Random Gibberish

**I spent most of yesterday trying to get into my email, my server was suffering difficulties both Thursday night & all day Friday, I was really irritated to find that although I had an email saved & Ready to go on Thursday night, when I got into my drafts the computer hadn’t saved it so I had to write it again. I don’t get a lot of emails but I like to be able to respond to the few I get.

** As it stands now my mother had to email my uncle & cousin about the vacation plans & the Snow Village, which I’ve decided to keep.

** I can never decide whether I like the week I get paid better or the week I don’t get paid better, I like running around doing errands, mailing bills off & knowing they’re paid for another month, I like the going out to eat & shopping at least a little bit (not too fond of grocery shopping I admit) But it’s nice on the alternate Friday not to feel rushed & hurried, like I have too much to do & not enough time to do it all. I always think we’re going to clean house on the alternate weekend but it rarely gets done.

** We’re going to have to clean next week! We’ve got the birthday party for miss 10 who will become miss 11 on the 8th of June & then we leave on vacation on the 11th. I prefer to come home to a clean house so we’ll need to keep it clean after the party. (Of course, I have yet to get an rsvp from anyone, so maybe we’ll have just those of us in the house & Chrissea‘s daughter. To those who were invited & read this blog please call me & tell me if you’re coming!)


**Friday was the end of the school year, last day for the season, I’ve already checked & they go back August 15th which I think is still, incredibly early. Last year, at the beginning of the school year we weren’t out of the parking lot before the kids had checked out the planned last day of school in their calendars, I’m just getting a jump start on my nice, quiet, relaxing Tuesdays & Fridays, home alone until 3pm. Of course, I’m assuming I’m still going to have Tuesdays, Fridays & Saturdays off in August!

** So what did we do last night? We went to Roanoke, I hate to drive to C’burg because it feels like I’m going to work & we had to get groceries & begin getting ready for Miss 10’s party in 2 weeks. It had been a nice quiet day here at home while I was agonizing over the Snow Village thing, & so when it was time to pick up miss 17 at the High School (man, was everybody happy over there! last day of school is certainly a thrill for the high school.) I took a vote & everybody was into it.

** When we arrived I found that the free parking on nights & weekends had been done away with (I had heard on the news that it was being changed but wasn’t aware it had happened already) so it cost us $2 to park. Not really that bad considering the cost in a place like Boston.

** I wanted to eat at Corned Beef & Co. but they had a long list on the door of proper dress requirements which my 7 year old & 17’s BF didn’t meet. & they didn’t have a menu posted outside so I could see if the prices were within my range (looking online now, I don’t think they were) we walked around the corner (& over a couple of blocks) & went to Macado’s Which was excellent as always.

** On the way between the 2 restaurants we encountered a building which is either being renovated or taken down, It had the most beautiful tile work on the side of it, it looks like either it was being uncovered or covered up by the brickwork though, we just couldn’t tell.


** We were going to go look around in shops at Center in the Square but Miss 17 felt that the burgers she’d had at lunch in the school cafeteria were making her sick so we had to go along & get her back to a bathroom.

** We got Miss 10’s birthday plates, napkins & party favors & Mr 7 & I had fun trying to hide gifts in the shopping cart at Target from her. She pretty much picked out what she wanted so it’s not really a situation where there will be many surprises. (I will probably go out alone & finish the birthday shopping on either Monday or Friday when I have another of one of those weird work for a half a day Monday & half a day Friday work weeks.)cammac.jpg

**Miss 17 & the BF went to Petsmart. I was a little worried because she has a dog penchant & since our last dog died in the road & we’ve lost 2 cats in the road & also I feel like it’s irresponsible to have a dog when (at least in the fall, winter & spring) no one is home all day. Dogs are social creatures & do better with company, not left to their own devices. (of course, 17, with her interest in psychology, pointed out to me that we should get two dogs in that case!)

** 17 of course, called me to see where we were in Target & when I asked how Petsmart was she told me they’d bought a puppy! She started laughing as soon as she said it & then told me they’d bought a beta fish. They got a nice glass bowl for it (She’s had plastic aquariums before & the fish always end up with fungus-es which cause them to die- she’s got a theory that the plastic aquariums, being porous allow the fungus to grow)

** We had a busy afternoon after a slow morning, the guy finally showed up to plow my garden at 2:30 this afternoon, before that I was reading blogs & discussing stuff with 17 & the bf who were playing a continuing game of Monopoly with 10 & 7 (It’s been going on off & on for about a week now- quite dramatic) When the guy came to plow he was coming from one of 17’s friends houses & the friend & her mom were right behind him as the friend was coming over for a visit. After visiting with friend’s mom & they plowing guy I came back in & finished up with some housecleaning & just as I was getting ready to go get my plants the friend’s mom called to ask if 17 & the bf wanted to go to the races this evening.

missv.jpg**They accepted & left around 6, before that I went to town & got flats of pre-started plants for my garden I always get those for Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Watermelon & Squash, this year I’m trying one set of 4 cabbages & one set of peppers (I did peppers last year but actually had too many- I like some green pepper every once in awhile but not a lot & no one else even likes them so less this year) I also got Thyme & Oregano the only 2 spices we use a LOT of other than garlic which I’ve never grown & am not sure how to grow.

