A Music Meme For Me by Me

Back in the day, when we moved to VA in 1993, the ill advised Bruce Springsteen song ”57 Channels & nothing on” was popular (in a manner of speaking) Here in VA, back then between the mountains & the sparse population there were not a lot of radio stations. The ex was preoccupied with ‘best car, best stereo, best tires’ etc, & had multiple frustrations with an excellent stereo system but no radio stations to set up on it. We coined the version of the song ’18 presets & only 3 stations’

I was driving home thinking of that tonight as I played the radio scanner in the loaner, getting choppy bits of North Carolina & West Virginia stations mixed in with the still rather sparse radio stations from my area (still much better than it was in ’93 though!) & as all but one station was playing commercials so I was forced to listen to a song I don’t care for much at all I started thinking of all these labels for songs:

Name up to Three of the Following: (Okay, Five, I’m not picky)

1. Songs you’ll sit in the car to hear to the finish.

Outshined by Soundgarden

I Stay Away by Alice in Chains

What I’ve Got by Sublime
2. Songs you’d rather listen to a commercial on annother radio station than hear.

Anything by 50 cent.

A Cry From the Crypt by Candlemass (I’m not much for the screamer stuff)

Dance-pop synth music

3. Songs you won’t listen to unless there are commercials on all the other radio stations.

Anything by AC/DC

Take my Breath Away by Berlin

Animals by Nickelback

4. Songs you assosiate with road trips.

My Way or the Highway by Limp Bizkit

Wish you Were Here by Incubus

Numb by U2

Can’t you See by The Marshall Tucker Band

5. Songs which make you think of a certain person every time you hear them. (& of course, the person & why you think of them!)

Only God Knows Why by KidRock makes me think of Chrissea because when it was popular she always would freak out when it came on & say it was ‘her’ song because it fit her so well. Miss 17 & I still remind each other when we hear it that it’s Chrissea’s song.

Goodnight Moonlight Ladies by James Taylor makes me think of 17’s father because he used to sing it a lot (there are others like Tuesdays Gone by Lynrd Skynrd which he sang a lot too)

Superfreak by Rick James makes me think of my cousin Joan because she is one.

6. Songs you listen to secretly, in the car alone which you’d die if anyone knew you were listening to. (you have your pride of course)

Yeah, by Usher

Live to Tell by Madonna

Love is a Stranger by the Eurythmics

7. Songs you haven’t heard since High School which you’re just as glad to have not heard since then.

Nasty Boys by Janet Jackson

Anything by Bobby Brown

Turn Up the Radio by Autograph


8. Songs from High School which you would love to hear or still listen to.

Subdivisions by Rush

Over the Hills & Far Away by Led Zeppelin

Words by Missing Persons

Wishing by A Flock of Seagulls

9. Songs which were your kid’s cradle songs.

Miss 17: Mercedes Benz, Silent Lucidity by Queensryche & Blaze of Glory (by Jon BonJovi)lois91050.jpg

Miss 10: Don’t Speak by No Doubt, You Were Meant for Me by Jewel & Pepper by the Butthole Surfers


7: With Arms Wide Open by Creed, Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve & Always by Saliva (this one came a little later but he loved it himself from an early age for reasons unknown to me to this day)


10. Songs Which you remember from Childhood & still love to this day. (not mary had a little lamb! Songs your parents listened to which seeped into the back seat)

American Pie by Don Mclean.

Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds by the Beatles.

Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin. becky1970023.jpg

If you want to play link me!


13 thoughts on “A Music Meme For Me by Me

  1. Thats some list! I have one of those last.fm thingies connected to my iTunes and it seems to build lists of the tunes I’ve been playing. Its right here if you would like a peek!

    And Hiya – Michele sent me!


  2. Music is such an integral part of our lives. I’m always amazed at how a single song can take me back to a very specific time and place.

    Thanks for the reminder!

  3. LOL, Pepper by the Butthole Surfers. Now I’m gonna think of you everytime I hear it. My kids baby songs were Justin-Dixie Chicken by Little feat, Shawns was Blue Sky by the Allman Bros and Kelseys was Sweet Child O Mine by G-N-R. None of the kids would sleep without their songs on

  4. OH Ann! Do the Meme, I thought of you on the cradle songs one. Yes, Pepper came out when miss 10 was about 6 months old & I sang it to her constantly!

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