Out of the Mouths of Babes 2

About 3 months into Kindergarten miss 17 announced one night that she ‘wanted to be a kid again & not go to school’ when questioned, she said she wanted her old life back, where she could ‘play all day & have fun & not have to go to bed early’ The next night, at bedtime I told her it was time for bed, she put her hand on her hip & said ‘mum, I don’t see an 8 on that clock!’ after picking my jaw up off the floor I replied that it was 7:59 & to get going.lo-1st-day-kingtn163.jpg

During my ex’s last year living with us, he was in & out of the house 2 or 3 times, living with friends, his parents etc. & I’d been choosing my arguments with the kids, we had crummy couches & I never saw the point of making the kids eat in the kitchen when the living room was where I wanted to be (it was summer & our kitchen in the trailer was always like a furnace in the summer) he & I patched it up yet again after 3 weeks & his first night home we sat down to eat & here come miss 17 & miss 10, (then, 8 & 3) with their plates, into the living room to eat. My ex, in his inimitable fashion, told them to ‘march their happy asses back to the kitchen & eat at the table’ when I came out to the kitchen to get him some more to eat, miss 3/10, said to me ”we don’t like he, make he go ‘way” A sentiment which miss 8/10 seconded heartily.

In an attempt to rein in, or at least temporarily contain, Mr 7 as a young child, my ex got a walker for him. I know they’re supposed to be bad & dangerous but we lived in a trailer, we didn’t have any stairs for him to fall down. Mr 7 liked the walker pretty well, for about 10 minutes, he immediately saw the point of wheels, he was able to skate it across the kitchen linoleum in seconds & learned to run in it right away! Then, as I said, after about 10 minutes, he grew bored. Next thing we knew he’d grasped the other end of the walker tray & pulled himself across it, swung his legs over the tray & walked off in search of his sisters without a backwards glance. ‘So much for that Idea’ I told my ex after we stopped laughing.


The ex, miss 17 at age 5 & I were sitting in Pizza Hut one night discussing which came first, the chicken or the egg. I was telling how when I was 8 I decided the chicken came first because I’d just heard in Sunday School that God was supposed to have created all the animals in the garden of Eden, (the only year my church ever made any reference to the bible, they were much more concerned with us learning about all the other religions of the world!) I told how my mother pointed out that god could have just as easily made an egg & let it hatch itself (I still think the egg would have had to have a chicken to sit on it or it wouldn’t have hatched because it would have gotten cold) 17’s eyes got wide & she, in a very shocked tone of voice said ‘I thought your mother Never talked to you, only screamed & yelled’ We just about died laughing.

One day I was chopping jalapeno peppers for something or other that the ex wanted to cook & miss 10 who was then 4 came bouncing into the room, looked at the peppers, which were already chopped into round discs, obviously assumed they were pickles (everyone at my house is a pickle addict) & picked one up & popped it in her mouth before I could say a word! The look on her face was priceless as she got the hot sensation on her tongue. As she was spitting it out & we were feeding her some bread to absorb the heat my ex, in his typical cold & heartless way pointed out to her ‘that’ll teach you to just take something without asking first’ She looked at him & said ‘you’re the parents, you’re supposed to stop me!’


Mr 7, as I said is a lot more physical than verbal & so I haven’t got much else to say in regards to him, except to say of all my kids he is the sweetest, most thoughtful & the most likely to say thank you without being prompted. When we go out to eat (& we do that a lot I have to admit) he’s always the first to thank me after the meal & he will often come to me before bed after an enjoyable day & thank me for taking him to the river or playing a game with him or reading with him.


2 thoughts on “Out of the Mouths of Babes 2

  1. I guess our blogs had the same theme yesterday! Kids do say the darndest things. Yours seem especially precocious in that regard!! Love the comment about the “you’re the parent and you’re supposed to stop me”! Brilliant!!

  2. I want to be a kid again too! I think we should all have a few days of being a kid a year. I guess that’s what vacation is supposed to be right?

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