Did you Miss me? I’m back!

This week has been trying to say the least, Tuesday we had Lunch with mom at the school & all three kids had doctors appointments, I was too tired to do much over & above get dinner, shower & make sure everyone got their homework done.

Wednesday at work, I was so sick I ended up coming home early, I know I’m addicted to the computer & so have made a rule for myself that if I’m too sick to work I’m too sick to mess around online too. I got a lot of my dvr recordings cleaned out & basically sat on my couch, blew my nose & whined a lot, all the while forcing a lot of water down my throat & gargling with salt water every time I had to run to the bathroom because of all the water I’d been drinking. Lots of yelling ensued about who got to sit next to mom & I probably would have gotten more rest at work on the phone rather than refereeing the children’s scuffles.vc-at-creek.jpg

I was getting ready to come home from work, walking up to my car towards the top of the parking lot Thursday night, puffing a bit because of the cold making my lungs full of fluid which makes it hard to breathe under duress. I pulled out my new phone which I’m still getting used to & called home. Miss 17 was obviously upset when she answered & hemmed & hawed & tiptoed around it when I asked what was wrong, I had the car running & was pulling out of my parking space when I finally got her to spit out what the problem was (everything from 10 or 7 having a broken bone to another tree having fallen & crashed through my & 10’s bedrooms – her’s is above mine – ran through my mind while I was yelling- what? what’s the problem, just tell me already!) cammad.jpgMr 7 was playing computer games & knocked a cup of water off the desk, it spilled behind the desk & into my surge protector for the computer, the surge protector & the monitor were both fried! Not what I wanted to hear! I had them get the old monitor from the shed but since it was on the floor, near where there is a hole in my shed roof I wasn’t hopeful, it didn’t work. So more TV & off to bed with me earlier than usual for Thursday night.

valkitchen.jpg Especially since miss 10 had a field trip Friday to Monticello & I had to have her at school at 5:45 am. I went back to sleep & full lungs or not I passed out & knew no more until 9 when I got up, did some errands in town & went to work a little early so I could go on-line, the computers for internet use are very weird, when I first tried them they would not allow you to check any email, everyone complained about that & so they changed them, then I couldn’t access my hotmail account but could use my home account from Wild Blue. Lately though, I can access hotmail but not Wild Blue. That was the case, but I was able to at least price monitors I had considered going with used ones but it’s too much of a luck thing, like if you’re at goodwill or Salvation Army & you see one cheap it’s cool to pick it up but like everything else, if you need one you’ll never find one anywhere, I found a pretty good one for just about $100. & called the store to make sure they had them in stock because I didn’t want to drive to Roanoke if they didn’t have any in the store. 5 Hours of work dragged at the beginning but was not as bad as I expected it to be, it’s been awhile since I’ve worked on a Friday, people are often fairly cheerful because they’ve got 2 days off ahead of them. It helped that I left at 5pm so didn’t have to deal with any major drunks! We watched a movie last night, one that 17 wanted her BF to see, The Jackal with Bruce Willis, I probably hadn’t watched it for 6 years or so & had forgotten a lot of it though it was one of my favorites (which is why I have a videotape of it!) It was striking though, how quickly times change, The cell phones in that movie which was only made in 1997, 10 years ago! looked huge & some of the ‘cutting edge’ stuff they were using is nearly obsolete now. It really struck me how dated the movie looked. I picked 10 & a friend up at school, wonder of wonders, they were back on time! They said 8:45 & the bus pulled up right at 8:45. I have waited 20 minutes to 2 hours for field trip buses to arrive in past years, the longest wasn’t even for my kid! It was for Chrissea’s daughter, waaay back when I was pregnant with mr 7.

This morning after picking up around the house 10 & 7 came along with me to Roanoke.

lomoreprimping.jpg Miss 17 was getting ready for the prom (An all day task apparently) We checked a few other places before going to the place which had the monitor, just to be sure we were getting the best buy & then we went to Target because I’d run myself out of cold medicine & since I was feeling better with the nose & throat & all that was left was the lungs & coughing I wanted to actually spend for Mucinex & get rid of the congestion as quickly as possible.

val-in-target.jpgWe also looked for earrings & a purse for miss 17 & I had to send 3 or 4 picture messages to her to find both which met her approval! When we got home I set up the new monitor & it’s good, it’s not great, that would be one of those new lightweight flat panels with nothing in back of it. the cheapest they had was still over $200 & so I will be waiting until I have to replace my tower & then get a whole new setup. If you’re not hung up on Vista this is the time to get a computer, I saw whole sets for under $300 today & man, I wish I hadn’t had to put so much into the car lately! If I’d had any more money in the bank I’d have a whole new computer tonight! I did 17’s hair in curls which was a miracle, she has a glass scalp I tell her all the time because in spite of having ridiculously long, thick hair she can’t stand to have anyone brush or comb her hair for her because it hurts! She got all the tangles out & I came in & pulled the top back & curled it. She’s a junior this year & didn’t get a fancy dress, she’s wearing a black skirt, a bustier she bought herself & a shrug of mine over it. I’m afraid the bustier is going to roll down on her at an inopportune moment but she assures me I’m wrong. Next year, for senior year she says she’ll get a ‘real’ dress. They’re old fashioned here & have the prom in the gym (even when I was a teenager in MA they were having them at expensive ‘rooms’ up there. I think the year I would have been a senior they had it in Randolph I can’t think of the name of the place though.) & 17 spent the day Friday at school helping to decorate the gym for this. It should be interesting. I’m really annoyed that the pictures of her & her boyfriend came out so poor, I changed the camera setting to what’s supposed to be the best setting & the one I’m putting up here is the best of a frighteningly bad lot! prom.jpg

Still getting used to the camera on this phone I suppose. I miss my old one a surprising amount, most of the stuff I liked better is silly little unimportant stuff, like that I can’t make it show me a text right away, I have to press a button to get it to show me the message. Like I said, little stuff, but sometimes it’s the little stuff that makes the difference on something like a phone. Back to work tomorrow, I’m going to be cracking down on myself to try to make a little more money for our impending vacation & miss 10’s birthday which is right before the vacation as she keeps reminding me!


4 thoughts on “Did you Miss me? I’m back!

  1. I’m waiting patiently for them to work out all the bugs from Vista. I’ve heard that there are lots of them. I had hoped to get a new system this year…but that’s not looking to be likely. 😦

  2. She looks so pretty for the prom. And now you know I am going to say something about the fact your sick again. Becky….GO TO THE DOCTOR!!!!

  3. Good post only I am sorry to hear you are sick.
    The place you write about is Lombardo’s or Lantana’s. My 2 children went there for their proms. I miss those days.
    Hope you feel better.

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