**Miss 10 came with me & we got some groceries which I’d forgotten to pick up last night & decided to make cheese quesadillas for dinner since it is just the 3 of us. This is often one of our pick up meals when 17 is out, 10 convinced me that quesadillas wasn’t enough & that we had to have cheese & salsa dip & chips to go with it. I caved, I admit it, the last time I made that stuff was around Superbowl Sunday, not because I watched the Superbowl mind you, I hate football, I had to take advantage of the Velveeta cheese being on sale at that time of year!

** Also, I’ve found that curtailing my sugar intake is a little more bearable if I go a bit easier on myself about the salty things I like. Not the greatest idea for my diet but last time I did this I lost 30 pounds in 7 months & didn’t even realize it. I’ve already, in the past 4-5 weeks of trying to behave myself again gotten to a point where I can buckle my seat-belt again. (I’m embarrassed to admit that one but I’ve been reading this blog which is about this girl’s struggle to try to lose weight & if she can put it out there so can I)

**It’s a good thing I can get the seat-belt done up because Virginia’s ‘click it or ticket’ campaign is really being crammed down our throats this holiday weekend! I could tell because as we were sitting at the stop sign after leaving the garden center A state trooper who I happen to know to some extent, drove by & gave me the hairy eyeball- he knows me well enough to know I only wear my seat-belt about 60% of the time. -I hate the seat-belts & Have always resented being told I have to wear one by some state agency who feels they know what’s good for me better than I do myself. I feel like it’s my right not to do so if I don’t want to! -you can take the girl out of MA but you can’t take the MA out of the girl I guess- that said, my kids all buckle up & often scold me for not doing so- I can be a throwback & a foolish rebel but my kids aren’t going through that windshield with me!


7 thoughts on “Random Gibberish

  1. Oh man, I just love Bell Peppers, Becky. I wish you lived near me. For some reason they just don’t grow well for me. I’ve tried several times. I love to dice them up, add lots of diced tomatos and spices and then make burritos or quesadillas with the mix. That’s probably what I’ll have for dinner tonight!

    Better wear those seatbelts, Becky. LOL

    Michele sent me over.

  2. I agree with Utenzi – I put green peppers in most everything I cook. I wish I had a garden. Maybe someday. I only got 2 tulips out of tons of bulbs I planted. I think the dog ate them while they were budding.
    Anyway – I am RSVPing for Sam – as long as she has you picking her up.
    Wow – the last day of school already? Sam has next week and then Monday & Tuesday of the following. I guess the VA Tech thing, a week off, ate into their planned days because the snow sure didn’t!
    I love the way your blog shows a picture of the website you link. Did you know it did this? Hold your mouse over my link in your entry and you’ll see what I mean.

  3. I’m glad you decided to take the village. Phil would love knowing that you have it. When you come to NH, you don’t have to wear your seatbelt if you don’t want to. I love that our state motto is “Live free or DIE” LOL

  4. Your blog is SO much easier to read when you bullet-point your activities. Thank you!
    I also like to come home to a clean home, especially after vacation.

    I didn’t think Petsmart sold dogs. Good luck with the Betta fish.

    And the party.

    We used to have a garden. Tons of tomatoes. YUM. And one year, some weird melon grew, even though it was supposed to be a cucumber plant.

    Here from M.

  5. You covered a lot of territory in this post, my dear…! That Macado Menu was amazing! They have more choices that sound utterly yummy that one could possibly try—I mean it would take you months, even if you went there every day—That is my kind of restaurant! (lol)…That building with that indredible tile—Gee, I hope they are just renovating….Beautiful, Beautiful…It would be a terrible shame if they were tearing it down.
    I hope your party is smashing, and your trip, too!
    Here from Michele today….!

  6. Love that unusual art nouveau work on that building… hard to tell, but I bet you’re right about the brickwork covering it. It’s gorgeous though. Reminds me a lot of a building in Miami Beach on Lincoln (the outdoor shopping street).


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