Circle Game

I’ve been working on a post off & on since Thursday but couldn’t seem to get it together enough to put it out.  Friday we were out most of the day due to a half day for the end of the marking period, (after they were home Monday & Tuesday too)

chrissambeck-the-top-of-vals-head068.jpgThursday evening on my way home from work Chrissea met me at a convenience store on my way home to give me some money to go do some errands for her that could not wait until her next day off. We ended up sitting in my car at the convenience store for an hour chatting. This was made all the more hilarious when  she called home to let K know she’d be late & when he couldn’t hear her on his cell phone (which gives wonky service at best at their house) she told him to go out on the front porch, he did & then said ‘ok, I’m out here where you at?’ Thinking she was outside waiting in the car for him in front of the house! We got the giggles over this & were laughing for the better part of the time we were together.

The plumber never called Friday morning which was ok with me, we’re coping & at least the faucet isn’t leaking. With the kids having a half day I was just as glad to be free to leave when I was ready to go. When I called the garage they told me the car wasn’t ready & they were waiting on a part so when the kids got home we headed out to run errands in C’burg, before doing that we stopped to get the mail & had my bank statement. So while we were at the DMV renewing liscence plates I balanced my checkbook.

All was well until I came up short on the checkbook balancing, by over $500! Very bad thing! I was still fussing over it & readding & subtracting a few hours later when the garage’s service manager called to tell me the car was ready. I explained being 25+ miles away & we agreed I could pick it up in the morning since they’re open until noon on Saturdays. At that point miss 10 was getting irritated because her right eyelid was pink & swollen & she wanted to have it looked at so I called the doctors & they were able to schedule an appointment for Saturday at noon. We had dinner went grocery shopping, the usual Friday ‘fun’ (fun for the feeble minded as my grandmother used too say) All the time we were doing this the idea that I’d made an error in my checkbook causing me to think I had more than $500. more than I did was eating at me & worrying me.

While we were in Target, I remembered just as we were getting ready to check out that I wanted to try to find a nice pin for some sweaters that I’ve been wearing a lot due to this unseasonably cold weather the past few weeks & so we hurried back to the accessories asile where 7 entertained himself & me by trying on sunglasses & asking me, ‘you talkin’ to me?’  about 40 times. (I’m not even sure where he heard that- unless it was the Goodfeathers on my Animaniacs dvds) youtalkintome.jpg

Then we went to Chrisseas, I had some stuff she had left at my house & had promised to stop by & give it to her, when we arrived I sat down & with her help went over my checkbook again. We found the discrepancy, it was my mortgage payment which is direct withdrawn from my account & was at the top of the second page, all alone before the daily balance part of the statement starts. I’d been over & over the papers in the statement thinking it had to be something like that & didn’t see it until then.

Once the important stuff was out of the way Chrissea said she had to run to the store to get a few things she’d forgotten to pick up (important things like dog food- that doesn’t wait!) So she & I ran to the store to get it. We found the store had closed though so we went the 7 miles further back to C’burg to the nearest real grocery store. While she was picking out dog food I pointed out that the idea that the dog food’s ‘flavors’ makes any difference at all was silly, she disagreed & showed me how beautifully the dog food was arranged in the picture on the can, ‘good enough to eat’ she said which I thought was hilarious then she told me the following:

She was feeding the dog a few weeks ago & her boyfriend K was sitting there talking to her while she did so, they started speculating on what was in the dog food, how it tasted etc. They ended up daring each other to eat some. & both of them did so. (I was groaning: ‘oh Chris, no!’ at this point) She said it wasn’t that bad at all in fact she said it tasted just like the meatballs in spaghetti-o’s, better really because it was all meatballs, no spaghetti-o’s! (yes, I did get her permission to tell this story here!)

It looks like I don’t have much to worry about at work in regards to layoffs or anything like that, for the time being at least. they’re moving people around but it’s all management, they’re even demoting some people back to the phone so I don’t have much of anything to worry about. They’re even demoting a few non-performing managers back to the phones. That must be embarrassing.

lipagain.jpgI’m sure I wasn’t imagining the past 2 days at work when CNN showed a office shooting a day, both Wednesday & Thursday mornings there was one this week. The NBC nightly news didn’t mention one either day. I’ve found now that I sit near enough to a tv at work to be able to read the closed captioning & the runner feed at the bottom of the screen that the nightly news doesn’t even begin to cover half of what’s going on in the U.S. let alone the world. I understand now the people who call me on the phone & are upset because their tv is out, then when I fix it the first thing they tune to is CNN or (worse) fox news. As if the world might have ended while they were’nt looking! I’m seeing now that it’s addictive since they’re playing it on the tvs at work all the time now (Except during sporting events-yuck!)

