.

    Hi Michele sent me (today!)!

  2. That picture of the block where you’re standing in Boston — I just wrote about that on my blog. It’s called the Blackstone Block. Come over and check it out!

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