Weekend of Rest

Well, it wasn’t all that restful, but it’s certainly more restful than work! Friday I schlepped around until 1 when I had to go to the High-school & see Miss 17’s work in the art show, I was going in the middle of the day because she wanted me to get her out of school early & help her bring her art home because they’d throw it away if she left it for another day, her excuse for bringing it home early is if we waited until 3:15 when school let out everybody would be there taking down their art too & it would be crowded, chaotic & loud. She knows me too well, she knows I hate talking to authorities, dealing with crowds of people I either don’t know or who I sorta know but don’t really want to talk with. Also, the thought of chasing 10 & 7 around in that sort of a crowd was enough to put me back to bed for an hour rending my garments & gnashing my teeth in terror. I caved in & agreed to come alone & let her skip her last period of school, a sociology class which is taught by a loud, overbearing coach there at the school, which she is acing, (just as long as she fills in the boxes- *grin* long, inside joke)

Well, surprise, surprise, as I pulled up to the school in the loaner car she’s standing outside with a friend who’s carrying a huge filled box. It’s full of her artwork, she took it upon herself to pack her stuff up in the box ‘so I wouldn’t have to go into the art show’ I was disappointed that I didn’t get to see her stuff with everyone else’s stuff. I’d have liked to, but she thought she was helping me out by ‘protecting’ me from the crowd. I know there were probably reasons she didn’t want me in the art show, possibly the teacher may have had something to say about her which she didn’t want me to hear, maybe some students. Who knows. I signed her out & went on, if something important is going on they’ll let me know. The school has my number & the Office had nothing to say when I signed her out so whatever she’s hiding couldn’t be too big. She had skipped lunch to pack up her stuff so after a stop at the bank we went to Subway where I paid for a sub for her & to the Harvest Moon where I picked up some groceries, back home with 30 minutes to spare before the kids got off the bus she showed me all the pieces from her art show exhibits & UPS showed up with some clothes I had ordered & my new cell phone.new-phone.jpg (U.S. Cellular worked hard to keep me as a customer when my contract was about to expire, they gave me a free phone after miss 17 dropped hers in the toilet & a slider phone with mp3 player for a very low price too- the plan now is that 17 keeps my old LG, 10 get’s 17’s simple phone replacement & I got the new phone!) When the littler ones came home from school we went to C’Burg to eat & grocery shop, I had been hearing we had a Ruby Tuesday there in C’Burg but hadn’t been there yet, not that it’s any different from the ones in Roanoke, just a chain after all, I knew it must be a good value for the money because we hadn’t even spoken to a hostess when I saw 2 supervisors from my work at the salad bar, while we were being seated I spotted another table with 4 more supervisors in the bar area.

cam-creek1.jpgObviously, by virtue of being closer to work they’ve taken over from O’Charleys the designation of supervisor hangout. The food was good, we won’t be back though, seeing 6 people from work gave me indigestion, even though only 3 of the 6 acknowledged my being there (some of my favorite people at work, including my favorite boss ever) I of course, was embarrassed because 10 & 7 got into a fistfight over some grapes 10 brought back from the salad bar. During the meal the garage called to say my car was ready, with the tow it came to $325. not a wonderful total, but not a terrible on either. Onward with the grocery shopping, then home to unpack the car of groceries & put them all away then to fall into bed.

val-creek1.jpgThis morning 10 & I went to go get my car back again, that was uneventful, after we picked it up we went to the grocery store & picked up meat for another 3 meals & came right back home- short, sweet & more than a little boring. I haven’t activated the new phone yet because I wanted all my contacts & schedules moved from the old to the new & when I finished that & called them the person who had sold me the phones & was getting me to stay in my contract was not available & I didn’t like the tone of the person I spoke to in his stead, she was very condescending, rude & impatient. (funny, since I do something similar for a living & so am hyper sensitive to the ‘tone’ thing)

creek-view4.jpgAfter saying I’d call back in a few hours when the guy I dealt with previously is available I went to the creek with 10 & 7, fulfilling their last weeks request. The ice storm on 2/14 was not kind to my creek area either, I am so aggravated about the whole thing too, I can’t do much with all this debris, logs, sticks etc. They’re all huge, I don’t have the upper body strength to drag them around, I don’t have a chipper & I don’t feel too comfortable in making a fire of them to burn them up.

rocks-in-the-creek.jpgI hate to waste the wood too, it’s just not useful to me though because I don’t have a wood stove. I fretted about the branches & took pictures & watched the kids wade, I wasn’t aware we were going wading but it seemed preferable to soaking the sneakers so I agreed after each of them had 1 soaked sneaker already. I discovered we’re not exactly hidden in our creek glade, you can look across the creek & off to the left & see the road we live on & the road it ends at really well, anyone driving out there who chanced to look to the side would have seen us there at the creek. Not a bad thing really, it means if 10 & 7 disobey me & go down there without 17, me or another qualified ‘adult’ I’m more likely to catch them or hear about it from someone who saw them (yet another reason I like small towns) After a couple of hours the breeze started to pick up & it looked like a rain-shower was moving in so we came home to miss 17 getting ready to go out with friends. I still don’t feel old enough to have a kid that gets in their friend’s cars & leaves the house. their friend’s parents cars maybe but their own friends from school? I couldn’t be that old? well yes, apparently at 38 I am that old! Miss 10 & Mr 7 made themselves nice sandwiches for lunch & settled down to watch TV since it had started raining. Of course, once sucked into the TV, they haven’t resurfaced yet, in spite of the fact that the rain storm was tiny, more of a sun-shower than a rainstorm. Nope, once in front of the TV that is all she wrote, they’re there until I get off the computer & kick them off the TV so I can watch the news & fold laundry- A time which is rapidly approaching as it is already past 5:30, lucky thing for me that I put a pork roast in the crock-pot this morning.


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