I felt that addictive pull Friday morning when I had to mend the shirt I wanted to wear & so sat down in my living room next to my sewing chest & turned the tv on for company & when none of the music channels had any actual music playing (even Fuse, my favorite, was showing infomercials) I started to put on CNN. I stopped myself though, Opted for the newest My Name is Earl on dvr because it’s only 30 minutes (22 after you fast forward through the commercials) & because it has an end it gave me a deadline. I tend to be rather easily sucked into things & reluctant to leave off doing one thing for annother.
I do like Earl though, I’m surprised how many people think they’re making fun of the idea of karma. I guess they see people on tv who talk slower & wear plaid shirts & drink & think they’re stupid etc. Not to say that some of them are not, just that it’s a lot closer to real life (at least as I’ve observed it from my friends & acquaintaces etc) than most tv shows. Desperate Housewives? come on! No one is that thin, beautiful & bitchy & none of them work! At all! Even the shows I really like, such as Cold Case, Medium & Jericho are not reality based (Don’t get me started on ‘realiy’ tv, I can’t stand that either) everyone is thin, never worried about money or has a flat tire (unless there’s a reason for it in the story line) when you look up close the majority of people are not ugly or beautiful they’re just people & what you see is colored by who you are & what matters to you- not who or how they really are.

I’m noticing a new trend on the phones at work. No one wants to believe us about anything. Case in point. The snow in Pennslyvania & parts north all day yesterday I & my co-workers fielded calls all day from people who were without satellite signal because of this. The facts are that if it’s heavy cloud cover or precipitation in the sky the signal will be weakend. If it’s heavy rain or snow of any kind the signal will be lost until the weather clears. Sales people lie or bend the truth but the facts are even if your signal is pegged as high as it can go very heavy wet snow or torrential rain will knock it out temporarily. If I explained this once yesterday I explained it 40 times & all around me I heard all my co-workers saying the same things. On my own calls & while hearing my co-workers field the same calls we were repeating ourselves to the questions, ‘well, are you sure?’ ‘Isn’t there someone who knows more than you?’ ‘can I speak to your supervisor?’ Especially frustrating because out of 20 agents in our little group 18 of us are level 3 most with 4+ years experience at the job. There really isn’t anyone who knows more than us! (not since they cleaned house in the training dept. a couple of years ago)

Today, Saturday we got up relatively early (well not 17, she’s in her own little world & doesn’t have much to do with the rest of us just lately) went to town to trade cars, my car is back & it’s ok, not exactly spectacular but it’s not over heating, it’s not quite as peppy as I’d like it to be but I’ve just got to get used to it again (I think) While we were driving in, the doctors office called to say they’d had a cancelation & we could come early, I told them I’d be there as soon as we could & after the car exchange (& more money out for a radiator- which is what had to be replaced to make the car stop overheating) I went to bite the bitter bullet…

dark-val.jpgI went back to the garage that broke my car & he gave me some money. Not a lot of money, not all of the cost, he says they’d left 5 quarts of oil & a filter on the floor of my car & wouldn’t pay for the oil the repairing garage used because it was likely their oil (the oil is certainly not on the floor of the car) but they paid for all the rest of the gaskets etc & they paid a good amount of the labor – the labor issue is weird because the book said the job of taking the head out of the car & putting it back was a 9.1 hour job. While the garage was in there they replaced my timing chain, my water pump, thermostat &  changed out the other sparkplugs. Then they only charged me a total of 9 hours of labor total. For all of it. So the idea of asking him to pay 9 hours of labor wasn’t really fair. He gave me about half of the total cost of the repairs. Which was ok with me. I even put the money back in the bank! (something I rarely do) but I know I’ve got to be more conservative about the money I have if I’m going to get our inside stairs built.

Miss 10’s eye problem seems to be an infection which goes along with the bright red interior of her ears & throat, yes folks, that lovely enemy of mothers everywhere, strepA. She’s patched just like she used to be for her lazy eye when she was younger & she’s not really liking that much. After a lllooonng wait at the pharmacy for antibiotics & an eye salve & a quick lunch at everyone’s favorite drive in we came back home where 10 & 7 have been watching my new (hard won) dvd of Pirates of the Carribean 2.  (when we sell movie packages at work we get these little prize ‘dollars’ I had a few & a departing co-worker gave me all his so when they were offering dvds this week I got the above dvd with my winnings)

I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t had time to read even half the blogs I like to keep up with & so am going to get going on that before the day is over & I have to go shower, get to bed & go back to work tommorow.


6 thoughts on “Circle Game

  1. Wow. I’m not surprised it took you a long time to get that one out! I found a shortage in my checking acoount this month also, and I cannot find the problem anywhere. I guess I forgot to record something, but I’m at a loss to know what it was. Michele sent me.

  2. Phew. Between the cars and the dog food and the phones and the My Name is Earl and the Strep A, you are one busy lady! I’m exhausted just reading about your life!

    By the way, Michele sent me.

  3. I havent given your post my fulll attention as me and Jack have been Dancing anyone from tennessae will understand but I will be back 😉

    Here via Michele’s

  4. I’m totally exhausted just from reading about your day. How on earth do you DO all that stuff.

    Eating dog food? Not such a great idea even when dog good is safe, which is sure isn’t right now. Ugh.

    Hope the strep doesn’t spread.

    Here via michele

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