Wasps, Old friends & other ruminations

vaca2006086.jpgIt’s wasp season at my house & nearly everyone has been stung now. Last Thursday, mr 7 got stung as the first of the run, he was trying to kill one in his sister’s room & got stung on the chest. Friday we were all sitting out on the front porch enjoying the warm evening & having a discussion about my terrible luck with lawnmowers, & 17’s BF suddenly yelped & jumped up, a wasp had crawled along the armrest of the swing they were sitting on & when the wasp reached his elbow & it was in the way the wasp stung him to make him move. Saturday while taking a break from digging holes for the trees I was on the porch & set my arm along the back of the chair next to me & I apparently set it right down upon a wasp, so still today, 2 days later I have a red itchy burning welt on my forearm. Yesterday miss 10 was cleaning her room & got stung on the calf by a wasp she didn’t even see on her bed until it was too late. Miss 17 has been right there for each of us with baking soda & water paste & ice cubes to help the stinging & swelling, she is the only one who hasn’t been stung yet & since we’re at 4 stings in 4 days we’re all waiting for her to get stung. It is late enough now I don’t think it will happen. She, with her typical flair for the dramatic, is concerned that if she does get stung she’ll be allergic, the last time she was stung was 2-3 years ago & she was not allergic then, which I pointed out during the discussion we had after I got stung Saturday. Of course, with my natural, perverse tendency to play devils advocate I had to point out to her that I’d read somewhere that you can become allergic at any time without any advance warning. Something I always think of when ever anyone gets stung. I’m always looking for swelling etc. I had a friend who carried an epi pen with her everywhere when I was younger & so am quite aware of the possibillity.

Funny how people pass in & out of your life. The particular friend in question was a very odd person, she was 4 years older than me & we were friendly mostly because her aunt gave my grandmother a ride to work daily for years. She was odd to begin with & odder still, as I got to know her. She was the sort of person who had so many paradoxes & conflicts it would make your head spin: She was supposedly a Baptist, but had been a lounge singer & drank, smoked & did drugs (of course, this was the eighties, nearly everyone still did drugs back then) She was very dramatic & could tell fascinating stories, both real & imagined, she had a beautiful singing voice but was extremely self conscious & insecure.

chris87105.jpgI always laugh when I think of my teenage years spent in her presence, because my mother trusted her completely, for her own reasons she didn’t like Chrissea too much & bitched me out when I spent a lot of time with her but L was OK with her- annoying to her but it was OK with her if I spent time with her. She had no clue what was going on though, L was taking me out & helping me fool bartenders & wait staff in order to get served, taking me camping for weekends & even full weeks & partying with me! She set me up with the guy I lost my virginity to! My mother had no clue! I never did anything with Chrissea but go out driving around, listening to music, going to the beach, seeing friends, trying to find someone to buy for us, L could buy! She was that much older. We haven’t talked in over 17 years- for very good reasons I can assure you. I always seem to have a yen to talk to her in the spring, I’m not sure why, just to see what’s going on in her life.

The TV is telling us that things are moving back to normal at Tech, I don’t see much of that in my co-workers though, everyone still seems off center, out of sorts & a little weird. It could be me that’s weird though, I admit that.loigreen.jpg

I had someone call in today mad about their bill & when I tried to explain the bill to them they said they were’nt dumb & I was just wrong r-o-n-g wrong about the bill. How can they afford all the movie channels & I can’t?

I moved my vacation around because my Uncle is supposed to visit us here in VA on his way back to the west coast & his travel plans had him coming to visit us while we were supposed to be in MA. So I moved us up to earlier in June, right after miss 10’s birthday which is going to be a ‘real’ party with family & everything – her words not mine. I’m thinking, since the kids get out of school on 5/25 there really is no reason for me to have to wait for the end of June, in requesting the days off I remembered why it has been moved up so late in the summer previously, in order for me to accrue all the days I need/want, to have off I have had to wait for the end of June, I’m trying for it anyway, if I can’t get approval for the day & 10 minutes I’ll be short then I’ll just leave on the evening of the 12 & work on my day off to swap for the next day.


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