The Daily Comute

I’ve been ruminating on the drive to work, I talked to a person on the phone the other day at work who said they had an hour & a half commute to work though the job was only about 20 miles away from his home. The time spent is in traffic! Now I realize that’s not all that unusual, I grew up south of Boston after all & If you don’t want to sit in traffic for a few hours on a weekday you don’t head for Boston before 10:30 am or after 2:30 pm. But it made me think a little more about my own commute

I work 4 days a week not 5 & though I leave for work at 7:50 or thereabouts & start work at 9am like a ‘normal’ person, I work until 8pm – or later if I’m doing overtime (& I’m doing lots of overtime right now because of the upcoming vacation- I know I’ve said that before but I’m really sticking to it this time I have to! I’m earning the money we’ll take on vacation right now) So I don’t drive quite as much as most people, I can’t complain much about traffic, my ideas of traffic are logging trucks which drive the curvy roads around here Very Slowly. & Slow drivers who are often elderly.

viewondirt-road.jpgThe reverse complaint can be made about me, I used to drive fast, now I deliberately leave for work at a time when I don’t have to rush to get there with time to set up my computer. (It still annoys me that they want us ready, at 9 am with our computers ready to go but won’t pay us until 9 am. although there really is about 10 minutes of load time & set up time on our computer programs.) I drive at a normal speed for me, one which doesn’t require me to be braking a lot for the curves, I’d rather downshift to third & come around the curves smoothly, this is not an opinions shared by many of the drivers on the road with me in the morning. I have to say & I often pull over to let people charge on ahead of me rather than deal with them riding my bumper all the way down the road.

view-from-the-moon.jpgI’ve decided one of the things which is makes me drive more slowly is the difference between 25 & 38, at 25 & right up until oh, 33 or 35 or so, I just wanted to drive fast, (I also drove different roads back then, but still- speed, how fast can I take that curve etc.) Get out of my way! Now I think about the tires, high speed cornering is bad for tires & mine have to last until January when I’ll get my earned income tax credit & replace them. I can’t replace them before that & so I need to go easy on them. Never a consideration 10 years ago, or really, even 5 years ago, back then I assumed they’d last. Now I know better.

I don’t really mind pulling over for people behind me, I’d rather let them charge on along the road & leave me to my sight viewing, there are some beautiful views just on the road on the way to my work, never mind going up on the Blue Ridge Parkway, & when I get a decent camera instead of a camera phone I will stop & take pictures, but I know from experience that the camera in my phone, while not a really bad camera (I’ve seen some awful pictures) Is not capable of taking decent landscape pictures.

A few days ago I came around a corner on my way to work to find about 20 2 year old calves milling about in the road, just standing there looking at each other & at me, I slowed down to a crawl & inched along facing them down as they decided whether they were going to get out of my way or not (they were undecided for a few minutes) just as I cleared the cow traffic I looked in my rear-view mirror & saw another car coming around the curve (at breakneck speed- the way everyone drives around here) & encountering the calves who had all closed around the back of my car like a curtain as I drove through!

My favorite day to drive to work is Sunday, I may see a couple of oncoming cars but I rarely have anyone in front of me or behind me & I like that, it’s a good day when I can go at my own pace & not have anyone around, I wave at the farmers checking their cows before church & keep on going over hills & around curves enjoying the scenery as I drive to the place I make my money, trying not to think about the horrors which await me there!

Today I’ve been visiting my past, looking at the hybrid, both satellite & normal, maps on Google Maps, of my childhood home, I’m actually more interested in the woods behind the house, then I followed the street I used to live on up to Chrissea’s house & on to Hull MA. It’s so funny to see the places I’ve lived from above, some places, like Fort Revere in Hull & the woods behind my childhood home, are really fascinating to look at in birds-eye view. I never knew I walked so far out in the woods & how much of the woods I traveled in was actually, from the air at least, a swamp, oh I knew the ground was damp & marshy in some places but when I looked at a place that was always a swamp & then at the woods directly behind my house it looked the same, as opposed to area which I know, from walking out there pretty much since I could walk, is slightly higher ground. So it was swampland I still dream about those woods but often they’re full of weird fort like log buildings in my dreams, I’m still not sure what that’s about.


4 thoughts on “The Daily Comute

  1. Hi. Visiting on my slow day at work. Wednesday mornings there is not much to do until the Ads for the weekend start coming in. Anyway… Did the guy behind you hit the cows or make the stop? Colleen hit a cow once. Heading on to read your “2” post now.

  2. I’ve ditched the car entirely in favor of my bicycle. And starting a week from Monday, I’ll be working full-time from home. No more commute for me. Yay!

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